While visual and spatial learners prefer reading long-form content, auditory learners enjoy their daily podcast fix. According to Podcast Insights, there were around 34 million podcast episodes as of October 2020. And this number will continue to increase as more and more podcasters want their spotlight on this channel. But it might not be such an easy start in terms of uploading and publishing your audio. And this is why podcasters turn to Simplecast

Simplecast is the most innovative and straightforward audio publishing tool today. It’s also the easiest distribution API in the market. This Simplecast review will tell you everything you need to know when using Simplecast. 

What is Simplecast?

As the name suggests, Simplecast is a podcasting tool made “simple.” It’s, by far, the easiest way for podcasters to publish their audio online. It offers the most advanced publishing, distribution, analytics, and its very own sharing tool for better podcast circulation. 

Simplecast has been catering to up-and-coming and established podcasters for seven years, offering them a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Podcast listeners can listen to anything under the sun at Simplecast. 

One of the reasons why podcasters choose Simplecast for publishing is its one-click publishing feature to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other podcasting channels. Expect to have your podcast ready for your listeners in minutes. 

If you’ve already established your podcast and aren’t happy with your current service, Simplecast makes it easy for you to move to a new podcasting home. Simplecast claims that moving your show to their channel is 98 percent seamless and two percent magic.

With the Simplecast Show Migrator, you only need to do these three steps:

  • Choose your show
  • Confirm the owner
  • Watch the progress meter

Moreover, Simplecast boasts of the best customer support team that can cater to your every concern seven days a week. 

Starting, managing, recording, and monitoring your podcast is a daunting task. And Simplecast makes it easy for you to do all these with its advanced tools and technology. 

Why Podcasters Choose Simplecast

Before we get down to the pricing nitty-gritty in this Simplecast review, we’ll give you a rundown of the features and benefits when using Simplecast.

Quick and easy publishing, hosting, and distribution

Simplecast takes pride in using a reliable and rock-solid hosting infrastructure that assures podcasters ease-of-use. Once you publish your show, rest assured it will be available to listeners worldwide. 

Simplecast lets you share your show in the best podcast directories and apps so you gain traction within your audience. Its simple one-click feature also lets you publish to various podcast channels. Overall, using Simplecast ensures that you share your show with the world and get your message across.

Advanced analytics for monitoring

Simplecast provides an advanced audio analytics platform that you can’t find elsewhere. Through aggregated data about your audience, new podcasters can steer their show in the right direction. Here are some of the data you can get from the analytics platform:

  • Number of downloads
  • Number of unique listeners
  • Location of listeners
  • Apps and devices they’re listening from
  • List of top episodes
  • Popular time of day
  • Listening methods, and more

Finally, the analytics are also IAB Certified, ensuring that your show’s numbers are within the industry standards. This makes it easier for your show to gain more presence online and on search engines.

Functional website for your show

Simplecast knows how starting a podcast is a colossal task. Besides recording, interviewing, editing, and publishing, your podcast website is also an added maintenance effort. 

Every podcaster at Simplecast gets a dedicated website. Every time you publish a new episode, the site updates so your listeners can listen to the latest shows as well. All Simplecast websites are also mobile-friendly, customizable, and optimized for search engines. 

Moreover, Simplecast also lets you choose a domain name if you prefer. Overall, using Simplecast means you no longer have to worry about rigorous site maintenance.

Easy management for multiple shows

If you’re currently running multiple podcasts, it’s easy to manage all your shows from only one account. You can create new shows, or you may also import shows that are hosted by others. 

Switching from one show to another is also easy by quickly clicking the show’s name located in the upper left corner of your screen.

Seamless team collaboration

If you have an entire team running your podcast, you can add them to the Simplecast tool. You can set permission levels to grant or restrict access to some members. 

Efficient podcast sharing

You can quickly distribute your episodes through Simplecast’s tool called Recast. It’s a sharing and discovery system that lets your listeners share snippets of your episodes. The best part is these formats are optimized for social media, making it easy to go viral online. 

Help from professional podcasters

If you’re a neophyte in podcasting, you can get excellent customer support from the best professional podcasters. 

Simplecast’s customer support team also hosts educational sessions to help you in your journey. From production, recording to marketing and monetizing, they provide you tips and expert knowledge you need to know. 

Simplecast Pricing

Simplecast offers you affordable plans to help you kick-start your podcasting journey. Here are the pricing details and inclusions:

Basic — $15 monthly ($13.50 monthly for annual prepaid option)

  • Unlimited storage and uploads
  • Distribution to all podcast channels
  • Customizable website with domain name
  • One team member
  • Embeddable episode web player
  • Recast
  • Secure site

Essential — $35 ($31.50 monthly for annual prepaid option)

  • Everything in Basic
  • Additional team member permission sets
  • Two all-new web players
  • Custom site page
  • Episode comparison tool
  • Country and state location analytics
  • Web player analytics
  • Unique listener reports

Growth — $85 monthly ($76.50 monthly for annual prepaid option)

  • Everything in Basic and Essential
  • City and metro area location analytics
  • Drop-off and speed reports
  • Episode % completed
  • Full Recast analytics
  • Internet provides and listening locations
  • Compare up to four episodes analytics
  • API Publishing

Final Thoughts

Starting a podcast is now made easier than ever with Simplecast. With all these features and benefits, Simplecast can take a massive load off your shoulders. And if you’re a bit hesitant to commit to one full month, Simplecast offers a 14-day free trial. Sign up and try Simplecast’s service — even without a credit card.