Did you know that a majority of marketers prioritize content marketing? If you’re doing the same thing, then that’s great! It’s one of the most essential strategies for brands to help them convert leads and build a foothold for online presence. Due to this, content writing services are in high demand as the competition between brands rises. In this Scripted review article, let’s take a closer look at whether this service is worth considering

Scripted At A Glance

Scripted gives potential customers the option to hire a copywriter or content writer for any project your business needs. It’s one of the content writing services to consider if your marketing team plans to release original blogs per day. By doing this, your brand will establish a relevant presence to search engines. 

Who uses Scripted? 

Scripted is created for professionals or businesses who want their websites to rank on search engines. It’s a content writing service that provides a bridge between businesses and writing freelancers. Aside from content writing, you can request ghostwriters, copywriters, and more. 

How Scripted Works

Join Scripted

First, you need to create an account and join the platform. Depending on the plan you choose, you can start creating a writing project. As much as possible, give complete details about the content you want to set writers on the right path. 

Review writer proposals

After posting a project, writers will swarm to your project and propose their unique idea regarding your content. You can start job proposals that you prefer the most from the selection. 

Receiving the first draft

Within a week, you’ll receive a draft to review from your selected writers. If you’re not satisfied with the draft, you can request a few rounds of revisions to polish it. Otherwise, if you’re happy with the output, you can immediately accept it.  

Scripted’s Invite-only Project

After using the service a few times, there should be a writer that you liked working with the most. If so, you can configure your future projects to invite-only. Then, invite the specific writer that managed to impress you. 

Scripted Review: Pros

Connect with thousands of freelance writers

By using Scripted’s platform, you have thousands of freelance writers to choose from. If your business is having problems with outsourcing freelance writers, you may want to try the service. 

Scripted’s Satisfaction Guarantee

If ever you encounter a project with no satisfying drafts, you can choose not to accept any submission. With Scripted’s satisfaction guarantee, you don’t have to pay for the project if you won’t be using any of the submissions. 

Scripted writers are easy to work with

Most Scripted users commended the platform for their writers. According to most comments, writers are friendly and accomodating to their requirements. So you don’t need to worry about any setbacks on your content schedule. 

Never run dry on content ideas

If ever you’re running dry on original and fresh ideas for your brand, you can depend on Scripted for suggestions. 

Scripted Review: Cons

Slow process

The downside of using Scripted is the slow process. As mentioned above, there’s a vast selection of writers to choose from before you can proceed. After that, you need to review every draft submission from your writers and choose the one you like best. So if you’re working in a fast-paced environment, this can cause problems on your end. 

Long turnover

After starting a project with your writer, you can expect your content delivered within the week. So again, it’s a big NO for businesses that are on a tight schedule. 

Revisions causes delays 

While scouring for the cons of using Scripted, most users commented that revisions cause delays on the tight content schedule. So if your business plans to release content frequently, then this service may not be suitable for you. 

Refunding complaints

Another common complaint while using Scripted is their refund policy. Although they promise guaranteed satisfaction, some users express disappointment on their end. So if ever you want to avail Scripted one-month trial service, you must be vigilant to cancel the plan as soon as possible. 

Also, if ever you come across a project with no satisfying outputs, you must decline the project as soon as possible. If not, you might end up paying for something that you won’t be using. In the worst-case scenario, that project might cost you hundreds of bucks. So if Scripted emailed you that you have to cancel by a certain period, set a reminder. 

Alternative for Scripted

Before ending this Scripted review, here are other content writing services that are worth your attention: 

Content Fuel

Content Fuel is one of the best content writing services with a straightforward process. All you need to do is subscribe and pick your preferred plan. Then, you can request any type of content or copy you need. You won’t receive any additional worries such as finding a suitable writer for your business. 

Once you’ve subscribed Content Fuel will match you with a writer who fits your requirements. The best part? This on-demand content writing service has a turnaround of 48 to 72 hours. 


WritersAccess offers options on how to receive your required content. This content writing service is used by huge brands like 3M, Microsoft, and Samsonite. 


CopyPress is another content writing service that’s highly recommended by its users. Aside from writing your content, this platform also provides marketing services like promoting or advertising your content.

411 Writers

411 Writers is an on-demand content writing service. Compared to other services, you can customize your plan and choose a writer.


Verblio integrates a writing service subscription and at the same time integrates a marketplace setting for your content needs. Like 411 Writers, you can also customize your plan with Verblio. However, it all depends on the number of words you need per project. 

Content Fly

Content Fly is also an on-demand content writing service that users can use for their content marketing advantage. It’s also a managed service type that won’t require you to scour through countless drafts. You don’t even have to worry about searching for a freelance writer to match your requirements.  

Final Note

This Scripted review proved that this platform is one of the content writing services on the internet worth considering. However, it’s not recommended if you’re working on a tight schedule. As mentioned above, you’ll receive the content draft from your writer within a week.