MailChimp gained a reputation as one of the best-known marketing software that helps small businesses grow faster. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that provides user-friendly tools so you can reach your audience through emails, ads, and many more. But here’s the catch, though: Most marketers either don’t use MailChimp or have moved on from it. Why? We’re about to find out in this Mailchimp Review

MailChimp Review At A Glance

Millions of people are now using MailChimp to send billions of emails every day. It is a marketing platform that claims to help increase your brand awareness. Here’s a quick overview of what we think about MailChimp.

Freemium Impressive integration options Easy to use drag and drop setup Convenient List Management Great autoresponseCan be quite expensive when you start paying Lacks advanced automation Lacks advanced segmentation features Limited support for basic plans Prohibits affiliate marketing

MailChimp Pricing Plans

For this MailChimp review, we’ll go over their pricing plans first. Unlike other platforms, MailChimp’s pricing plans are a no-brainer. Easy to understand, and they are pretty direct with what they offer.

Free Plan: The Gold!

This is definitely what makes MailChimp stand out from its competitors. MailChimp offers no free trial but a free plan. They call it “Forever Free” because it will be permanently free as long as you don’t cross over the limits.

Free Plan is especially great for small businesses. It allows you to have over 2,000 subscribers and send 12,000 emails per month. With their free plan, you get to create customizable forms and run beautiful campaigns. Be it newsletters or Facebook Ads. You may not get all of MailChimp’s features, but that’s reasonable. Besides, they have not withheld the good stuff on their free Plan. It’s also worth noting that there will be a small MailChimp watermark at the bottom of your email.

Essentials Plan

This Plan is perfect for growing businesses. It offers marketing support and features for professional senders at a low price. You get additional features for only $9.99 per month, such as:

  1. Delivery by time zone
  2. No watermark
  3. Unlimited live chat and email support
  4. Custom branding
  5. Access to all templates

As inviting as it sounds, this Plan comes with limitations. The maximum contract is only 50,000. Three audiences and only 500,000 emails a month. It’s pretty much just a basic plan with added features. If you know that automation needs your business, the standard or premium plan would be best for you.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan offers advanced features, including all those in the Essentials plan. For $14.99, you get to enjoy:

  1. Dynamic Content
  2. Sending Time Optimization
  3. Advanced CRM Features
  4. Automation Workflow
  5. Retargeting Ads

This Plan also allows you to import your own HTML template plus social media posting and scheduling. You also get to have a maximum of 5 users for this Plan. It’s pretty much great for every professional business when you look at it. But if your needs go beyond that, you can try their Premium Plan.

Premium Plan

We’ve got to be honest. This Plan is definitely expensive. You’ll have to pay $299 a month to get their cutting-edge features. Here’s what they offer:

  1. Unlimited audience
  2. Comparative Reporting
  3. Phone Support
  4. And everything in the standard Plan

The price really went overboard for phone support and comparative reporting. Unless those are important to you, you may subscribe to this Plan. But if you have value for money, there are other tools that you can use that offer some of these features.

MailChimp Marketing Features

Since MailChimp is a marketing platform, we’ll center this review on a marketer’s lens. They offer more features than we can mention, but we’ll only discuss those we think are essential for marketing.

List Management

Not so marketing-y, but very essential. MailChimp has intuitive list management. You can easily import your existing list of subscribers without having them opt in again. We know how annoying it is when your current subscribers have to re-opt to start receiving your emails. MailChimp provides convenience, and we’re up for it.

Form Builder

If you don’t have existing subscribers, then you’re going to need one. This is what form-builders are for. It’s the signup forms on your website or email ads. 

MailChimp’s builder is a simple drag and drops setup. It does the job of helping you create and integrate forms into your site. You can add and customize the fields and even offer your website pop-up registration forms.

But if you are particular about design, you’ll need other form design tools. 

Email Campaigns

Once you’ve got your marketing list covered, you can start creating campaigns. MailChimp has four different campaigns to choose from Regular, Automated, Plain-text, and A/B Testing.

MailChimp provides more than 50 templates to choose from. All responsive to modern design. If you’re all for sending simple email campaigns, then this should be good for you. 

Facebook Ad Campaigns

MailChimp helps you reach a wider audience with Facebook Ads. You can promote your email offers by purchasing or creating an FB or IG ad. You can do all this without leaving your MailChimp account. Yes, to convenience!

But don’t expect too much. You won’t get an articulate marketing strategy for this, but it’s a good start for businesses that can’t manage an ad account yet.

Google Remarketing Ads

An excellent feature for those running an eCommerce site. MailChimp automatically creates Google ads to retarget those who didn’t buy from you the first time. It creates campaigns that target users who continue to browse the web and provide incentives to purchase. 

Landing Pages

MailChimp comes with a basic landing page builder for email listing and product promotions. It’s completely customizable, and you can create as many landing pages as you want. The only downside is that it’s very basic. You have to pay $100 per year to use your own domain name, and it lacks A/B testing.

So if you want something more advanced to ensure conversions, you may use a dedicated builder for landing pages.

Automated Responses

This is a great feature to reach out to new contacts without you having to face your screen all day. You can set up auto-responses for new subscribers and schedule emails for birthdays or holidays.

Social Media Integration

MailChimp provides over 800 integrations ranging from eCommerce to social media. This is a plus for those who are all-in with convenience. It allows you to manage your content, target customers, manage contacts, schedule posts, and have an overview of your insights. 


We always emphasize the importance of Customer support in all of our reviews. Our MailChimp Review is not an exemption. 

MailChimp has comprehensive knowledge-based support available for basic plans. But they fall on the fact that you need to upgrade for the live chat support and other help that could be necessary. You never know when you may experience technical errors, especially for a technological platform like this. 

So, Is It Worth It?

Overall, MailChimp is a great tool to grow your business. Their freemium is a plus for beginners, providing excellent features for your site. Even their standard Plan is more affordable than other tools. They can send newsletters, follow-up subscribers, and allows you to integrate social media to run campaigns.

But if marketing is the center of your business, this tool is not for you. They fall short on advanced marketing features like segmentation, automated segmentation, and custom segmentation. Most of their features are basic- there to do the job. It’s great for startups but not the best tool for creating a powerful email marketing strategy.