At the height of the pandemic, we’ve seen a sudden change in the work and even school environment. Since limited mobility was encouraged, companies and other institutions use video conferencing apps such as Zoom. While it’s not the only one out there, it has become the forerunner. But how good is it? Let’s have a quick Zoom review and see if this is the perfect solution for your needs. 

Use Zoom For Free 

One of the main reasons why Zoom became a crowd favorite was because you can use its basic features for free. For small businesses, this is a great tool to continue your operations without having to spend a lot for overhead costs. 

However, if you wish to enjoy Zoom’s full benefits, you might want to pay a premium, which in our opinion, could be justified. 

Zoom Meeting Attendee Capacity 

We’ve used different video conferencing apps and what we love about Zoom is that it can host 500 people at a time. This is ideal if you want to have a huge virtual event or if you are to conduct a town hall meeting. 

Surprisingly, even with a huge turnout, you can run conferences with ease and seamlessly. The app can handle the bandwidth. So far, other platforms are still yet to beat Zoom in terms of attendee capacity. 

Performance During Video Conferencing 

The danger of using video apps is that it sometimes lags and affects the meeting’s continuity. The team needs to stop and to repeat everything again, resulting in an inefficient meeting. 

According to experts, it takes 17 milliseconds to send and receive video data using Zoom. This is a good number considering that the acceptable rate should be around 250 milliseconds. So let’s just say that using Zoom feels like you are talking to someone in real-time. 

Mute All

When you host a Zoom meeting, you have the upper hand and mute all participants in the meantime. That way, the presenter could talk without distractions. 

How many times have you heard a barking dog when having a Zoom meeting – probably one too many, isn’t it?  At first, it could be funny, and the team could laugh about it. However, when discussing more pressing issues, there should be no room for distractions. Otherwise, you won’t resolve anything.  

It’s a simple yet effective feature from Zoom.  

Virtual Backgrounds

Unfortunately, not all of us have an IG-worthy home. It’s quite normal to have a few clothes laying around and hanging somewhere. And of course, these things shouldn’t be seen most especially if you have a meeting for work. 

What Zoom does is allow its users to have a virtual background. However, this is available on specific devices only. If your gadget is compatible, feel free to change your background and never have to worry if you have dirty laundry.

Aside from the virtual background, we bet you will enjoy another Zoom feature that they call ‘Touch Up My Appearance.’ Think of waking up late for a meeting that is about to start. You don’t have time to fix yourself, but there’s no need to worry because the app can magically make you more presentable. This is available for Apple mobile devices, Apple macOS, and Microsoft Windows 10. 

Safety and Security 

If you are having a meeting for work, it is a must to have an added protection. After all, if someone outside of your company could access your virtual meeting room, they could hear confidential information about your company. 

Zoom’s solution is simple. You can secure meeting passwords and even disable guest screen sharing. 

Ease of Use   

No one wants a complicated app. We value user experience, and a platform that takes a lot of cognitive load is not worth it. 

With Zoom, you do not have to worry about learning its features. In fact, you don’t need a survival guide to understand most, if not all, of its tools. We personally know an elderly who lives on her own and uses Zoom. It took a few minutes for her to understand how it works, and it’s now part of her daily routine. She can now talk to her children overseas and even attend online gatherings specifically made for people her age. If she can do it, we bet you can too.

Compatibility with Devices

Other people are intimidated to use Zoom thinking that their old gadgets are not compatible with it. Fortunately, you can use the app on most devices available today. If you are using a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, it should be fine. While doing the Zoom review, we intentionally used different gadgets to test its performance. And we have to say, there were no significant differences. 

There’s no need for you to upgrade right away except if you are using an ancient device with an obsolete operating system.

What Zoom Plan is Best For You?

As we’ve said, you can always take advantage of the free plan, where you can have 100 participants in a meeting. Other plans are the Pro, Business, and Enterprise, where you can enjoy cloud recording storage, plus it allows you to host bigger groups.  The plan starts at $14.99 per month.  

Downside of Zoom 

Let’s be fair. We haven’t found the perfect video conferencing app, and there would always be a point for improvement. 

Specifically for Zoom, what we hate about their free plan is that it automatically ends after 40 minutes. If you have a brief meeting, that’s not a problem. However, if you need to extend, everyone will need to reopen a different Zoom access. Chances are, you would lose attendees by then. 


Should you use Zoom? 

Yes. It’s considered the best out there, and its features and benefits could speak for the app. While doing the Zoom review, we can’t help but thank its founders for putting it out there even before the pandemic. Without this, we bet meetings, conferences, and classes will be a whole lot more challenging. 

While it isn’t perfect and there are a few flaws, these are not enough for us to give it a thumbs down. Whether you want to use it for your family’s virtual game night or for your business, it could deliver.