is the perfect CRM tool for your business with a robust cold outreach. So if you’re looking for something along that line, then this review is for you! But first, let’s take a closer look at how this software benefits your business Overview is the go-to CRM if you want more leads, sales, and revenue for your business. You can imagine it as a comprehensive toolbox for all the email marketing needs of your business. In 2019, it was awarded as a rising star in the industry and commended for its premium usability by FinancesOnline. Features

This sales CRM features excellent email marketing tools, A/B testing, and basic reporting analytics. It’s also known by most as a cold email automation platform, email marketing software, and email verification software. 

Who uses is the platform that’s best suited for the following: 

  • Sales representatives
  • SDRs or Sales development representatives
  • BDRs or Business development representatives
  • Marketing specialists
  • Recruiters
  • Event organizers
  • Freelancers
  • Startups, as one of the best sales CRM platforms on the internet, is used by successful customers such as: 

  • LEGO 
  • Lenovo
  • NYU
  • Oracle
  • Soundcloud
  • Uber
  • Ubisoft Review: Pros

Increase your open email rate

If you’re looking for the perfect recipe for a higher open rate success, will deliver the solution. Specifically, it would help if you used its Email Finder and Email Verifier along with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. To prove this approach can produce positive results, Quokka generated an 86% open rate using the specified tools. 

In one week, Quokka, an organization that boosts business email marketing with ads, achieved a favorable result. With, the team sent out at least 500 emails which received an 86% open rate. Eventually, the open rate success led to 177 scheduled interviews with Quokka. Well, that sure sounds promising! 

Higher response rate

To get a response from your potential clients, you need to know how to hit home. helps businesses achieve their goals by providing accurate information about the clients. But, first, we need to know relevant information about your target to know what to offer them. helped achieve Fidensio’s goal and surpass expectations by growing their response rate by 900%. Fidensio, a startup digital concierge in France, aims to generate qualified leads through outbound and inbound marketing. In addition, their business developer needs to convert these leads to appointments and signed contracts. Using’s email marketing tools helped them achieve their goals, making it easier to convert targets to clients. 

Increase your prospecting productivity

In the world of automation, you can achieve every simple task within a few clicks. But if we do the “simple” tasks manually, it takes us hours to finish them. With, your team can achieve more results in their prospecting journey. 

Wink Gal, an Australian apparel manufacturer, increased their prospecting productivity by 10,000%. So far, this manufacturer managed to collect 200,000 leads from companies and over 400,000 contact emails found. It’s so effective that the apparel manufacturer includes in their training sessions. Review: Cons

Chaotic CRM functions

Although it’s claimed as a sales CRM, its functions are a bit chaotic. The platform doesn’t allow you to use additional fields. You’ll have a limited option to toggle the columns. 

Blocks multiple emails coming from the same IP address

Sometimes, the software will block you if you use multiple emails on the same IP address without paying. So if you’re someone who also uses various emails, expect to experience the same problem from time to time. 

Bugs encountered during Drip email campaigns

Although the users widely appreciate its Drip email campaign features, it’s inevitable to encounter bugs while using it. For example, some users complain that their IMAP settings break in the middle of a Drip campaign. Bugs also occur whenever sending a follow-up email to clients. Pricing 

Unlimited Freemium Plan

You can test’s features with its free plan. The Freemium plan includes features such as finding potential customers and building email drip campaigns. Other than that, you can track your outreaching success. The best part? You can access an effective sales template that will surely convert. 

S Plan

The S Plan costs $39 per month. It’s created for startups and solo entrepreneurs who want a sales CRM boost. This plan includes 1,000 credits, 5,000 unique recipients, and unlimited users. If you’re wondering what’s the credit for, you can use your credits on’s features such as: 

  • Email finder
  • Email Validation
  • Email drip campaigns 

M Plan

The M Plan is specially crafted for small marketing and sales teams. This plan is worth $79 per month that offers 5,000 credits, 10,000 unique recipients, and unlimited users. 

L Plan

This plan is ideal for companies that aim to expand their outreach. It costs $169 per month with 20,000 credits available, 30,000 unique recipients, and unlimited uses. 

XL Plan

When it comes to the XL plan, it’s the perfect solution for established sales and marketing teams. This plan is worth $289 per month, including 50,000 credits, 50,000 unique recipients, and unlimited users. 

XXL Plan

As the name suggests, the XXL plan is perfect for agencies and enterprises. It costs $578 per month that includes 100,000 credits, 100,000 unique recipients, and unlimited users. 

What does credit mean? 

To explain the term credit more, it’s a payment unit by When you choose your preferred plan, the platform will give you a certain amount of credits. So the amount of credits charged on your account depends on which tools are used: 

  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
  • Technology Checker
  • Email Tracker
  • API 
  • Email Drip Campaigns Alternatives

If you’re still contemplating if is the compatible sales CRM for your business, there are alternatives worth considering:

  • Blitz
  • Remarkety
  • Method CRM
  • BenchmarkONE
  • ClickPoint

In Conclusion

At the end of this review, we can claim that it’s one of the best sales CRM tools out there. So if you want to give your business a growth spurt, why not try the software? Besides, is a high-rated software that’s worth your time and investment. As the team says, choose a sales CRM that delivers actual results.