In our generation, it’s hard to say we’re living a purposeful life. Everyone is so caught up with other things that we sometimes forget to take a break. In a survey conducted in 2018, almost 60% of adults admitted they felt “too busy” to enjoy life. It’s 2021, and we can still relate to this survey. 

According to research by Harvard, people who live their life with purpose have a longer and healthier life. It says everything depends on a person’s mindset. Sometimes we need to shift our perspective and appreciate the little things along with small wins. In this article, we’ll discuss five ways how to live a purposeful life

1. Respect Time

It’s time to start respecting your time instead of wasting it. By wasting time, it means putting off things while waiting for the “time” to be correct. In this lifetime, there’s no such thing as the right time. 

As you respect time, it’s essential to be kind to yourself. You need to be honest and don’t keep doing things you don’t like. As much as possible, find the things that you want to do. You can start by assessing what activities fulfills you the most. It’s essential to take a pause and reflect if you’re still happy with what you’re doing.

Respect your time, and don’t wait to the point of regretting your actions. At the same time, respect the time of others. It’s best to avoid arriving late to meetings or suddenly canceling a schedule on the same day.

2. Be Present

Living a purposeful life means you’re able to live in the present. We often work so hard to ensure comfort for our future selves that we neglect our current time. Sometimes we’re so busy chasing our dreams that we forget to take a breather and enjoy what we have now.

Again, be kind to yourselves and take it slow. Life is not a marathon that requires us to be in our hustle mode every time. It’s best to turn off your gadgets, take a deep breath, and savor your time now. As you take things slow, you’ll begin to notice the little things in life. 

There are times that we keep looking at the bigger picture and forget to appreciate the little details. As you thread in your present, be sure to celebrate the little wins. 

3. Be Adaptable

Life is always unpredictable. Being adaptable means you’re able to respond to whatever life throws in the way. It’s important to shift our mindset. It’s time to let go of the “this is how we do it” mentality. As much as possible, embrace change and see it as an opportunity for self-improvement. 

At the same time, you need to force yourself to take the risk every once in a while. Just make sure the risk will not be harmful to you. It’s also vital to open your mind and allow new trends to settle in. 

4. Help Others

It’s important to help others within your ability. A simple help from you might be seen as a big deal to them. Helping other people gives us a sense of satisfaction. As the Chinese saying goes, “if you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” At the same time, helping others gives life meaning and a purpose. 

5. Be Patient

We can all agree that patience is indeed a virtue. It’s even essential in our daily lives. Having patience means waiting calmly in the face of adversity or frustration. Besides, study shows that cultivating patience leads to better mental health. So instead of losing your cool while waiting in line or doing a tedious job, be patient. At the same time, patience helps us achieve our goals in life in the long run.

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