Stacey Brown Randall is a member of the business failure club, a contrarian on how to generate referrals, and a supporter of the entrepreneurial dream. Through her programs, she provides a roadmap to take control of your business.

Stacey is a three-time entrepreneur, author of Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking, and host of the Roadmap To Grow Your Business podcast. Stacey has taught her “no asking” referral generation strategy to hundreds and hundreds of clients and audiences.

Her clients include well-known corporations and franchises such as Bank of America, Liberty Mutual, Mass Mutual, and so much more. The term asking for a lead is something we have all heard and probably said before. The term is “Asking for a referral” Stacy is strong on the idea of not having to ask but more so building it into our lives and sales strategies.

One of the more interesting parts of the conversation is if someone were to ask you how you’re doing, it’s the perfect time to simply respond with: Business is amazing and I’m having an incredible time getting referrals from my closest friends. I’m butchering the exact quote, but stay tuned to hear the full story. A large majority of this conversation is spent talking about referrals so if you’re struggling with referrals, then this podcast is for you.

How To Get Referrals

So what is a champion? 

A champion is an individual that actively promotes or supports your business, but may or may not be a customer of yours. These champions understand who you are like people and are emotionally invested in your company / agree with your core principles. 

A champion is different from a partner because your champions want to see you succeed and do not care about gaining any financial compensation.

You need champions to be the advocates for your company to make the proper introductions that will allow your business to grow.

Champions are the backbone of a great company. Like partners, like affiliates, and like customers, you need them. 

To us at Penji, champions aren’t necessarily decision-makers that will be able to make a decision to become a customer. These are high-level professionals like CEO of Fortune 500 companies, key influencers, authors, and even celebrities.

So, how do you get them?

First, you need to further define your story. Understanding yourself and your company is a great start. 

Second, define your core principles and values. 

Third, do good. But only if you mean it. For us, we want to help the next generation of entrepreneurs and help underserved communities all while challenging diversity and inclusion.

The fourth thing you need to do is create a list of people that are within your geographic region. This list needs to be well organized and should involve people who believe in the same things that you do. This list is important for a few reasons. You can not only see at a full glance who your champions could be, but it’s also a good organizational tool that will tell you how many times you’ve tried to obtain a meeting.

Now, you emailed the champions. They want to meet with you. So now you’re sitting down with your potential champion, how do you get them to care?

The core advice here is to just be your own authentic self. This isn’t something that I can teach or even advise. If your story is authentic if you are a genuine person, why wouldn’t this potential champion want to be on your team?

Once you win them over and I am confident that you will, ask them for an email and physical address.

Add the information into your sheet and periodically throughout the course of your business journey, email them monthly, and send gifts.

That’s it. The rest is up to you to figure out how to further cultivate the relationship. I started you off on the right foot, it’s now up to you to finish it. Good luck.

Guillaume Moubeche is the Co-founder & CEO at Which is a cold email outreach SAAS platform. I originally learned about Guillaume from AppSumo. We signed up initially, used it, and quite frankly didn’t like the platform. But that wasn’t his fault. At the time, we simply didn’t know how to use Cold Email the way we do now! Lemlist is a very unique organization and it’s run by an even cooler person.

You can see Guillaume consistently creating content on Linkedin and is incredibly transparent about how he grew the company. You can check that out on any social platform and his blog on

Guillaume is based out of France and it’s incredible to have a bond with a professional who has a love for SaaS and a passion for Growth Hacking.