In this week’s episode, we are talking about getting the job you’ve always wanted. You might think it’s weird for me, a serial entrepreneur, to tell you all how to get a job. But there’s a real story and lesson here that’s worth sharing. 

Maybe it’s just me and my inner circle, but entrepreneurship is this “cool”, “hip” thing. It’s apparently cool to brag about the money you make, the car you drive, or the vacation you are on. 

We are passionate about this life where we have to share every waking moment of our lives in order to be relevant. Many people also believe that in order to make any sort of impact on this Earth, you have to quit your job or drop out of college to be someone important. 

I’d like to tell you now that entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. It’s freaking dark. It’s lonely. The highs are really high and the lows are so freaking low that you contemplate life, the meaning, the purpose, and everything in between.

I’m serious. If you’re going into this world of entrepreneurship, get ready for a ride. As dangerous and as scary as it can be, it’s like this beautiful disaster as weirdly as it sounds because no matter what happens along the way, you come out stronger and better than you were. 

In my opinion, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. 

I personally believe there is this thing that’s inside you that gravitates you to this lifestyle. I don’t think it’s something that can be taught. It’s a gift and a curse to some degree.

But to those of you who aren’t there just yet, I have to say that one of the best ways to learn about business and entrepreneurship specifically is to work in a startup. You truly get to see the ins and the outs. The beauty and the sorrow. 

The reason why I wanted to share this story is that the other day, a friend of mine came up to me and was talking about how much they are starting to hate their job. Now, I’m probably one of the worst people to talk about this topic with, because I’m a person who absolutely loves their job. 

In fact, I openly talk about how more people need to love their job and if you don’t, you need to find a way out of that job and find something else that challenges you and makes you happy. 

It’s a conversation I have often and have even had with this particular person prior to this new conversation both privately and in a group setting.

So for months, I told this person about this company that I am not going to say life, but I knew this person would be perfect for the job role. This person is a self-motivated person, great personality, and fits perfectly into most company culture settings. 

So it came out that this person and I were going to the same event. I told this person specifically that if you want to get this job you have to come, bring a resume, and a smile. Business owners love this level of dedication. So this person did just that. Spoke directly to the CEO, then to the marketing manager. A few weeks later, that person has had an interview and I am almost positive the person will get this job. But regardless of whether or not the job is acquired, that’s not the point! The point is that you went out of your comfort zone to grab something you want and you know you deserve. 

As a society, we get extremely complacent and just mossy on by without living the life you know you deserve. 

So after the event, we went home and this person dropped me off at my apartment. In the car, we had about a 30-40 minute conversation about life, jobs, and how to get the job that you want. I’d like to share with you what came out of that conversation. Now full disclaimer, this is an employer speaking and literally telling you how you could get a job within a company like Penji. It may not work for everyone, but if you prove you care and you’re invested, why wouldn’t someone want to at the least, bring you in for an interview.:


At Penji, we get a ton of inquiries from potential job applicants. I’m always baffled by how applicants send their initial cold email. At times, there are emails that are sent with no specification or no customization. It’s just a cold email.

You are literally in a HUGE world filled with people who are more qualified than you. So think of it this way. If you were to be in a pile of say 100 people, trying to apply for that one job. Are you confident enough in your resume that you will get this job?

I’ll be honest, if I applied for half the jobs out there today, I don’t even think it’s got a callback. That’s just the way it is. People get overlooked, maybe you don’t speak well over the phone. Whatever it may be, you are literally competing with hundreds of others, so why should you be like everyone else?

You’re listening to this podcast, you clearly want a better life for yourself right? So go the extra mile. 

When I say research, I mean real research. To the point where it’s partially creepy but totally professional.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:

  • Find the job you want and for the company, you want to work for. (In this situation, let’s just assume you know this already.)
  • Use websites like Linkedin to find the contacts 
  • Find the person you believe may be the person doing all of the hirings
  • You can then do this next step in two ways

Way 1:

Find the person’s email using

Send an email to the person that isn’t one bit about you and 100% about them. You can use an email script like this:

Hey Name

This first line should be something specific. So like, Hey name, Noticed you’re a huge 76ers fan. Me too. Did you see Jimmy Butler’s game-winning shot the other day? Amazing right?

Noticed that you’ve worked with INSERT NAME for a few years now. I’m currently exploring new options and it’s in my interest to know what it’s like to work for a company like yours. What has your experience been thus far at INSERT COMPANY NAME?

Way 2:

Find the company address via Google

Send a thoughtful and inexpensive gift to the person you think is in charge. I’ve recommended this idea to my brother and it worked incredibly well. So he wrote a letter asking for a job interview, signed it, and included a baseball cap from the prospective hiring manager’s favorite team. The letter ended with something along the lines of: “I hope this hat allows me to get my foot in the door and at the very least proves to you that I care about your company and want to be a part of something great.”

Holy crap. That is powerful. Why wouldn’t you get a phone call from that right?

Have a well thought out story and be prepared

This sounds basic, but like everything else, it isn’t.

In this scenario, I recommend having 1 general story that applies to multiple situations and is strong. Like real strong. A question that is usually asked by most hiring managers are:

  • Tell me about a time when you were in a negative situation. How did you overcome it?
  • Tell me about a time when you shine. What was the outcome?

So you have this positive/negative vibe going on. They want to hear how you handle stress, overcome objections, and how you’re a team player. 

One general story can apply to all of these situations. You just have to be good at partial BSing.

In my opinion, where most candidates lose their confidence in an interview is the lack of preparation and the possibility of looking weak. Find a story that’s relatable. Prepare your answer ahead of time, be honest, strong, and confident. 

You lived the story, you just have to remind yourself how it applies to all of these situations.

The follow-up

It’s all about the follow-up both in business and in life. As the interview concludes, send a thank you email and write a handwritten thank you card. It’s the small things people.

Act like you want that job, not just a job. 

These pillars to get the job you want are aggressive. It may not work for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new job, want to learn from another entrepreneur before you make that leap of faith, then I am confident these steps will help you.

As always please reach out anytime if you have any questions at or connect with us on any social media platform under @dotpenji. You won’t want to miss next week’s episode where we talk about “The Airplane Story” Catch you next Thursday, until then. Go out there and execute your vision, have a great rest of your day.!