Are you tired of guessing how to make the most of your traffic? If you have no idea where to start, this Lucky Orange review is specially written for you. Many online tools are made to track conversion optimization metrics, but using Lucky Orange has its perks. Let’s find out how this software can help pinpoint your website’s conversion problem.  

Lucky Orange Overview

Before we start the full Lucky Orange review, we need to know about the software. Lucky Orange is web-based software for business owners who want to optimize their conversion rate. Have you ever wondered how convenient it is to see how a user navigates your website? Imagine yourself behind your customer and watching every click or keystroke they make. That’s what it feels like while using this all-in-one conversion software. 

It all starts by finding out who’s on your website. Then, Lucky Orange will take recordings so you can see how people use your website. By having this data, you can freely analyze the reasons why your visitors don’t convert. It also allows you to pinpoint your website’s issues quickly. 

Who uses Lucky Orange?

This software is best used for small, medium, and enterprise-sized businesses. 

Lucky Orange Review: Benefits

Ease of Use

Lucky Orange was featured in 2020’s Best Ease of Use for “Customer Journey Mapping Tools Software.” Most verified users commended the software’s visual interface, and it’s easy to set up functions. Overall, the tool is easy to learn and navigate. 

If ever you encounter a dead end while learning the software, the website has documentation on operating the tools. There are also help desks, forums, chat, and phone support available. 

In-depth Analysis

The software’s features are convenient for in-depth analysis. For example, it helps the marketing team to understand where each business feature should be presented. 

Analyze without the Headache

By using Lucky Orange, you can easily see the number of visitors you have in real-time. It can also track how exactly they found you. As a result, you can quickly compare statistics and see the key elements that drive traffic to your website. It includes critical factors such as specific keywords, referrers, tweets, languages, or locations. 

Visitor Polls

It’s time to stop the guessing game and directly ask customers for their opinion. How? Polls can be fully customized and show multiple questions to visitors. It redirects to URLs and has a trigger at the right moment. Take the initiative and ask the customers what’s wrong. You can customize the feature and trigger the poll to pop out at the right moment. 

Visitor vs. Customer Behavior

By using Lucky Orange features, you can analyze your visitor or customer’s behavior. It’s a software that provides answers for questions like who, what, and why:

  1. Data of who’s visiting the website
  2. What the visitor is after
  3. It will provide you with relevant data to analyze why your visitor exited the website. 

It can also give you relevant data to compare the difference between visitor or customer behavior on your website. By having such information at your disposal, you can quickly adjust your website and optimize it for better conversion rates. Let’s have a closer look at each feature: 


Once you have a visitor on your website, Lucky Orange records their screen. With the record feature, you can witness every scroll, click, and move of your visitor. In addition, it can help you find out who visits your site. Think of seeing your website as a movie, where you can pause, replay, speed, and skip to any page. 

 The recordings can be segmented by categories such as: 

  • OS
  • Device 
  • Browser
  • Location
  • Behavior
  • Referring source

You can also input any customized data into the system for your convenience. For example, it’s possible to input a customer ID, name, or order number. So, the next time your customer experiences an issue on your website, you can see for yourself what went wrong. It’s a great feature to pinpoint the struggles of your visitor or customers. 

Interactive Heatmap

This interactive heatmap overlays as you browse through your website. You can watch in real-time as visitors toggle the popups, menus and move through a form. At a glance, you can quickly point out which areas your users hover at the most. Besides, you can also see the spots on your website that need improvement. 

With this stellar feature, you can discover and learn more about their behavior. It’s also a great way to validate if your call-to-action entices your users to interact. If not, you can adjust accordingly. 

Scroll Length

Ever wonder how many scrolls a visitor makes before exiting your website? Lucky Orange can provide you relevant information to satiate your curiosity. 

Business-centric Forms 

Are you confident that your form means business? You can quickly identify the problem areas on your form using the software’s reporting feature. For example, see the field time, average order, and repeated fields on each form. 

Find out why visitors choose to abandon their forms. Specifically, the report will give you an insight into the most common fields that are last filled in before the abandonment. You can also find out how long a visitor is on the page while filling out the form. The report will give you the exact number of seconds or minutes spent on each field. 

Higher Conversion Rate

As you take advantage of Lucky Orange’s features and polish your website accordingly. You can expect a higher conversion rate. For example, PrimeSport, a sports travel and management company, boosted their conversion by 30% after using Lucky Orange. Meanwhile, SmartBug Media, a marketing agency, experienced a whopping 80% growth with the software. 

However, the gains Lucky Orange can provide do not end at a conversion rate boost. For example, GLM Displays, a one-stop-shop for portable and modular displays, saw a 70% customer inquiry reduction after using Lucky Orange. 

Improve Customer Service with Live View

Using Lucky Orange can boost your customer service capacity. Help your customers more efficiently by using the live view feature. It allows a representative to co-browse with the customer and helps with the checkout issues. 

Lucky Orange Review: Pricing

Starter Plan

The starter plan starts at $10 per month. This plan allows 25,000 pageviews across websites. In addition, users can enjoy unlimited recordings and heatmap data. However, users are limited to one side and two operators. 

Small Business Plan

The small business plan costs $20 per month. It allows 60,000 page views and also includes the same unlimited features as the starter plan. However, the user will be limited to three sites and four operators.

Medium Plan

The medium plan costs $50 per month with 200,000 pageviews. It includes the same unlimited features as the small business plan. For this plan, users are allowed eight sites and ten operators. 

Large Plan

This plan costs $100 per month with 500,000 pageviews. Users can also enjoy unlimited 

recordings and heatmap data. As for this plan, it allows 16 sites and 20 operators. 


The monthly plans for enterprises are custom according to your requirements. 

Alternatives to Lucky Orange

  • Crazy Egg
  • Hotjar
  • FullStory
  • Mouseflow
  • Smartlook

Lucky Orange Review: Conclusion

At the end of this Lucky Orange review, we proved why it’s called an all-in-one solution for conversion optimization. Its convenient features will show you full transparency on how your website is used. Save time and work more efficiently by using software that answers almost all of your questions.