Unlimited graphic design services have become a relatively newer option for brands looking to solve one of the largest pain points in business. It allows brands to provide outputs typically much faster than freelancers. It’s also at times a much more affordable option to pay a subscription service, vs that of a situation that’s billed hourly.

Check out our review of Kimp and what you can expect if you were to become a customer of their graphic design service.

What is Kimp?

Kimp is an unlimited design service that delivers not only graphics but also video. Any organization can subscribe to their flat-rate priced service to request as many design projects as they’d like each month.

Although Kimp may be new to the scene vs other design services that we have reviewed, Kimp does give its competitors a run for its money. The design service started in 2019 and has worked with larger companies like HostGator and National Geographic Learning.

How Much Does Kimp Cost?

Most unlimited graphic design services have different and complex plans. Kimp only has one graphic design plan available. The cost of that plan is just $389/mo. This includes having a design team, unlimited revisions and requests, and access to free stock photography.

They also offer a video design plan and a plan that combines both video and graphic design all into one plan!

If you’re in the middle of testing other unlimited design services, you can try Kimp free for seven days. You will have limited design request capabilities during this time, however, once you choose Kimp as your design service provider, the full service unlocks.

However, in cases where you want to get your designs without watermarks or have a higher volume of design requests, than one subscription allows for, you can reach Kimp directly to let them know you need additional subscriptions.

What are the Features of Kimp?

Once you subscribe to Kimp, you get access to all the design requests available on the platform. Some examples of the design categories they offer are:

  • Brochures
  • Email graphics
  • Facebook ads
  • Packaging & labels
  • Social media images
  • Gifs

Other than that, you can add more team members to your account as well. Finally, for any design you receive from Kimp, you’ll get 100% ownership of the files. So, you can use them anytime and edit it.

One other thing that Kimp offers is they have Zapier integration too. This works best if your organization or team uses different tools. This way, they can integrate communication and design management into one place.

What Makes Kimp Different?

Like most unlimited design services, Kimp does have its upsides and downsides.

One of the many upsides of Kimp is they have video-related deliverables that some design services don’t offer. That can be a plus for businesses that have video marketing and advertising strategies.

Among most design services, Kimp offers one of the most affordable rates. It wouldn’t break the bank, and you can get all the designs you need. Plus, because when you subscribe to a Kimp plan, you have three designers ready to take on your design requests. Besides that, for every request, you’ll also have two to three outputs. This way, you can choose the design you like most and move from there.

With this in mind, speed is of the essence in Kimp. Because of the number of designers working on projects, you can get designs faster. This works well, especially if you’re in a rush.

Even if Kimp has its perks, it does have its downsides as a design service.

Con’s of Kimp

If you are looking for website or app design, Kimp DOES NOT offer any of these services.

If this is an important quality within your graphic design service, then this will automatically eliminate Kimp from contention.

However, if web/app design isn’t important, there are a plethora of services that Kimp still offers.

Using Trello

Unfortunately Kimp also does not have their own design platform for you to send a design request. The company uses Trello for all of their customer organization.

This could pose a challenge because things might get lost in translation when it comes to revisions. Plus, they use Google Drive to upload your first draft. This means you won’t be able to make direct revision notes on the file itself. You have to write in your feedback on the comment section of the Trello board or through email.

Finally, like all other design services, it’s best to commit to one like Kimp when you have many design outputs in a month. Since it’s a subscription service, you want to make sure you’re getting the most of your plan. And if you have a few design projects, you might end up spending more than usual.


Upon signing up to Kimp, you are allowed to request 3 projects free of charge. This is good because the company is betting on themselves to get it right. Which I ultimately respect.

However, from my personal experience, I don’t think this company is personally right for me.

Onboarding Email

I ended up signing up for Kimp on a weekday. I went through the process by adding my CC information and once it went through.

However, there may have been a bug within their system and I was never let inside of the Kimp dashboard. I did receive an email stating that my designs would be done within 6 hours, but unfortunately I had no place to send the designs to.

Instead, I received an email as the one stated below. It took about an hour or so in order for me to even receive the access/entry into my custom Trello board.

I am on the side of someone who is very technologically savvy and so I understood the whole system they had, but I can see that someone who has no idea what they are doing, may have a hard time with the overall service.

Trello Management

When I sign up for a service, I’d like there to be a one of a kind and unique experience. Kimp uses Trello in order to manage their projects. From the beginning it was a bit confusing as to who was assigned to my project. I wanted to ask questions, but overall I didn’t know the proper format in how to do so. I ended up having multiple people onto the account which was nice, but no one on the team was able to actually provide any communication of value.

Kimp’s custom Trello board
Kimp’s Onboarding Process

Project Submission

I ended up submitting the following project descriptions to Kimp and I’m even going to show you the results of their work.

Overall, I wasn’t entirely impressed with what I received. I felt like a large majority, if not all were templated. Nothing was custom and although I wasn’t looking for the absolute best, I wanted some level of uniqueness and customization.

Project 1: Ebook

  • Line 1: The (Very small font to the point where it can be barely seen) Bad Vegans (The words Bad Vegan must be large)
  • Line two: Rulebook
  • How to do it right during your first 2 weeks
  • Bad Vegans is an online publication that helps people with recipes about being vegan and ways to not be a vegan. I’d like you to create an ebook that represents my brand. 
  • I have added all of the logos and color palettes for you to use. 
  • I don’t like the idea of adding pictures of food, if anything there should be an artistic aspect to how the food is displayed on the ebook cover.
  • Please use the examples that I love in creating this ebook. 
  • The words The Bad Vegan Rulebook should be noticeably displayed, the remaining parts of the book, must be there but make them subtly displayed.
  • Please send me 3 variations based off of the examples I’ve added. I love 1 the best, however, I don’t like the top portion of the fork, but love the overall idea of this. 

Project 1 Results

This project was ultimately delivered in about 48 hours and none of these are even remotely usable. Each of these are based off of a template and a lack of understanding of what the Bad Vegan brand represents

Project 2: Blog Images

Please create 10 simplistic images to represent the following blogs. The example that I have added should give you an idea of exactly what I am looking for. I don’t want the images to be too complex. These should all be displayed in the size 1200 x 628. The icon or imagery should be located directly in the middle and nothing else.

Again, you are finding imagery based off of the blog titles. I then listed out all of the blog names for them to create and then received this within a 72 hour time period.

Project 2 Results

The frustrating factor here was that the examples that were given for them to model off of had nothing to do with the imagery. The look and feel was clearly identified and unfortunately missed the mark.

Project 3: Pinterest Pins

Create 5 of the Pinterest examples that I have provide. Use the examples as a guide, you do not have to copy them, but should definitely take inspiration from these examples. Here is the style that I am looking for: 

  • How to start a side hustle
  • We were featured on Inc. Magazine!
  • How to make the PERFECT meatball
  • We just reached 10,000 subscribers! 

Project 3 Results

Overall, I felt like these designs are just ok. I can tell they are fake and not mine, which I personally don’t enjoy. I want something to be specific and unique to me. I want customization and this just isn’t it.

After speaking to Kimp after this review, it has been brought to my attention that Kimp does in fact take onboarding calls to ensure customer satisfaction. Although I did not partake in this, I can see it as beneficial.

Overall Experience with Kimp

I desperately tried to write a review that was fair and not detrimental to any person’s business, however, the service as a whole was not what I was expecting.

Overall, I wasn’t a fan of having to use Trello. I felt like it gave a strong disconnect between the customer and the team itself.

I personally prefer more interaction and overlap and need a relatively higher degree of customization throughout the user experience than delivered.

What are Alternatives to Kimp?

Since Kimp is not the only unlimited graphic design subscription available for businesses, know what other alternatives to consider:


Flocksy is another example of an unlimited graphic design service that many would consider. One of its many advantages is not only will you have a design team, but also a copywriting one as well. But that’s only for the All-Access Plan. 

They try to deliver design requests in 24 hours. Meanwhile, for videos, expect to receive them within 24 to 48 hours. If you’re also considering Flocksy, you can choose between two plans: All-Access Plan ($995/mo) and Team Plan ($420). When you sign up, you can get a 14-day free trial to test their platform for yourself.


ManyPixels is another competitor to watch out for as you seek a design service suited for your needs. They’re also another affordable alternative that provides designs for a business’s marketing, advertising, and sales needs. They offer only two plans: one is the Basic plan ($399), while the other is Premium ($549). But if you need more outputs than what they offer, you can contact them for more information. Try ManyPixels free for 14 days.


One of the most popular alternatives is Penji. Unlike Kimp, Penji has different subscription tiers like the Pro ($399/mo), Team ($499/mo), and Agency ($899/mo). 

The Team plan is the suggested plan to subscribe to because you can access all design features. Other than that, you no longer need to subscribe to an extra plan to get all the designs you need. Plus, you’ll also have access to the design platform once you subscribe and immediately start your first request. You can try Penji for 15 days, 100% risk-free. As with other design services, Penji guarantees a 24 to 48-hour turnaround depending on the project you requested.