Are you tired of looking for the best website maker? Well, we got your back! Here’s a tool we’ve got for you. A widely used website builder – Wix. As the world arises in technology, online platforms are now the means of communication at a lightning-fast from place to place and nation to nation.

Having a business to run is not enough for you to stay and be known only in one place. Of course, you want your business to be known worldwide. 

Wix Review at a Glance

Wix is the best tool in the world today. Catering and serving hundreds of industries, professionals, and individuals because of easy-to-navigate designs and simplicity. With Wix, you can create many modern and professional-looking sites that can attract customers.

Creating a site in Wix is hassle-free. You can choose whether you create your design or let Wix make it for you. Wix has two main types: The classic website builder and AI (Artificial Intelligence) website builder. 

Classic website builder lets you pick from hundreds of pre-designed templates. You can add useful features and designs of how you want your website to look. With great customization, you can easily make your own content.

However, if you choose the AI website builder, let Wix create and do the work for you. Wix will ask you some questions about what type of website you want to create and what business you are running for a more detailed and good result. If you want to know more about our Wix Review, then keep on scrolling.

User-friendly  Beginner-friendly Drag and drop edit  Hundreds of templates to match your business Automatic website backup to save the website. Offers cheap package  Professional looking sites  Professional site reviews  Optimized for mobile devices  Coding is optionalYou can’t change templates after a site is live. Spend too long on third-party apps  Mobile templates are not 100% fit.  Short 14-day money-back guarantee  Annoying ads on the free plan

What is Wix?

Wix is one of the famous website builders you may discover on the web. The bond of Wix and its users is unwavering. It helps the user be more comfortable exploring and discovering Wix features throughout creating their desired website.

It launched in the year 2006 and easily grasped the title of the no. 1 leading website builder. Over 180 million users in 190 countries have used Wix, and 45,000 new users sign up for Wix every day. No wonder many people choose and trust this exceptional website builder to run their online businesses. 

Who is Wix best for?

Whatever your niche is, the Wix website builder will always match whatever type of website you want to create. A million users worldwide come from great professionals, rising entrepreneurs, and even talented individuals. You may start from scratch, but it can guarantee every user to have a fully organized and customized, high-quality website—no problem for newbies. 

Wix website experts will always work on your side to tell what is missing on the sites you created. You may also watch tutorial videos for tips and strategies from Wix experts to make their site attractive. The Wix tool guarantees user-friendly and beginner-friendly websites  

Pricing Plans

Here’s what you need to know about Wix’s affordable pricing plans to Wix features and tools.

Wix pricing plans are its best selling point. With its affordability, you can trust Wix that your money and effort will never go to waste. 

VIP (First Priority Support)

$25 /month
The most expensive Wix package. With your $25 per month, you can remove Wix ads, gain 20GB storage to your site, have UNLIMITED bandwidth, professional site reviews, priority responses, free domain, and many other complete services that will help you build your site with its professional web presence. It covers all the benefits of Wix features and services.
eCommerce (Best for small businesses) $17 /monthIf you have a small business and want to make a site that suits your business’s affordability, then an eCommerce plan is good for you. Although it has only 10GB bandwidth, it will surely be sufficient, unlike the UNLIMITED plan. Of course, you can make it up to 20GB, whatever you want. If you can pay annually, the less your subscription payment will be. But if you want to pay per month, it is also a good start to explore an eCommerce plan with your small business.

Unlimited (Most Popular)
(Entrepreneurs and Freelancers)
$14 /month
The most popular and affordable plan for all. It has everything you need to make and set up a professional site if there is no need for an eCommerce element. If there is an eCommerce element, you will be forced to subscribe to the eCommerce plan. But that is not a problem, though; you can have Unlimited bandwidth from an unlimited plan. You can add a subscription annually for $14 per month. It is perfect for the growing business you run alone. It has 10GB storage, which is a reasonable storage amount for you. 
Combo (For Personal use) $10 /monthIt is the lowest premium Wix package. It removes ads to help you kick-start your journey with Wix premium. This plan is good for personal blogs and projects rather than businesses. You can add a subscription annually for $10 per month. 2GB bandwidth is a good start, and 3GB storage is enough storage for you. With its great customization, you can attract viewers and an audience to discover beneath your site.
Connect Domain (Most Basic)
$15 /month
The most basic premium plan. Though it is not suitable to develop professional business and personal blogs, you can still try-out Wix’s basic benefits with a connected domain plan. You can add a subscription annually for $5 per month. The good thing about having subscribed with the connect domain plan is that you can access Wix premium support, google analytics, and free hosting. With the limited 500GB of storage and 1TB bandwidth, you can have a good start subscribing with the connect domain plan to start running and managing your site.

Wix Themes

Hundreds of themes and templates wait for you in Wix Website builder. Wix creates exceptional themes collected just for you! Your business, personal blogs, and project theme matter! Professionals, entrepreneurs, and individuals can choose over 500+ templates to make their site appealing.

The advantage of picking templates you like in Wix is because of its drop and drag editing feature. It is very convenient and efficient for every user to make their website quickly. If you believe in your creative skill, you can customize the template you choose—nothing more appealing when it comes to your own work.


Planning where to start the website and how it ends may be a hassle for you. Wix will always come prepared if you feel the need for help. With its latest feature update called WIX ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence), itis easier for you to relax and wait for WIX ADI to prepare your finished website.

The ADI will ask a series of questions about the site you are planning to create. You may link your business information coming from Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc., And then, let the WIX ADI survey and process the information contained on your website. 

After WIX ADI creates your website, you can still edit and add information like videos and images to your site. There is no problem in dealing with ADI’s fonts, templates, and layout, and it’s more than perfect for an ordinary website. Wix ADI will bring you closer to its sophisticated features.

Wix Features and Tools

It is the most vital part of the Wix website builder. This platform always updates from time to time to improve its services to its users. The Wix platform’s popularity came from the confidence they have.

Wix’s success is aso due to user support, positive feedback and ratings. They used their negative feedback to work on their weaknesses and make it all stable to utilize. Now, let’s start discussing the Wix website builder’s in-depth function fully.

SEO and Marketing for E-Commerce

Wix provides all that you will need for SEO. It lets you add meta tags, canonical tags, and alt texts on each page, which is great for landing pages. Wix even offers advanced SEO tools to help boost traffic to your site. If you are a beginner, you can make use of SEO Wiz to get you started.

Wix is also striving to improve your marketing strategy. They are now building solid features for e-commerce, such as coupon codes for a discount, limited time, free shipping, and many more. They even added a feature that lets you customize email receipts. 

But, since Wix is not an entire e-commerce website builder, they do have lapses. It’s only good if you are starting with e-business (and it’s cheaper compared to Shopify).


Wix allows you to use many different external integrations to help your website run not only from Wix itself but from other apps and sites. Some other apps and sites can track Wix sites. It is advantageous to make you gain a different audience around the world.

App Market 

Wix Web Apps are one of the factors why your business will slowly be growing and progressing. You can choose hundreds of web apps from your pc or even mobile. There are web apps that can easily be added to your website. 

If you sell music, you can use Wix Music to promote it. If you offer services, you can use Wix bookings to book consultations and appointments. You can choose web apps from Wix or other external web apps; it all depends on you.


Blogging in Wix is also SEO-friendly. All features come from tags, categories, etc. It is easy to create blogs for your site if you click the main site elements’ blog entry. You can schedule your blog post on your mobile app to publish it anytime. It has all the blogging tools you need and caters to customers’ opinions in the comment section as long as they are registered on the site.

Wix Support

Wix is much obliged to get you out of the hardest situation and put you in many comfortable choices a Wix can offer. There are a lot of options to reach Wix anytime.

You can search your concern on the search engine, go to the help center area, or contact Wix’s customer support. Wix will always be available to prioritize your concern and help you throughout the process until you’re satisfied and find your answer. Help is always on your way with Wix. 

Bottom Line

This Wix review rates Wix as highly recommended for people who want to have an affordable yet customer-centric site to top it all. Wix premium plans offer 14-day money-back trials. In those 14 days, you can try amazing Wix templates, layouts, and designs. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, showcase your talent and let Wix guide you to your successful website. Don’t waste your time now! Plan your desired site with Wix!