There’s a rising trend of start-ups and businesses allowing their employees to work from home. It saves up on some costs and reduces stress. Some even find working from home raises productivity.

Working from home means you need to have a dedicated home office that is conducive to working. In doing that, you need to consider space, design, and furniture. The most important is your home office must haves. 

Without those necessities, your home office may feel incomplete. 

In this article, we listed the top 10 home office must haves that can make your workflow more efficient and you more productive.


While smartphones can perform and execute many tasks as any computer would do, a physical personal computer or laptop in your home office is a must have.

You can easily access and edit documents better by using a keyboard and seeing it on a monitor. You can have lag-free meetings with your employees since you can connect your computer to a LAN by using an ethernet cable. 

As for the type of computers, it’s up to you which one to choose.

For on-the-go entrepreneurs, portability is important since you may travel around or work outside of your home office. In that case, you need one with long battery life. You may need one that carries a high RAM that can run all your applications at once.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive can store a back-up of your files from your home computer. Entrepreneurs need an external hard drive for all their important files.

You can bring an external hard drive to work and bring it home and vice versa. It’s perfect for files that have a long-term function or are confidential (which can be encrypted on the device).

In cases where the computer would need reformatting or repair, external hard drives offer much more space than clouds do.

Entrepreneurs who want back-up data of everything should have this at all times. If you own one of these and consistently doing some back-ups, your files will remain safe.


Imagine the difficulty of owning a PC or an iMac without a desk. Where will you place it when you don’t have one? That’s why a desk is necessary for your computer, regardless if it’s a laptop or PC or Mac. It’s one of the best home office must haves.

You’ll need a desk to place your journal, your cup of coffee, your speakers, and all other items needed to work.

It’s recommended you own an adjustable standing desk. It can help you get some light right-on-the-desk workout. And, well, sitting can be a pain, so you’ll need to stand up often.

If you have only a laptop and may want to move around the house as you work, you can opt for an adjustable laptop stand.

Comfortable Seat

It can hurt if you’re sitting by your home office desk all day. It can give you aches on your back and your feet.

That’s why finding a comfortable, ergonomic chair is one of the great home office must haves.

Some office chairs offer lumbar support, which is great for your spine and back. Some office chairs reduce the strain on your neck and back by adjusting as you move.

These types of office chairs may be costly, but it will benefit you in the long run.

Comfortable and ergonomic are perfect for entrepreneurs who may have bad backs and have neck and lower body pains.

Multi-Function Printer and Scanner

Even if most documents can be sent through email and be read on the screen, a hard copy of select documents is still necessary.

Some examples of these documents are forms and documents for work, print-outs of boarding passes, and handouts to clients.

But, you shouldn’t settle only for a printer. One of your home office must haves should be a multi-function printer and scanner. Buying a separate printer and scanner might be costly, and it may not even be compatible with one another.

Scanners are handy when a printed document has your signature, which you can send over to your client or colleagues. It’s good to have scanned copies of some files you need for other work-related processes.

Another function of the printer and scanner is a built-in copier. If you need to photocopy a document, it can print out a copy of any important file for you.

It’s practical to have this just in case you need some documents on hand.

Sound System

Good sound systems are essential to any home office. It enables you to listen to music if you do. It’s great for conference calls as well.

If sounds from your home office don’t bother your neighbors, you can go for speakers. It can get tiring to wear headphones or earphones sometimes. Let your ears take a break.

Headphones with built-in microphones are great for conference calls so you can hear your colleagues or employees better during the meeting.

Owning both speakers and headphones are recommended so you can adjust according to the situation.

Surge protector

It’s common to use different devices as you work.

You’ll need to plug your laptop when it’s losing battery. The same goes for your smartphone.

If you own a PC or Mac, you’ll need to plug them up. You need to remember you have your printer too, your light, your router, and all other devices you need to work.

The use of a surge protector not only enables different plugged-in devices at one time, but it protects your appliances from power spikes or surges.

This device is a must have for entrepreneurs who are tech-savvy and handle different devices at one time.


Some workspaces have plants because of the benefits it brings to its workers and space itself.

One of its benefits is to clean and purify the air. It means you wouldn’t get sick as much and get more done during the day. 

Your home office shouldn’t miss out on one. Put some color and life to your home office. It shouldn’t only be devices or appliances.

Plus, plants make for good decor too.


You should consider where you place your desk or stay when you work from home.

Lighting is key to any home office.

Save up on electricity by staying near the window since you have access to natural light.

Using natural lighting is beneficial because it supplies your much-needed vitamin D you get from the sun and it even helps you get some good night’s sleep.

Natural lighting does have its drawbacks such as glare and heat. You can minimize those problems by using curtains or blinds.

When you’re working late into the night, use adjustable lamps that wouldn’t cause glare and eye strain.

Snacks and Drinks

It’s not uncommon for people to become more immersive when focusing on work.

Sometimes, though, you may neglect taking care of yourself. 

That’s why you’ll need snacks and drinks by your desk. Also, these are home office must haves.

A healthy snack that can increase your brain power is one of your best companions as you work.

Opt for blueberries, nuts, kale chips, and avocado as snacks. By eating these snacks, you’re reducing any memory or cognitive decline. It won’t help you forget anything and can fuel your brain as you collaborate and work with your colleagues and employees.

As for drinks, consider water as your best friend. Get into the habit of hydrating all day. You can feel less tired and distracted.

The Bottomline

Working from the comfort of your home may provide less distraction and stress. You can choose to work from home once a week and you can even get things done.

However, it’s important to remember to strike a balance between professional and homey.

These must haves help with accessibility and handiness in urgent need. Also, it will ensure work won’t bog you down while you’re at home.