In this noisy digital world, you can’t break through the noise, you just add to it. Instead, you need to get in on the conversation where your ideal customers are already listening. As a Navy veteran who ran nuclear power plants, and an inbound marketing engineer, Tom Schwab has a refreshingly unique approach. He focuses on time-proven strategy, then supercharges it with today’s technology and podcast interview marketing. An author, speaker, and teacher, Tom helps you get more traffic, leads and raving customer fans by being interviewed on targeted podcasts. 

To me, podcasting allows us to have an intimate conversation where you’re able to ask anything you really want. You can understand the individual better, you can hear how they grew their business, advice about life, the list goes on and on. I wanted to Interview Tom because it’s nice to interview a podcast aficionado but to learn about how to make money from being on interviews is important.

As mentioned in the show, there are always pegs on a table to make it stay upright. Some of those are outreach, advertising, and PR. Podcasting is one of those PR elements that are evergreen. It will be there forever and delivers great SEO for you and your business.


Now, let’s get down to business. Here are the steps on How To Turn Podcast Listeners Into Sales!


Giving your podcast email list members exclusive discounts will help you sell more of your product or service. Listeners who become leads are more engaged with your brand, so it makes sense to reward them for their devotion.

It’s important to emphasize the offer’s exclusivity in your marketing. The scarcity principle asserts that the rarer something is, the more valuable it is thought to be. Exclusivity is part of this psychological phenomenon.

Use Ads

If someone has come to your website, there’s a good chance they’ll enjoy your podcast. You may utilize ad retargeting on networks like Google Ads to market your podcast to these folks, or even a specific episode based on their website behaviors. Increasing the number of leads you create by building a podcast audience of people who are truly interested in what you’re doing is a terrific approach to do so.

Re-use is a must!

If you host a weekly podcast, you’ll quickly discover that you have a gold mine of content that you can reuse in a variety of ways. It’s simple to turn a podcast into a blog post, and combing through your topic categories can help you create listicles full of advice or even in-depth white papers on a specific subject. Have you ever interviewed a celebrity or someone who has a fascinating, newsworthy story to tell? Make a list of relevant quotes and write an article that you can present to big news organizations. You could also take a few minutes of audio and turn it into a video to post on YouTube. Whatever you write, make sure to include a link to your podcast so that people can learn more about the amazing content you’re producing.

Keep it Concise

You can also email your listeners, it’s a great strategy.

Even the best email in the world is useless if no one reads it. As a result, your subject line should be brief, crisp, and intriguing. Experimentation is crucial in this case. You should experiment with several alternatives to find which ones have the best open rates. Make a note of them and try to find out why they worked so you can replicate them in the future.

The wording in the email’s primary body should be brief and to the point. Present the value to readers right away, and make it obvious what action you want them to do next. When individuals open your email and are immediately confronted with a large block of content, they will most likely click away before even reading the first line!

Be relatable

While one of the great things about having a podcast is that you can merely schedule interviews with individuals you’re interested in, this isn’t always the ideal strategy if you’re trying to create leads. Instead, when putting out your editorial calendar, perform some research into what your clients really want to know. Is there a particular issue that keeps cropping up in consumer conversations? When visitors come to your website, what topics do they want to learn about? Make a show about them!

Ace the landing!

You must then place your lead magnet behind an email gate on a landing page after you’ve constructed it.

An email-gate is a technology that only sends your lead magnet to people who complete out a little form with their contact information. You’ll direct listeners to your landing page to obtain your lead magnet.

Keep the Opt-ins simple…

What platforms do you use to listen to podcasts? Perhaps you listen to music while walking your dog late at night, on the train to work, or in your car. The truth is that most individuals do not listen while they are seated in front of a computer, which is a problem. If you want folks to take action, you’ll need to make it as easy as possible. They’ll have to be able to do it on their phones, too. There are a few options for accomplishing this. The first is to employ a text-message opt-in service, in which consumers text a basic instruction such as “yes” to a short, simple number. 

Make it as simple as possible for people to visit your website by including a form on your homepage, preferably with only one field for them to fill out.

Final Thoughts

The rise of podcasting will be similar to the rise of blogging but at a faster pace. More and more businesses are turning to the media to achieve their goals and reach a larger audience. Now is the moment to start thinking about podcast-driven content marketing if you haven’t previously.

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends and colleagues! It’s nice to lend a hand sometimes.