Nowadays, we’re surrounded by constant stress. Let’s admit that we have a lot going on our plates. All the stress coming from work, the world’s current situation, and our personal lives? A person could only take so much. In this Headspace review, we’ll discuss how the platform helps its users overcome such struggles and more. 

What’s Headspace?

Before we dive into the full-on Headspace review, we need to know the background of how this platform came to be. Headspace was born from the skill-swapping meditation advice from the founders Andy and Rich. 

Andy Puddicombe, the co-founder, traveled as he underwent his meditation training to become a Buddhist monk. Meanwhile, Rich Pierson met Andy through his meditation consultancy service. From there, Andy helped Rich, who needed help dealing with stress-related work. Let’s say the constant meetings eventually resulted in the creation of Headspace.  

The meditation platform, Headspace, officially launched in 2010. However, it was first introduced as an event company. Unlike what the team initially planned, the attendees wanted to take what they learned home. Long story short, the team then decided to make Andy’s teachings available online, and the rest led to the platform’s success. 

Headspace Features:

  • Meditation
  • “Sleepcasts,” music, and other audio experiences that help with sleep. 
  • Video guides to help train body and mind.
  •  Music and meditations are explicitly designed to improve focus. 
  • Daily stories and mini-meditations are made to help start mornings. 

Headspace Review: Benefits

Reduce Stress-Levels

Work-related stress and burnouts are what every employee faces as they try to earn a living. The platforms’ customer feedback shows that employees using Headspace after 30 days experience lower stress by 32%. Furthermore, after four sessions, it shows that burnouts are reduced by 14%. Also, three published studies show that Headspace can reduce stress in different populations. 

Improve Focus

A person’s ability to focus is essential to function in their daily lives. Headspace can improve focus and decrease mind wandering abilities by offering various mediums. Furthermore, studies back up the use of music and other audio experiences to improve focus. It’s all thanks to the soundwaves that help with brain stimulation. Headspace’s data shows after four weeks of using the platform. It can increase focus by 14%. 

Alleviate Mood

Due to different environmental variables, we tend to experience mood changes. Of course, we have to consider that each person has different mood triggers. However, Headspace helps improve the critical components of mood, such as happiness and irritability. 

Easier Teamwork

According to Headspace’s data, three weeks of using the platform in a work environment makes employees show more compassionate behavior. It’s shown that aggression and reactivity to negative feedback are cut by 57%. 

Improve Sleep

Research shows that mindfulness training and meditation improve sleep quality, especially for individuals with sleeping difficulties. Although Headspace offers various ways to help ease the body into restfulness, it is not a direct cure.  

Strengthen Relationships

Headspace helps the user get in tune with their minds. It shows that meditation can improve communication in relationships. This result is thanks to various resources that help alleviate a person’s mood, creating opportunities for healthy communication with partners. 

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

The various features made available by Headspace have shown the ability to promote healthy eating behavior to multiple users. Furthermore, it improves weight loss in overweight individuals. However, keep in mind that Headspace is not intended to be a direct cure for any medical condition. 

Support Pain Management

According to research, training the mind through meditation shows it helps support pain management. Still, remember it’s not intended to be a direct cure. 

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

A study conducted by the University of Oxford involves the use of Headspace. It resulted in reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression in employees after eight weeks of use at work. However, it’s not intended to treat or cure Anxiety and Depression directly.

Improve Self

Headspace offers various resources such as blogs, audio, and video on ways to improve ourselves. The example includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • Increase empathy.
  • Improve compassion and self-compassion.
  • The platform offers different how-to guides for self-improvement involving mental health, physical health, etc. 

Headspace Review: Pricing Plans

Free Trial

Headspaces offers a 7-day free trial after the sign-up. However, there are also free samples made available to the public by Headspace. Keep in mind that the resources are limited. 

Monthly Plus Plan

  • The first seven days are free.
  • $12.99/month

Headspace Review: Customer Feedback

The platform has a 4.9 average star rating online by more than 600k users in iOS and Google Play. Also, the application has more than 70 million downloads throughout all platforms with positive feedback from customers. One user commented that his employees had embraced the positive effects of meditation. The user further commented that happy workers result in a positive working environment. 

Overall, the users’ general sentiments are all posts of appreciation on how Headspace helped them with their current struggles. It shows that using Headspace, albeit through personal or work means, brings positive results mentally and physically.

To Wrap it Up 

In the end, the features, benefits, and feedback show that Headspace is indeed one of the best meditation platforms available. Furthermore, it offers diversity in options for different types of people. We have to admit that each of us has other preferences. Some might like to listen to music and audio experiences or prefer having a visual guide. 

However, although it has many benefits, including helping reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression, it’s not a direct cure. I’m sure that I sound repetitive, but it is essential to emphasize that Headspace is not a medical treatment. Let’s not solely depend on the platform and treat it as a cure. Remember, awareness is vital. Although Headspace aims to help strengthen the mind and body, it’s not a heal-all remedy. 

As an endnote, this app is indeed for you if you want to meditate to relieve stress, anxiety, and sleeping problems. It’s a stellar application that brings positivity and peace of mind to the user. Did you like this Headspace review? Explore MindGrapes for more awesome content.