Whether you’re a thought leader who loves to inspire people or a lifelong learner who’s fond of sharing lessons you pick up from experiences and interactions, starting a podcast is a fulfilling project to pursue.

What are the benefits of starting a podcast, and what are the top podcast hosting services you can use? Read this listicle to find out.

Why You Should Start Your Own Podcast

Statistics tell us that there’s a massive potential in podcasting. According to the latest data, there are currently 700,000 available podcasts in 100 languages just waiting for listeners to tap the play button. The top 5 topics are society and culture, business, comedy, news and politics, and health.

One out of every two Americans has listened to a podcast. Three out of ten Americans listen at least every month, while two out of ten Americans listen at least every week. These numbers go to show how a podcast is an excellent way to reach audiences, especially the 18 to 44 age bracket, which accounts for 67% of total listeners. 

With its unique characteristics as a medium of communication, podcasts are proving to be more than just a fad. It has established itself as a sustainable commercial and social channel that serves as a bridge between content creators and content consumers.

Choosing the Right Podcast Hosting

Aside from your recording equipment and program format, podcast hosting is one of the elements you need to sort out before you launch your show.

A hosting company provides podcast platforms with pertinent information about the show, uploads audio and video files, and generates the feed.

Whether you’re planning to record your webcast via Zoom or thinking of producing a purely audio program, it’s essential to consider several factors when checking out top podcast hosting services. These elements include the nature of your show, your target audience, as well as additional features that will contribute and improve user experience. 

Top Podcast Hosting Services to Consider

Here are some of the most popular hosting platforms to consider when starting a podcast. Take the time to consider the pros and cons of each, to make sure you choose one that will work best for your show.


This platform prides itself on helping content creators make professional podcasts even without knowing the first thing about programming. Their interface is user-friendly, allowing easy uploading, publishing, and managing. It also allows a user to promote the podcast with just a couple of clicks.

True to their promise of being easy to navigate, Podbean makes it easy to customize a podcast site with their eye-catching theme collection. Each theme includes various widgets to add an extra touch of personalization.

The platform offers free membership with a maximum of 5 hours worth of storage space. Their unlimited storage packages start at USD14 per month, with their business package costing USD129 per month.


Buzzsprout boasts how it has helped over 100,000 people launch their podcasts since the company started in 2009. With the platform being compatible with the top directories, it promises to show your podcasts wherever people are searching for similar content.

Aside from its simple uploading process, this digital interface also offers valuable statistics. This data can help guide the podcaster to create more relevant content tailor-fit for the show’s avid listeners. 

They also feature an option to transcribe episodes inside the system to make the material podcast accessible to search engines, speed-readers, as well as the hearing impaired.

They offer a free package for a maximum of 90 days with a maximum of 2 hours of upload each month. A USD 12 monthly plan would get you three hours per month, while the 12 hours of upload per month will set you back by USD 24.


This platform promises to offer podcast hosting without complications — their unique selling proposition: one-click publishing to podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

One advantage of opting for this service is getting access to the Audience by Simplecast. It’s a platform that offers audio analytics that gives podcasters insight about their audience. Data such as listeners’ locations and where they listen to the podcast are valuable information that allows showrunners to improve content and format to suit the needs of the market.

Simplecast’s most basic package starts at USD15 per month, while its premium package costs USD 85 monthly.


Captivate prides itself as “the world’s only growth-oriented podcast host.” Aside from offering an easy-to-navigate interface, the platform promises to be a valuable tool for independent podcasters looking to grow their audience and expand their influence.

Their main features include advanced analytics, built-in calls to action, automatic podcast websites, unlimited podcasts, and unlimited team members.

Their most affordable package starts at USD 19 for 10,000 downloads per month. Their premium package costs USD 99 and comes with 120,000 monthly downloads. 


This online audio distribution platform and music sharing website started offering podcast hosting platform a few years ago. It provides access to millions of SoundCloud listeners, as well as unlimited hosting time and advanced stats for each uploaded episode.

Their free service comes with 3 hours worth of audio upload, basic statistics, and basic embed controls. Their highest package costs USD 16 per month and comes with unlimited upload time. The premium service also includes the option to schedule episode releases, access to full analytics, and capability to pin up to 5 tracks on the top of your profile.


This podcasting community and directory is one of the top podcast hosting services that offer webcast hosting through a top-tier content delivery network. 

Aside from offering storage with no-fault overage, long-tail podcasting, and free migration, the digital media interface also features Professional Statistics. This service allows a podcaster to review the show’s audience measurement factors, including the total number of downloads and plays, country geographics, traffic sources, and platforms and operating systems.

Their most basic package starts at USD 18 per month, while their most expensive published package is USD 80 per month. Basic Professional Podcast Statistics come in free, but the more advanced features require an additional USD 5 per month.