An experienced marketer and evangelist leading Branch’s Marketing team, as well as many of the culture initiatives at Branch. Growing Branch is an adventure where I get to do what I love most – help and educate mobile brands on how to get more users and optimize their mobile experiences. So, what about this Mobile App?

Mada is the app marketer’s biggest advocate, always thinking of new insights to help app developers grow their apps. When she’s not working on the Branch dashboard or partner products, Mada likes to go to growth hacking meet-ups, play with dogs, and play the latest addictive mobile game. Mada has a BS in Computer Engineering from Cornell and a masters in design from Stanford.

This entire conversation was spent talking about sales and lead generation. I tried to structure the conversation around growth because for the most part that’s what Mada speaks about. How she grew and is currently growing the company. 

I don’t think there’s that one piece of advice that you can take with you from this conversation. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What I do think is extremely valuable is the ability to listen and understand themes. Mada talks about the importance of SEO, content, and even events. 

I had the luxury of actually going to a branch event about 4-5 years ago. It was small, it was intimate, but it freaking worked. I remembered them and I remember the swag I got because of them. It’s safe to say that typical millennial and startup norms of giving out swag may not work for some, but it did with me in this case. 

It was an honor having someone of Mada’s caliber and intellect on the show. Let’s get to it.

Now, let’s move on to the steps on How To Grow Your Mobile App! Let’s get right to the good stuff.

Align your efforts toward a common goal

Working toward a single objective requires everyone in your company to agree on a shared vision. While this may appear to be a difficult task, there are measures you can take to build a clear and coherent approach in the early phases of your app marketing activities.

Start by assessing the priorities of the various factions of your app business. Such as branding, social media, campaign management, and your Mobile App division, to ensure that they are aligned in their goals and placing the Mobile App in the context of the larger company. This goal should be the most accurate indicator of your app’s long-term success.

To meet your growth goals, you must first determine what your “North Star” measure is. Your “North Star” statistic should represent which activity brings realized value to your consumer. It is usually the best predictor of future app revenue.

Prior to the acquisition, retention is necessary.

You can rest comfortably that your user journey accounts for down-the-line retention by adopting product-focused optimizations before scaling up your acquisition efforts. Getting people to accept push alerts through your push priming technique is a vital component.

You may now deliver tailored and timed prompts with messaging that clearly indicates the value exchange of opting in to push, location sharing, direct email, and other messages now that you have your marketing automation solution in place.

Obtain high-value customers

The most effective technique to increase your user base is to combine your efforts and close the gap between paid and organic acquisition tactics. Both of these tactics are critical for attracting and maintaining a large and active user base.

Organic acquisition: The advantage of a good organic acquisition plan is that it shows that your customers or prospects are interested in your products or services. This means there’s a better chance of success with down-the-line engagement, retention, and monetization, which affects the entire user lifecycle funnel.

Paid user acquisition: By directing consumers to a well-optimized listing, you’ve saved money on advertising and can concentrate on your paid user acquisition techniques. The paid app install campaign conversions are just as useful as organic app install campaign conversions.

Also, paid to advertise allows you to target new and niche audiences with a high level of granularity. Sending the right message to the right person at the right time on the right platform.

Create a strong bond

Now is the moment to increase client involvement with your app in order to drive high-value actions. Push notifications and in-app messaging are two of the most powerful tools in your armory for engaging and re-engaging people.

Users should be encouraged to rank and review your software.

High star ratings influence a user’s decision to install, hence this will have an impact on your organic acquisition efforts. It will also allow you to gather qualitative data on your users’ app experiences. Which you may utilize to inform your product strategy.

Share exceptional offers and promos.

Promotions and offers are an excellent approach to encourage conversions. Whether it’s a single in-app purchase or convincing free or trial users to switch to paid subscribers.

The key to success is measurement.

You must be able to monitor the impact of your strategies and optimizations once you have a clear picture of your growth goals. Because the measurement is so important in this case. You’ll want to put in place a stack that will provide you with access to vital insights and statistics, especially before you start expanding your user base. These tools will assist you in developing a comprehensive understanding of your users.


It’s critical to understand where your app’s users come from. Were they directed to your Mobile App from your website, a clever banner, or a paid Instagram advertisement? Your attribution tool will show you everything and assist you in determining the value and cost per install.


Your analytics tool’s data-driven optimizations will be the foundation for your conversion rate optimization. By finding high-converting activities and features, your chosen in-app analytics platform will provide you with the best visibility into user behavior and usage value. It will also identify typical churn-causing discomfort areas.

Marketing Automation

This is when a tool like Iterable comes in handy. You’ll have the foundation for audience segmentation as well as the capacity to use tailored and multi-channel marketing to increase customer engagement and promote high-value activities.

Remember that your ability to understand your users will be critical to the success of these techniques. If you activate the prompt based on the users’ most recent activity within the Mobile App, you’ll be far more likely to succeed. So make sure you leverage the data from your stack to segment your audience and personalize timing, text, and tone for successful push campaigns.