Are you tired of being tired? Pressured at work? Having a short patience? Seeing the stress on your face? Maybe one of these is a sign that you are already burnout at work!

What is that burnout?

Burnout is total damage or a system breakdown due to prolonged stress. This burnout is a work-related stress where you are exhausted physically and emotionally. It depletes your energy and can give that vibe to others. It feels like you are gradually weakened by the energy you feel even though you get enough sleep.

Are you burned out?

See this:

Losing Motivation

In this case, you are losing your will to work. You are no longer feeling motivated to motivate yourself and start the habit of procrastination that decreases your productivity at work.

Feeling exhausted

You already feel tired even if you get much sleep, you feel the stress already without taking too much work. The tension and the pressure are there, even the emotional fatigue.


You are now sensing failures and doubting yourself. You feel the disappointments with everything that you do.


Along with the breakdown, you feel unsatisfied with the product of your work. There is no sense of satisfaction but there is a sense of discontentment. You feel that there are no signs of accomplishment.

If you feel any of the following signs, then you might experience burnout at work.

Want to see how the burnouts affect your mental health and physical health? Or should I say, your well-being? And also want to see how a good well-being affects your work? If you are experiencing this kind of stress factor typically in your everyday work or at least happens often, come to take a look at this to know more about it and somehow you can find the solutions here.

Working Too Much

Work exerts efforts and strengths. Your whole well-being is what I am talking about. You enter yourself to a field where you are thinking and moving at the same time. You are engaging in different kinds of work where your Mental, Emotional, Social and Physical wellness are completely used.

What does this wellness offer you at work?

Well-being at work

When you say well-being, this is the overall good state of your physical, emotional, mental and social health. Looking at the bright side, the following will help you to have a good start at work!

Start practising this at work and you will see the changes you wanted to see! Wellness coming your way!

Self-care first!

You have to take care of yourself first! Having a healthy mind and body through exercising and eating healthy food will take you to your optimum level. A simple health routine starting with the food you eat, the things you put on your skin and your body and the way you dress and look, will definitely lift you up. This will all set the mood and give you the lightest feeling. This time, your physical and mental health are hands on this! If you feel good about how you look and what you feel, emotional health also joins the team! They are besties with this!

Try Organizing and Managing!

Before starting your work, try to target the things that you will do throughout the day, list them one by one to know how to finish it at the perfect and desired time. Time Management and organize things! Organize your to-do list and manage your time effectively. Try to set your goals appropriately and prioritize them wisely.

Being organized allows you to work properly and nicely because you don’t have the ease to find what you are looking for. If you know how you organize things, it is now easy for you to find it. You can start organizing from your working place, try to fix your things around you to make your place an enjoyable place to work to. Make it pleasing to the eye!

Managing your time effectively will help you break down your large goals into small goals. This will help you work productively and smarter, but not harder!

Take a break!

Work is literally exhausting! You can take in-between breaks to recharge and sip that cup of coffee. Always remember if you feel the pressure and tiredness little by little, don’t hesitate to take a break. This will ruin your charge! And you need to know this, that taking a break from work can lead to higher productivity. Yes! You read it right! Taking breaks help you recharge and result in becoming more focused when you return to work. A little escape from stress, indeed!

One at a time!

Work here, work there! Working double the time and effort? Rushing for the deadline? No! It will just make things more complicated! And even worse! Take a deep breath, inhale, exhale. You can do it one at a time! Avoid the supremacy of cramming. This will just increase your stress level. You are just trying to stuff heavy loads of information in your brain. This will not help instead. You are just trying to make your short-term memory shorter! Kidding aside, but trust me that this will help!

We all know that these rushing and cramming things are the result of being a not so productive person. Taking a break is suggested but try not to be overwhelmed with it. You must also maximize your time, do all the workloads following your healthy time or assure that you are in your good level. Not just to pass it, but to kill it! One at a time!

Express more!

Your work will not only revolve around you and your table! Expressing yourself to others will help you lighten the burden. Don’t just take all the charges within yourself. You can tell it to your workmates too! Remember that suppressing your feelings or emotions will just stress your mind and body. Try to share moments of joy or even the down moments with them. You can bring more of you towards them to achieve that greater engagement. But always keep in mind that you should listen to them too. Do nice turns!

Build and earn each other’s trust and be emphatic. Build the camaraderie but stay on the work ethics and morale. Expressing and communicating is more than just a work, everyone will also be benefited personally. It will form a part of yourself and you can even learn new things from it while building a career with your workmates.

Work with your Purpose!

This will take you to a good direction in life. You have the sense of intentionality where you are passionately working without any hesitations. You are able to choose the work that best fits you. If you have the purpose, this will make you whole that allows you to persevere more.

When you find your work a purposeful one, there will be more engagements. It will bring you the true meaning of work.

Lastly, take this next step as the grand finale!

Optimism over Pessimism

Aside from being happy and positive, being optimistic allows you to see the bigger picture. A positive energy in the workplace promotes cheerful moments for you and your workmates. It will lighten up the mood of everyone and make them strive more in working.

Always choose being an optimist rather than being a pessimist. Dwelling yourself full of negativities is not healthy! If you fail, don’t let yourself down. Don’t be too harsh to yourself. If you fail, take that as a lesson and see that as a new start. Failure will not always be on your way, instead it can be the start of something great!

Being pessimistic does not help you to do your work effectively. You will always feel weak when you are just thinking over and over about your negative thoughts and might take you away from bigger opportunities. Be mindful and take all the challenges along with your positive and bright energy. You will never know that it would be your biggest break!

A healthy you for a healthy work!

After knowing how to prevent burnouts at work, you can see clearly that it is possible to achieve all of these if you just try.

Maybe it is a bit hard for you or for someone, but taking the risk is already an achievement whether the result is good or not good. Whether the result is not what you expected, keep trying. You will be there to conquer this!

Imagine this, you have a healthy workplace with a healthy you. Improving and caring for your health and well-being will fulfill your job satisfaction as well as your self-satisfaction. It is important to keep yourself at least healthy for you to function well. Set goals and try to condition everything about you before taking everything. This will all make sense.

To end it here, here’s a motivational quote to inspire you to keep going and avoid the things that you must avoid. I am helping you with this!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do!”

— Robert H. Schuller