One of the most asked questions that we get about Penji is well, how were you able to do it. So really, How To Get More Clients?

This is such an in-depth answer but I’m going to do as best as I can in a short time period that may be able to help you get the clients you’re looking for for your business. I’ve broken them down into 4 parts.

None of these approaches are revolutionary. In fact, you’re not going to make a million bucks from it. In fact, you may not even make $100. But it’s the process that will allow you to make the money you long for.

Understanding your story

Now, EVERYONE says this. Craft your story. But in our situation, our story was ever-evolving and ever-changing. I and my co-founder spent months and months trying to figure out what our full story was. Then we got asked to be interviewed for a piece on Inc. Magazine. 

This isn’t a cheap promotion, but the story that was written was absolutely beautiful and perfect. It was everything we wanted and then some.

So my suggestion here is that if you want to fully understand your story. Tell it to someone else and have them write about everything that they heard and write an article reexplaining your story back to you.

This might take a few interviews and dollars to spend on your end, but it’s worth it.

Interviewing your customers

Two parts here. If you have customers and if you’re just starting out. Either way, this strategy works for both.

Call up your customers or someone you think could/should be a customer and ask them about their problems in business. Once you identify what they are, hit them with this question. It only applies to current customers: “Why did you sign up for our service?”

Do this about 10 times or as many times as you wish. Document each response and find patterns. Your customer’s answers to these questions should be your next marketing initiative to obtain new customers.

Narrowing down that one field and one area

Regardless of your service, it’s safe to say that everyone in the whole world could be a customer. You might live in the 1% mindset where you think your industry is an x billion-dollar industry but then say…but what if we could get 1%.

Fuck that. You won’t get that. Ever.

Focus on micro-communities and industries you know for 100% certain and confident that this demographic will work. Try it out for a month and invest every resource of your company into this demographic and assess the results at the end.

Were you able to succeed or did it do more harm than good? Either way, it’s going to give you a ton of intel about your company.

Being organized

We talked about this last week, but the organization is key. We use Google Sheets, judge us. But in each outreach sheet we use, we have 3 fields that are critical. 

Reach-out dates 1, 2, and 3.

We follow up a minimum of 3 times to each person who either doesn’t respond or is thinking about learning more about Penji. This level of organization for sales is critical to our success.

Also, working with a content calendar is a lifesaver. Use it as your bible.

And, that’s How To Get More Clients! Don’t forget to share this list with your team and colleagues! I’m sure they’ll love it.