Brock Blake believes so deeply in the American Dream that he made it his life’s mission to help small businesses across the country fuel their own aspirations. As Founder and CEO of Lendio, the largest online marketplace of small business loans in America, he has helped thousands of business owners access more than $1 billion in funding. So, I’m here to tell you about the 10 Secrets To Success.

Learning from a professional like Brock is always inspiring. The mindset you have in order to make a billion-dollar company vs the mindset you have with a 100k company or a 1 million company is just different. 

There are sacrifices, struggles, pain, and even triumph. In the episode, Brock goes into detail about the 4 pillars you need for business success. 

He brought up a tracking sheet. Which is something I have been using for a few months now that I think could apply to you and your business. He talks about holding others accountable and the only way to do that is to for them to know if they are passing or failing or not.

Tracking sales, conversations, meetings, and emails or etc… can be challenging. But the results can be meteoric for your business. I hope this episode gives you the inspiration you need to be more organized and track all aspects of your business. 


Now, let’s put that aside, and let me tell you the 10 secrets to success!

Be committed

The first one of the 10 secrets to success is to be committed. You can obtain inspiration to succeed by being committed. Make a list that contains your goal, your level of dedication to the goal, and the steps you’re willing to take to attain it. It’s critical to stay focused on your strategy. It’s a good idea to set aside at least 15 minutes per day to think about and work on your plan. This will help you stay focused on your objective by keeping it fresh in your thoughts.

Asking a friend or family member for assistance in sticking to your commitments might be beneficial at times. Having someone to hold you accountable for your mistakes and congratulate you on your accomplishments might help you stay focused on your goal.

However, before deciding on your commitment to your objective, make sure you have realistic expectations of yourself and the outcome. If your commitment isn’t paying off after a particular amount of time, you should rethink your goal and make any required changes.

Have a lot of fun along the journey

The next one of the secrets to success is to Have a lot of fun along the journey. It will be more difficult to succeed if the route to obtain something becomes too tiresome. Learning what you’re capable of maybe thrilling and fun, so make your goals light and enjoyable in order to have a great emotional experience and keep moving forward without losing perspective.

Learn from the journey

Rather than focusing just on the outcomes of your efforts, pay attention to the modest steps required to attain achievement. Allowing yourself to celebrate tiny triumphs along the way will make obtaining your goal a new adventure every day, and you will be more likely to stay on track. You will learn new and intriguing things as a result of this, which will help you grow as a person.

Adjust your mindset

To turn a difficult situation into a better one, you may need to shift your perspective along the way. Imagine that you are having a wonderful day or week instead of a poor day or week while you are having a bad day or week. Allow yourself the time and space to think about your situation in purely positive terms and notice how your day or week transforms. If you do this for a long time, it could completely transform your life.

Embrace the positive

It’s all about believing in yourself and your capacity to succeed if you want to develop a positive mindset. It’s critical to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones in order to keep oneself motivated to keep trying no matter what obstacles arise.

Consider when a baby is learning to walk. When they descend, they do not come to a halt. They get back up and keep going until they can move — and soon run — without difficulty. You’re probably learning new things and thinking differently than you did previously on your way to success. Your objectives will not be achieved overnight. They will require time and effort to master, thus it is critical to think positively about the process.

Be truthful to yourself

The next one in the 10 Secrets To Success is to Be truthful to yourself. If you’re having trouble achieving your objective, you should be honest with yourself about why. After you’ve reached an agreement, try to come up with a plan to help you succeed. Experiment with stepping outside of your comfort zone. This could entail doing an extra set of squats, approaching a boss about a promotion, or even enrolling in a difficult college course you hadn’t considered before.

Remove all potential sources of distraction

Make a list of the things that occupy your time or distract you in your life. This could be a phone, a television show, or even a stressful person. When it’s time to concentrate on your goal, turn off your phone and put it in another room. Put the remote across the room and turn off the television. Only communicate with those who have a positive influence on your life. Now is the greatest moment to begin modifying your behaviors so that you can focus solely on obtaining achievement.

Continue to plan

When working on your goals, stick to a schedule. Set goals for yourself on your personal calendar, such as “I will run a seven-minute mile by the end of the month,” or “I will save $5,000 by the end of the year.” Even if you don’t meet the goal, you’ll have a starting point on your calendar and will be able to track your progress. You will always have proof of your progress if you plan your goals and track them in a calendar. Having something tangible to work toward is a terrific motivator to keep going.

You can rely on yourself

You can’t rely on people to help you reach your objectives. Your best friend is unable to substitute for you in a class. Your mother will not be able to help you gain a promotion. Your partner will not be able to help you lose weight. You must complete all of these tasks on your own. Relying on others for emotional support can be useful, but your friends and family have their own needs, just as you do. It’s critical to keep oneself accountable in order to achieve your objectives and be happy.

Make sure you don’t get burned out

The last one of the 10 Secrets To Success is to Make sure you don’t get burned out. It is critical to concentrate on your goal but not become obsessed with it. Maintaining a productive but enjoyable journey helps keep you engaged without overworking yourself. You may burn out if you spend all of your time sitting about and thinking about your objective. Your formerly enjoyable aim becomes more of a chore than something you want to complete. To avoid becoming burned out, keep learning about how much you can grow and achieve.