If you are about to start a business, or already running one, starting a niche-specific blog could help your brand. Contrary to what other people think, there is a true are in how to write a blog post. At Penji, we take blogging pretty seriously. It’s a large part of our success and continues to be so to this day. When done right and consistently, your content can create a genuine connection with your market, eventually leading to actual sales. Having said that, you must know how to write a blog post that is effective. 

If any point in time you ever feel like blogging isn’t your thing, trust me it’s difficult. We’ve rated the best content writing services that you can use immediately for your business.

Write for Your Audience 

Sometimes, it can be tempting to write using a very personal tone for your content. But remember that you are doing it for the business. Your topics must be carefully thought of and should interest your market. It must be backed up by facts and the latest updates within your industry. 

A good technique is to solicit questions from your customers. You can use social media to get these questions and create content for each. This is way better than just answering everything in the FAQ. Don’t forget to thank those who sent the questions. Tag them too as you share your blog posts. Especially for the younger market, they want to be contributors instead of just plain consumers. So if there is a chance to involve them, then do so. 

Plan Your Blog Content  

Like everything in marketing, you need to strategize in advance. This gives you more time to brainstorm on great topics, and at the same time, you can do in-depth research. 

For example, the holidays are nearing. Your team can think of topics that are related to the season and specific to your niche. Are you selling shoes? You can write a blog post about the reasons why this is a great gift idea. Or maybe, come up with a listicle on the best footwear for winter.

Create a Compelling Blog Title

No matter how extensive and valuable your blog content is, nobody will read it if you have a terrible title. Likewise, it will not get enough traction if your headline is ordinary. The trick here is to make it engaging and use the right keywords. You might need an SEO expert to help you identify the right keywords. 

Right now, the trend is to write a title using long-tail keywords. This means you need to subtly use the phrase that most people type when searching for specific topics online. Just a side note, remember that online writing trends change overtime. And that is why you always have to seek for the latest tips on how to write a blog post. It’s the only way you can make your title or articles effective.  

Be Short and Substantial With Your Content

Sometimes, we tend to get too excited to write, most especially if we are passionate about the topic. That’s good! However, you have to remember that online readers have different behaviors than those who read actual books, magazines, and newspapers. Online readers would prefer shorter articles as long as it holds value. 

And speaking of ‘short’, stay away from writing long paragraphs as it can be an eyesore for most readers. Make your thoughts concise and break down ideas. Don’t forget to use headers whenever you are about to introduce a new subtopic. 

Others recommend writing content between 750 – 1000 words. But if you go above that, that’s fine as well. Just make sure it isn’t full of fluff and that readers can learn from your posts. 

Try to write and publish regularly. Once a week is a good start, and you can add more blog posts as you get used to it. 

Create an Outline

You might think that it is faster to type your draft right away. But after years of writing blog posts, we can say that outlining your content first is more effective and efficient. 

Do not rush your article. Take time to think about subtopics that could help your audience. Write it down, organize it, and then start doing your research. It might take time, but more people will appreciate it in the long run.  

Let Your Team Contribute 

Unless you are a solo entrepreneur, you should also ask your team to contribute their ideas. Look for members who are knowledgeable on how to write a blog post. The advantage of allowing more people to pitch in ideas is that you can get multiple perspectives that you can’t otherwise think of. 

You can also feature your employees in the blog. It doesn’t have to be your point of view all the time. This gives your blog more personality, and you can capture a different set of audience. 

Use the Right Visuals 

Humans are naturally visual creatures. We are always enticed by images and graphics.  We suggest using this to your advantage whenever you write a blog post. 

But you have to be careful. Searching in Google images and using it without caution could cause copyright issues. 

If you do not have original photos as of the moment (but we encourage you to have your own library), try using the stocks ones from Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay. These platforms offer royalty-free images and can be used for commercial purposes. And if you are to use these photos as featured cover images, try to add texts as well. This way, people will easily know what the topic is all about whenever you share your blog posts on social media.  

Include Your CTA

When you are writing a blog post for your brand, never forget your CTA or call to action. It could be words such as ‘download, sign up, check out, or register’ depending on your products or services. This is crucial because once again, your blogs are marketing tools. At the end of the day, your goal is to make sales, and you can’t do that if your readers will just get off your page without knowing what to do next.  

Have Someone Else Proofread the Content 

Once you are done writing, do not rush into publishing your content. Instead, ask someone with a keen eye for details to proofread your draft. Do not rely on your judgement because we tend to be biased about our own work. When you let other people read your draft, it’s easier for them to spot errors.    

There you have it! We have included the basics of how to write a blog post for your business. Take note that getting traction is not an overnight success. It takes effort, skills, and the right technical know-how to reach your audience. But if done right, your blog space could even earn more on its own.