Many innovative and ambitious firms are based in Europe. Tallinn, Estonia’s capital, is home to Europe’s Silicon Valley. Tallinn has one of the highest startup per capita rates in Europe, which has resulted in a slew of creative initiatives and businesses. In 2019, European entrepreneurs raised 38.8 billion euros in risk capital, up 42.6 percent from 27.2 billion euros in 2018.

However, the EU market fragmentation is the greatest enemy of European startups, which is diminishing but not quickly enough owing to substantial, continuous, and consistent advocacy. Due to the ongoing pandemic, there is some promise for accelerating the development of the European startup ecosystem.

So, check out the top 15 European Startups!


Johanna Gallo, the co-founder of APlanet, which was founded with the goal of assisting SMEs and businesses in framing everything related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), says the company plans to hire more people.

Gallo claims that the firm has grown by 80% since raising its seed round in August 2020, focusing on areas like customer success, product, and technology with the goal of “providing the finest service” as they grow.

The creator claims that the European company is always on the lookout for new talent in areas such as user experience (UX) and business development, both in places where they currently have a presence and in new markets such as the United Kingdom.


Belvo is a type of public banking. In May of this year, a Latin American API platform was launched. It connects customers’ bank accounts to a management application and is among the organizations that will be expanding their workforce in the next months.

According to the European company, it has grown by an order of magnitude in the last year, from 18 employees in May 2020 to 70 in May 2021. According to sources at the company, they now have roughly 15 job openings on their website, including engineering, legal, and business development.

Furthermore, the company intends to continue hiring in many segments and locations, primarily in Latin America.


Capchase is a firm that enables software-as-a-service businesses to fund their expansion using funds held in future monthly payments.

Ignacio Moreno, one of the business’s founders, says his company is likewise expanding at a “quite fast” pace.

He claims the team has grown from eight to more than 40 employees in the last nine months. The company is now hiring for its product and technology teams in Europe, where they plan to quadruple its workforce in the next six to nine months.

According to Moreno, they are looking to hire one to two financial analysts to help them improve their SaaS risk model. Meanwhile, Moreno claims that they are creating a solid team in strategy, finance, and capital markets in the United States.


ECOncrete is a platform that creates infrastructure to facilitate marine biodiversity regeneration. The platform’s regional sales manager, Paolo Tedone, stated that the company plans to grow “more than 200 percent in the next two years.”

Over the following year, the goal is to hire three to four people in sales, two in marketing, two in research and development, and one in design. The company has lately grown from two to four people.


Criptan is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Valencia. Jorge Soriano, a co-founder

, says he plans to hire more people “in the next two to three months.”

According to Soriano, the organization is looking for technical, financial, and operational profiles, with a focus on the technical team. He also claims that, in order to expand their business focus to other nations such as Mexico. They intend to build small teams in each of their regional offices.

Although the parent business would handle the technical aspects, Soriano believes the startup would need to hire employees to manage customer service, operations, and marketing.


Holded‘s people manager said the company intends to focus on growth “both in Barcelona and Paris.” Holded’s software enables small businesses to control all elements of their business from a single platform.

Forment aims to hire roughly 45 more workers by the end of the year, according to their website, which lists job openings. It has 80,000 users and has received over $22 million in fundraising rounds. It’s searching for tech leads, senior backend and frontend developers, and senior mobile developers in Barcelona.

It also wants to hire a vice president of product to oversee the department, as well as designers and various data-related positions including data analyst, data scientist, and data engineer.

The company plans to establish a customer success, marketing, and product team in Paris for its French market. As a result, it needs a customer success specialist, a marketing manager, and a product manager. Following its acquisition by Visma, a renowned European software firm, the company announced plans to add more than 300 individuals to improve its product and solidify its position as the “fastest-growing company in the ERP sector.”


HumanITcare, a Spanish firm that provides healthcare providers with an artificial intelligence-based remote medicine platform, is also hiring.

Nuria Pastor, the CEO, claims that her company is rapidly expanding. With the goal of doubling the personnel to more than 30 by the end of 2021. She claims that software developers, mobile developers, and data scientists are needed.


Meetoptics, an artificial intelligence meta-search engine focusing in photonics, is hoping to hire eight new staff by the end of the year, according to Bárbara Buades, CEO and co-founder.

According to the CEO, the European company presently has six employees, with plans to hire two more in sales, market research, and risk analysis. As well as a product owner, a UX/UI product designer, three software engineers, and a frontend and full stack developer.


Brainly is the world’s largest peer-to-peer learning community for students, parents, and teachers. Students are connected with homework concerns and inquiries at and its website community throughout the world, and they receive help with them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to ask honest questions and get the confidence they need to support and encourage others to learn in a shared environment with over 350 million monthly users.


Poll Valls, co-founder, and COO of Submer, says the company is attempting to minimize the cost of electricity used to cool computers. They are tripling their personnel “year after year” as a result of their steady growth. They currently employ 70 individuals and hope to hire another 60 in the coming year.

According to Valls, the 60 new employees will primarily work in the front office (B2B sales, solution architects, and marketing) and will have a variety of technical backgrounds (mechanical engineering, software, robotics, thermodynamics, chemistry, industrial).


Trucksters is a Spanish business that aims to improve logistics and long-distance freight transportation using an innovative solution based on a relay system. Gabor Balogh, one of the firm’s founders, says they’re in “full expansion” and want to add more new profiles to the company, which they’ve already done this year.

According to Balogh, the European company employs around 30 workers in its Madrid and Valencia offices. As well as associates in Greece, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Hungary. He also expects them to create a new foreign branch office in the near future.

“We startups have to lead this transition of the work system. Which is more technology and efficient than ever,” says the company’s co-founder, whose work model blends on-site and remote labor.


N26 is a free “deposit account” that you can open in less than 8 minutes from your smartphone or laptop. You can deposit cash or transfer funds from another account at any time and as many times as you choose. You can also withdraw cash from the account at an ATM, transfer money between accounts, or purchase cash using your bank or direct debit card.

The N26 bank account and Mastercard can do little but conveniently from both places with a traditional bank. The German Bank’s Payout Scheme protects each account up to €100,000 in all countries where N26 is available.


Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. It provides payment solutions to 205,000 traders in 17 countries. The company informs its 85 million customers that it conducts one million transactions per day. The company operates as a bank and is one of Europe’s largest enterprises. Among the developers are Sequoia Money and Visa.

Its mission is to change the way people pay for things online. It’s all about financial services. A “buy now, pay later” service allows internet businesses to make purchases without paying in advance. Consumers will pay for their transactions every two weeks or in four interest-rate installments over the course of 30 days. They will have six to 36 months to complete their purchase. In 2014, Klarna established its North American headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. Other office locations include New York and Los Angeles, as well as major towns throughout Europe.


TransferWise is a low-cost way to send money from the United States to nearly 80 nations. Any of the highest available exchange rates. You can finance a payment with a bank account or a credit card. But the receiver must also have a bank account. People who want to send money worldwide at minimal charges and with a strong web interface.

People who want to send money worldwide at minimal charges and with a strong web interface. For some countries, the fixed cost ranges from $1 to less than 1% of the transfer volume. Rates on credit cards are rising. TransferWise does not charge exchange rate markups on its transfers, unlike banks and other businesses. The mid-market average varies by the minute.


BlaBlaCar is a French internet transportation service that connects people moving between cities with empty seats in their automobiles. Many individuals travel from Switzerland to or near Germany on long-distance drives. You post your route on the website. If your journey is similar to theirs, you can connect with them and fly to your destination for a fee.