Finding yourself is one of the things you never knew you would even need to think about when you get older. For once in our life, we all thought that whatever we wanted when we were young will be our fate when we get older. Some of us wanted to be astronauts, scientists, and even to be a famous athletes. But of course, what we wanted when we were kids never became a stable goal for us and every now and then, we change our goals. We also encounter lots of problems that we didn’t see coming. Some dealt with it with an easy approach but of course, all people are different. There are situations where you just want to take a break from reality and find your peace. We all do that, I know. 

There are also people who like to keep things for themselves instead of bothering someone and opening up the problem. Why? Because when you take a peek inside their minds, you will find the mishaps where they feel like they are just one of the things that add to the weight of the problem and share the unhappy emotions. So, instead of spreading the gloomy energy, they just keep it to themselves. They bottle up their emotions instead of letting them out.  There are certain happenings in our life to make us question; what we truly want, who we really are, and why things happen. Some people want to find themselves because they feel like they are still undecided about everything. Some lost themselves because of the problems that they went through. And some felt like they lost their value and felt the need for self-love. 

We all have our own reasons, but really, How do you find yourself? When you feel lost, alone, and uncertain. How will you go back to that jolly and cheerful kid that you used to be before? To that motivated and inspired person, you used to be? To finally love who you truly are and accept your flaws while not caring what people say? If you feel like you need to get back on track again, this one’s for you. 

Take a Breather

I know the world is moving so fast and you feel like you always need to keep up. But remember, your self and own life are more important, the world can wait. Don’t exhaust yourself over things that you can’t control. Just always try your best and put as much effort as you can, I promise you, things will work out.

There is this saying, it goes “If you can’t fix it within five seconds, you need to stop worrying about it”. And, that actually works especially if you’re worrying over small things. Just take a breather.


We often get confused over what do we actually, really want in life. And, thinking of all the possibilities and opportunities that we have can be a little overwhelming sometimes. And, there can be a lot of things on our plate that stops us from dropping everything and prioritizing ourselves first, like work stuff, relationships, and lacking the time that we need.

Unwinding is actually a BIG help, especially for times when we feel like we’re lost and feel the need to find ourselves. It’s like having a reboot and a fresh start. The time will come when you can actually set things on your own time, do what you want, and work hard to achieve that. You just need to clear your head, reflect on the things you did that led you to where you are, and set your plans depending on what you can and cannot do.

Open up, you got this!

One thing that scares me the most when I have problems is opening up, especially to my parents. I always know that they will understand me but there is this thought of just adding myself as one of the burdens they have to deal with when I share my own problems with them. Some of you might feel it too, but it can actually help a lot. Trust me, they know us better than anyone. They will be our shoulder to cry on when we need one.

But, if you feel like you can’t share it with your family, your friends will always have your back, as they promised. They may seem busy at some times, but I know there is this one friend who will always be our one call away. You just have to surround yourself with the right people, I swear to you, everything will work out just fine. You just need to open up.

List it down

This may seem weird at first but writing actually helps when you’re trying to decide things. Focus your mind on things that your best at, and things that you think you need to improve. Don’t think of it as cons or flaws, we all go through new things in life and you just need to learn more about it, I know you’ll be better at it!

Writing actually brings us closer to coming up with a decision. It clarifies what we do best, what we want, and what we need to improve. You can do this on your own, but if you feel comfortable enough, share it with someone you trust the most and do it with them. You can see the progress of your improvement day by day.

Self-love is a must

Not gonna lie, as a teen, I often see more of my bad sides and criticize myself for having those flaws. On the other hand, more people see the better side of me and accept me for who I am. I know, it’s weird that even I can’t accept my own flaws. But as I grow older and much more aware of the real world, I eventually learn to love my flaws and be proud of them.

Receiving love from other people is a very nice thing, but nothing is better than loving yourself. Just trust me on this one, you’ll see the best version of yourself once you start accepting the flaws that you have. Actually, I don’t like calling it “flaws”, for me, it’s more of a unique character that we have. It makes us stand out among the crowd.

Now, there you have the five ways to find yourself. Just trust the process and you’ll end up with something beautiful and something you will be really proud of. Remember to keep your head up, and be proud of who you are and who you will be!