Are you drowning in a sea of emails? If you’re looking for a modern solution to ease your work, then look no further. Let’s see if this platform is indeed an all-in-one toolkit for sales professionals with this YesWare review. 

What’s YesWare?

Before we dive into the benefits and features, first, we need to know about YesWare. The company was founded in 2010 and managed to gain 1.25 million users throughout the years. 

YesWare is made to give sales professionals breathing room. It aims to make you feel productive, minus the long hours of manually going over your emails. 


  • Email Tracking
  • Live Meeting Scheduling (including Zoom)
  • Templates
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Insights 
  • Time-saving tools are available. (Send later, and reminders) 

YesWare Review: Benefits

Increase your Productivity, Minus the Headache

We don’t have all day to go through our emails. At the same time, we don’t want to miss that potential prospect. Whether it’s a bad or good lead, we never know. We keep responding until it gets us somewhere. In this line of job, it’s an endless cycle! 

Using YesWare’s features, say goodbye to the long hours of staring, scrolling, and typing out a reply. Don’t worry. It does not come with complicated software. YesWare offers a tool that lets you personalize an outreach without the extra effort. It allows you to create different campaign touch types such as:  

  • Custom email 
  • Automated or manual email
  • LinkedIn In Mail 
  • Phone Call Reminders

Furthermore, the tool enables you to add recipients individually or at once with a few clicks on your mouse. Also, it has an automated follow-up feature that you can set in case the prospect does not respond to your first outreach. It further makes your job easier by giving you insights so you can tweak a few bumps for better performance. With a minimum amount of time spent, you get to enjoy higher connect rates and increase booked meetings. 

Save Time, Skip the Back-and-Forth

Manual email exchange takes days because of the back-and-forth process. Usually, the prospects might take a while to respond thanks to time differences or a busy work schedule. And somewhere down the email thread, your potential client will forget the context of the email. YesWare lets you insert a meeting link to your email to avoid the back-and-forth exchanges. Save time, and skip the follow-up email just to ask your prospect, “when are you available?”  

Sounds great, right? We love anything that lessens our work. Also, YesWare’s meeting scheduler allows you the liberty of customizing which dates you are free in your calendar. Thanks to that, the scheduler will present the prospects with your available time and dates.

All-in-One, One-for-All

This software is not only for the sales professional but also for the company manager or leader. Say goodbye to allotting time for creating email templates or messages manually. Instead, use the time to prioritize tasks such as closing deals. Furthermore, it can also lift time spent on reporting and getting accurate data on your sales team’s overall activity. That’s excellent news for the sales managers!  

Track Good Leads

Bad leads leave a bad taste in the mouth with all that wasted time and effort. But that’s the cycle in the world of sales. We move on to the next one. Repeat until we get a good lead. YesWare’s software comes with a tracking notification that helps discover prospects who most likely will say ‘yes’ to the offered product. 

How? It simply determines who opens and clicks on the email or links. That and other elements that help the software determine and increase the probability of conversion. The good part? This feature can track all of your prospect’s activity in a real-time activity feed. 

So if you get multiple notifications from an individual prospect, it means they only need a light tap to seal the deal. Yes, this only means one thing. It’s the perfect timing to send a follow-up mail. In this line of work, it’s all about ideal timing.

Automate the Right Responses

Move on from the classic copy-paste and make email templates using YesWare. It saves you the time of composing new emails from scratch. Using the all-in-one toolkit, build a template library with personalized content for new prospects and campaigns. 

Furthermore, YesWare will start you off with a sample of their most effective templates. Also, it allows you to classify the templates into different folders to make fast responses possible with only a few clicks away. The highlight of this tool is its feature that allows you to personalize the email in a matter of seconds. Your personalized email is good to go in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is fill the blanks or choose presets from a dropdown. 

It also comes with a built-in template report, which shows you the best templates your prospects find most engaging. With this feature, you can adjust your templates with a few tweaks and level up your open and reply rates. 

YesWare Review: Pricing Plans

YesWare is available for a 14-day free trial. 

Pro Monthly Plan

  • $15/month

Features Available:

  • Real-time email tracking
  • Presentation tracking & analytics
  • Personal template & reports
  • Meeting Scheduler

Premium Monthly Plan

  • $35/month

Features Available:

  • Everything in Pro Features
  • Campaigns
  • Template sharing & reporting
  • Role-based permissions
  • Centralized billing

Enterprise Monthly Plan

  • $65/month

Features Available:

  • Everything in Pro and Premium Plan
  • Salesforce inbox sidebar
  • Bidirectional salesforce sync
  • Email CRM sync
  • Calendar CRM sync

YesWare Conclusion

If you’re still wondering if YesWare is one of the best toolkits for sales, then the quick answer is YES. This software is an all-in-one toolkit for any person whose line of work is in sales and marketing. It has useful tools that will give an advantage to you or your sales team. Furthermore, with its time-saving and convenient features, it will give your business a boost.

Besides, this software received a 4+ star rate in review sites such as G2 and Capterra. With all the satisfied customers, it seems worth the try. In the end, YesWare deserves to be added to your list of sales tools to be considered.