Are you searching for the best-suited SEO plugin for your business? Look no further. This YoastSEO review will convince you why it’s considered one of the best SEO plugins. So let’s dive in further and discover why it’s popular: 

YoastSEO Overview

YoastSEO is a plugin that gives your business a boost to outrank your competitors. It’s a plugin that optimizes your website for keywords that makes your brand more relevant in your targeted niche. In a way, it will guide you on how to structure your page and optimize it for search engines. 

Is YoastSEO only for WordPress? 

Yes. YoastSEO can be used on any self-hosted WordPress website. However, if you’re blogging using free, you can’t install YoastSEO.  

YoastSEO Review: Pros 

User and beginner-friendly

YoastSEO helps its users easily optimize their websites for search engines. If you’re an SEO beginner, don’t fret. As someone experienced using Yoast, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the plugin. No need for any coding knowledge either. All you have to do is follow the suggestions on the analysis report and achieve a green light. 

Straightforward page analysis

In Yoast’s page analysis, you only have to pay attention to two things— readability and SEO. First, we have the readability analysis result. Then, as you input your content, Yoast will analyze the content’s readability. To optimize your content, you have to work your way and achieve a green light for each result. 

Let’s say Yoast analyzed that you only have 17% transition words. If you achieved this percentage, it means your content does not have a great flow. So yes, it means you need to add more flavor to your work. Another analysis you have to pay close attention to is SEO. Before anything else, Yoast will require you to input your focus keyphrase for that content. 

If you pay close attention to each criterion in your results, you’ll eventually achieve a green light for both in-depth analyses. In a way, its straightforward suggestion highlights the problematic area, what you need to improve, and showcases your good results. In addition, for premium users, you can add synonyms and related keyphrases to your content. 

The free plan offers convenient features

Yoast SEO’s free plan is generous with unique features. For example, in the free plan, you can enjoy its readability and SEO analysis report. So if you’re only starting, you need to take YoastSEO for a test run.

Be more relevant on search engines

With the help of Yoast SEO’s in-depth analysis report, it can guide its users to optimize their websites for search engines. By taking advantage of Yoast’s tool, you can help the search engine figure out what your website is all about. As a result, you’ll appear in targeted or relevant searches of potential customers. 

YoastSEO Review: Cons

Inaccurate readability marks

Although it’s great to have an in-depth analysis of the website content, sometimes the marks are inaccurate. Specifically, it can give you a red dot for transition or passive voice usage. However, in reality, you made sure to have an adequate amount in your content.

Pricey premium plan

YoastSEO only has two options available—free or premium. Verified users pointed out the gap between the two and found the premium plan pricey. It would be best if Yoast offers a middle pricing plan that’s light on the pockets to accommodate startups or budding professionals.

Page analysis needs improvement

This plugin still has room for improvement in its page analysis features. For example, it’s more convenient if YoastSEO highlights the word choices that are deemed as “complicated.” So if ever Yoast decides to add that feature, it will make our lives easier. 

Not compatible with custom-made pages

If your website has custom-made pages, you might want to rethink if YoastSEO is the plugin for you. It turns out YoastSEO does not help much for custom-made pages as it doesn’t fit well with the plugin’s layout. For example, YoastSEO can analyze a blog post, but the suggestions are inaccurate if the page is more complex. 

YoastSEO Pricing 

Free Plan

YoastSEO is one of the great plugins to use for WordPress SEO. It provides a stellar page analysis that helps you outrank your competitors. In addition, you can enjoy readability and SEO page analysis features and fix your content without a charge! 

Readability Analysis

  • Transition
  • Flesch reading ease score
  • Passive voice
  • Distribution of subheading 
  • Paragraph length
  • Sentence length

SEO Page Analysis

  • Text length
  • The width of the SEO title
  • Keyphrase in subheading and title
  • Incorporate the target keyphrase in your introduction
  • Place key phrase in the meta description
  • The length of your meta description
  • Place enough outbound links
  • It will also check if you’ve used that key phrase in your previous content. 
  • Images with alt attributes
  • Input your key phrase in your slug

Premium Plan

Yoast’s premium plan costs $89 per month. This plan includes all features from the free plan. Compared to the free plan, the premium plan offers real-time analysis of your content. It automates suggestions, improves your content, and suggests what can engage your readers more. Also, you can analyze appropriate synonyms and relevant keyphrases with premium. 

Aside from that, you can fully access YoastSEO’s academy. The premium plan allows you to access the courses. Think of it as an investment to train yourself as an SEO expert. That’s a double win for you! 

Alternatives You Need To Know 

Before we end this YoastSEO review, let’s discuss other alternatives you can explore. As much as possible, it’s best to check other SEO plugins and compare which can benefit your website the most. 

  • Rank Math
  • SEOPress
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • SEOPressor
  • The SEO Framework

Final Note

In the end, this YoastSEO review proved why verified WordPress users loved using the plugin. Overall, the learning curve of using YoastSEO is low. However, at first glance, everything can be overwhelming. But trust me, it’s not that hard. As I’ve mentioned before, the plugin gives out a straightforward analysis of your content. 

If ever you find yourself at a loss, Yoast usually embeds a link on each result. For example, Flesch Reading Ease, if you’re not aware of the term, click on the hyperlink. After clicking, Yoast will direct you to a page where Yoast explains what’s Flesch Reading Ease. At the same time, it will also tell you why it’s essential to improve it. So, are you still contemplating whether YoastSEO is the plugin for you?