Are you an emerging entrepreneur planning to run your website online? With all the options available, you’re probably wondering what best tool to use. Well, we’ve got you covered! We’ve tried out tools for you, and here’s everything you need to know about the widely used website builder- Squarespace. So, here’s a Squarespace Review that’ll tell you everything you need to know!

In a highly competitive era, every business is aiming for a wider reach. It’s no surprise every physical store now has online stores.

Some opt for social media accounts (nothing wrong with that), but you will need a better platform as your business grows. Something more powerful that will give the freedom to manage, edit, and cater to all of your customers; even post some reviews for social proof. 

That is why while your business is still small, it’s important to run a website now. It’s hassle-free and provides better features for your business. 

Let’s take a look at this Squarespace Review!

Squarespace Review at a Glance

Squarespace is a website builder known for its excellent features and beautiful templates. It’s easier to learn than any other website builder because you don’t need to know coding to produce a professional-looking site. You see all of the edits live, hence the “What you see what you get” adage, which is necessary for novices. 

Squarespace is all-in-all recommended not only because of its outstanding designs but also because it competes with other e-commerce website builders. Means, Squarespace is great for beginners, creatives, AND business owners. If you want to know more about our Squarespace Review, then keep on reading.

Sophisticated designs Simple user interface Coding is optional Powerful e-commerce features and tools Easy to learn Best for newbies Optimized for mobiles What you see is what you getPossibilities of low loading time Bad user reviews for customer service Don’t have a free plan Commerce features come with a price No phone support Limited customization for mobile


To help you decide if Squarespace is the best for you or not, let’s review all that there is about Squarespace, from pricing to their support service.


The budget is crucial when it comes to business. So, we’ll start with their pricing plan right off the bat. 

Squarespace offers four pricing plans: Personal, business commerce (basic), and commerce (advanced). All of which you can pay annually or monthly. Prices will differ depending on how you choose to pay for your plan. But let’s say you choose to pay annually. Squarespace’s starting price is $12 a month, which greatly varies depending on how you want to use your site. We’ll help you choose by explaining all the pricing plans one by one and why you should choose them.

Personal $12For personal use only, such as portfolio, etc., this is the perfect plan for you if you don’t run an online store.
Business $18 Includes marketing features such as promotional popups and banners. It has a fully integrated e-commerce feature and allows you to sell unlimited products. Do note that it includes a 3% transaction fee, which means that in every transaction from your site, they get a 3% fee.
Commerce (basic) $26Allows you to sell online without transaction fees. Includes some tools essential for online business, such as e-commerce Analytics and Instagram integration. So, if you ran your business on IG and decided to run your site, you can easily sync your products to your site from Instagram.
Commerce (Advanced) $40 
Has all the features, discounts, abandoned cart recovery, and more.

Their price may not be the cheapest, but they are more reasonable than their competitors. Squarespace does not have a free plan, but it does have a 14-day trial to help you decide. It would be best to determine your needs before choosing your plan because you never want to pay for a feature you will not use. So, make use of the 14-day trial well.

Squarespace is offering 50% off of any plan for students with a verified academic email address!


Their templates are the sweet spot for all creatives and designers. The good thing is that, even if you don’t have creative talent, you can still seem like one. 

You can use the demo tutorials to explain how you can style your chosen template. Since their update in the past years, their templates are now fully-customizable so that you can edit your page to your heart’s content. Move and swap images, change font styles; you can do whatever you want!

Squarespace is known for having flat, minimal, and sophisticated designs. You can choose over 60 designs and have a professional-looking site even without design expertise. They offer beautiful designs you won’t find elsewhere – from layouts to font styles. 


Squarespace has all the features any new or professional designer might need. It is even known to have outstanding integrations and high-quality features perfect for sellers. Let’s discuss some of it one by one.

All-in Editor

Their editor is similar to a drag and drop system. Since Squarespace is made up of sections and content blocks, you can only edit from there. It sounds complex, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll be a no-brainer.

Let’s Define

Section: Customizable pages and footers vertically stacked. They are pre-designed, so you do not have to build them from nothing.
Content blocks: Text, buttons, icons, social media feeds, and many others. This is the “content” of your site’s pages (section).


Squarespace’s blogging is superb. In fact, they are the only website builder that can compete with WordPress. They offer many blog templates with fancy designs that showcase your idea most beautifully. It is a special advantage if your blog contains a lot of images. Squarespace also allows you to manage your blog through their mobile app.

Their blogging features include RSS Feed, categories, markdown, comments, custom URLs, and many more. They also support multiple contributors and allow you to sync and share your blog on social media platforms. 


Squarespace still offers fewer integrations compared to its competitors. This may be a turn-off to some, but we see it as an advantage. The fewer options to choose from, the clearer decision you can make. Despite being less in quantity, you can rely on each integration’s quality because they work perfectly smooth with Squarespace— unlike others. They have integrations for each category: Blocks, Blog, Commerce, Social Media, Design, Marketing, and many more

SEO and Marketing

Other reviews say that Squarespace lacks SEO, but Squarespace actually has SEO built-in with the site. The necessary SEO options include meta tags, meta descriptions, custom URLs, sitemap, and alt text. They also support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), which is essential for mobile use. 

Squarespace is also profound with Marketing features. They offer a newsletter tool for e-mail campaigns. With all of these tools combined with Social Media Integration, your site will have a powerful online presence across the globe.


Among its competitors, Squarespace is the only site that competes well outside of its niche. As you know, Squarespace is not entirely an e-commerce website builder. It is an overall website builder. Someone who ranks #1 on an e-commerce website builders is Shopify.  But what makes Squarespace better than other e-commerce website builders? Three words — easy to use.

According to a survey in 2018, Squarespace ranked #3 on Best Website Builders for e-commerce because of its simple interface, and easy customization It does not require you to code, which is perfect for every newbie entrepreneur. Business functionality is one of Squarespace’s unique selling points. They offer some unique e-commerce features that you will not find from any of their competitors.

Connect store to Amazon

Squarespace allows you to connect your store to Amazon for FBA. This lets Amazon handle your shipping.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

An interesting feature that sends automatic emails to shoppers who abandoned their cart. A bit annoying, but it works!

Product Variations

Allows you to set up multiple product variations with their corresponding pricing.


Squarespace offers four support channels: Email, Live Chat, Forum, and Twitter. 

Live chat support runs every Mo-Fri, 5 PM – 8 PM EST. Squarespace’s Support Team does not support forums, but you can get the help you need with your fellow Squarespace users. 

However, despite their promising Customer Service, they have been receiving bad user reviews as well. So you might want to try it out for yourself.

Final Thoughts on Squarespace

Whew! This Squarespace review has been a long read. But overall, it is highly recommended. It’s not the cheapest, but it provides quality features and top designs that give you the confidence to publicize your store (or whatever you are using it for). It’s intuitive, unique, and user-friendly. Squarespace is the heart of every creative out there, which is also suitable for newbie entrepreneurs who want to have a stunning site. Try out Squarespace now, and let’s see their cool site design!

Try out Squarespace with a 14-day trial here.