Looking for the next big step for you and your business? Not to worry. This Strikingly review will help you decide on your next power move. If you are planning to make your own website or simply want to create a landing page, either way, both are great strategies to obtain sales and clients. Nowadays, you don’t need to be tech-savvy. No need for coding or web design skills. With Strikingly along with other website builders out there, all your ideas can be generated in a matter of minutes. 

If done right, different creative marketing strategies can be achieved. Sounds good? But first, what is Strikingly and how will it help your business grow? Let’s start the Strikingly review. 

Strikingly Review: Background

The Founder

David Chen, one of the founders of Strikingly had a long journey before he achieved what he has today. He started as an intern at Goldman Sachs, an investment banking company, to follow his dreams. It turns out he did not feel as passionate about banking as he thought he would. 

Everything started after he finished his internship. At a conference in Singapore, the governor discussed that the administration plans to spend 40 million to help develop entrepreneurship and startups in the country.

David knew that this budget will not reach those who truly need the funding. Taking matters into his own hands, way before Indiegogo and Kickstarter took off, David started his own crowdfunding platform. However, his users did not need any funding at all! It turns out that most of their users wanted the profile page instead. The end-users found the most value in the least expected service. 

Start of Strikingly

What started as a crowdfunding platform resulted in one of the best landing pages and website builders. Initially, the end-users utilized the platform as a profile page to seek funding, however, their main agenda was to show off their work and accomplishments to their target users. Hence, the team took advantage of this opportunity.

David and his team began to build landing pages for their customers to sell their business in one page or less. One of the pages created had a simple email signature that said: “If you need something similar, please reach out, click this link and sign up”. With this simple and clever move, within at least eleven days, that one page generated thousands of sign-ups! Thus, mark the start of Strikingly. 

Strikingly Review: Benefits

Website Builder

Establish your business’s online presence by creating a website. During this time of the pandemic, a lot of users spend most of their time on the internet. According to TNW, at least 60% of the world’s population is online. This will help your business reach out to other potential clients around the world. 

The main feature Strikingly offers is its website builder, offering a variety of templates premade for different niches. Simply choose a template that’s close to your branding. With just a few changes of color and a little customization. Your site is good to go! Given that your branding and identity are profound first-hand. 

The site earned lots of positive feedback from customers regarding its ease of use. Seth Godin, a bestselling author and entrepreneur said, “I started using this tool and it turns out it’s a simple web development tool that is all plug and play…” It is also “intuitive and functional” as stated by Rebecca Bloom, an editor and writing coach. 


Blogging different topics relating to your niche helps users to discover your business as well as generate traffic to the website. Most well-established brands on the internet take full advantage of their content. According to HubSpot, it’s likely to see a consistent return of investment (ROI) from creating clustered content. It is also a means to build and solidify your topic authority in the targeted niche. 

Strikingly offers a ‘super easy’ blogging feature as each post gets its own page. Of course, creating the content for the blog is another story. If done in a consistent and strategic manner, this will contribute to the success of your website. Click here to learn more about how to make a blog post.

Landing Page

Not ready to create a full-on website? If you have your business essentials ready, then a great landing page is for you. A landing page can be a standalone web page, it’s a ‘place’ where the visitor ‘lands’ once they click a link from your social media or an email link. It is created with a single focus. The process usually starts with a compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) that prompts your visitor to click. Usually armored with an eye-catching headline, a concise and efficient way to convey your offer is crucial for a landing page. 

According to HubSpot, increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 gets at least a 55% increase in leads. There’s a saying that goes, “the more the merrier”. Yes, that also applies in marketing. This does not mean you just generate landing pages right off the bat. Coupled with careful research of your target niche, creating a landing page will spike up your sales. It will also help you grow your email list opening the possibility to capture potential long-term clients. 

As mentioned in the backstory of Strikingly, their success started with that one page that led to more than thousands of users. With Strikingly, you don’t need to worry about coding or even design as they have templates and design guides ready for your perusal. 

Built-in E-Commerce

The year 2020 brought a huge impact on e-commerce, especially on the end users’ online shopping behavior. With limited places to visit and a cutback on buying experiences, most spend their time shopping online. If you sell physical goods or an e-service, then exposing what you offer on the internet will likely reach more customers. It’s not too late to generate your own digital offerings as this trend is more likely to continue. Observing our current situation, more or less, this trend will become the ‘new normal. 

Strikingly comes with built-in e-commerce. Their ‘simple’ store as they call it, is optimized for selling. If you’re still thinking about whether to invest in a limited or pro plan with Strikingly, fear not, they offer a free plan which comes with a simple store allowing 1 product per site. This plan comes with unlimited free sites using the Strikingly.com domain at a 5 GB monthly bandwidth. Test the waters! Don’t be afraid to aim for a wider reach of potential buyers.