Many people planning to put up a website consider HostGator as one of their web hosting options. Priding itself in being a “leading provider of secure and easy website hosting services,” this provider is surely worth reviewing. Find out more with our HostGator Review!

In this HostGator review, we’ll discuss the features of its web hosting services. We’ll also tackle its pricing as well as its pros and cons so you can better compare it with other popular providers in the market. 

HostGator Overview

The platform is, without a doubt, one of the biggest and most popular hosting providers today. They offer shared hosting, meaning you’ll be sharing server space with other websites and get your own share of bandwidth.

That said, shared hosting is one of the most economical and affordable options for setting up a website. Aside from the pricing range, there’s also no technical maintenance needed for upkeep, making it a hassle-free option.

Aside from shared hosting service, HostGator also offers other features useful for anyone setting up a website: 

Website Builder

If you want to make a website, but you don’t have any coding skills, HostGator solves the problem for you. They offer a website builder that allows users to drag, drop, and publish. That means you can create a beautiful site even if you have no prior experience.

WordPress Hosting

If you’re using WordPress for your website, HostGator is a great option for your hosting needs. It offers 2.5 times the speed, paired with beefed-up security and free migrations. It also comes with a free domain.

VPS Hosting

For more control over your website, you may want to consider VPS hosting. It offers dedicated resources, full root access,  and easy scaling.

Dedicated Hosting

Though most users turn to this provider for shared hosting, those who need total server control opt for dedicated hosting. This service offers powerful hardware and unmetered bandwidth for Linux or Windows. 

HostGator Pricing

The platform offers three pricing tiers. Before delving into these pricing packages, let’s review what features come “free” with all three options:

  • Unlimited Storage. If you need an insane amount of storage, there’s no need to worry about it if you’re going with this platform. Unlimited storage means you’ll have enough room for all the files you need.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth. With this feature, you can bring in all the traffic you want to your website without any technical issues. 
  • Domain Registration. Subscriptions come with a domain name you can claim online.  
  • SSL Certificate. This is crucial since many visitors would think twice about staying within a website that doesn’t appear to be secure. 
  • One-Click Installs. The apps that you use for building your website can be installed with just a click. 

No HostGator review will be complete without a thorough look into its rates. Here are the pricing packages available for subscription:


The lowest package, Hatchling, comes at a very affordable introductory offer of $2.75 per month. This comes with all the features mentioned above for one website. It also comes with $150 Google Ads spend match credit and $100 Bing Ads credit.


You can get this next tier for an introductory offer of $3.95 per month. The main difference between this package and the preceding one is the number of websites. Hatchling only allows for one website, while this package can be used for an unlimited number of sites.


Last but not least, the Business package comes at an introductory offer of $5.95 per month. Aside from all the features in the Baby package, it also includes a dedicated IP. In addition to that, you also get a positive SSL upgrade, which secures a domain and subdomain and is backed by a $10K warranty.

HostGator Pros and Cons

No HostGator review will be complete without a look at its advantages and disadvantages.


  • One of the main advantages is affordability. With packages coming as cheap as $2.75 per month, it’s surely one of the most economical options in the market. 
  • Excellent uptime is another advantage. The platform promises a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. In fact, they say that their best ability is the availability and that they make sure the site stays up. This is an excellent benefit, especially if your business relies so much on your online presence.
  • Customer support is another advantage you get when you opt for a HostGator subscription. They provide fast support through phone, email, and live chat support. So, you can rest assured that they’ll be there whenever you need help with anything.
  • In case you’re migrating your site to HostGator, they’ve created a complete guide on how to do it. All you need to do is go over their guide, and you’ll learn what to do beforehand – including how to get started, how to check the site’s status, as well as other troubleshooting notes.


  • If you’re getting shared hosting from HostGator, it should be noted that the website load time can be slower compared to sites with dedicated servers. This is expected for servers with a lot of websites sharing the resources.
  • Another caveat is that the server can also become overburdened by sites that are sharing the server.
  • When it comes to sharing a server, you’ll never know who you’re sharing the virtual real estate with. Though site security may be the least likely, there’s always the possibility of a security risk.

The Lowdown

If you’re looking for a web hosting provider with excellent uptime and affordable packages for shared hosting, this service provider is surely a good option. Their customer support is stellar, which makes them a favorite among people who put a premium on speaking with an actual person.

However, despite the affordability of shared hosting, it might not be the best option if you’re not ready to contend with slow speeds. If you’re still undecided after reading this HostGator review, though, you can always try out their services for free. Their shared hosting plans come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. That said, one and a half months is enough time for you to try if their hosting services are the right fit for your project.