If you’ve been wondering how to further boost your revenue, then this Drift review might just be the answer you’re looking for. Say goodbye to the old days when possible clients turn away to other services due to late responses.

Everyone likes efficient feedback—especially those who live busy lives. Take full control of your business 24/7. Set up an active customer service that offers real-time experience: wherever and whenever. Too good to be true? Not at all. Here’s how.

What is Drift? 

Drift is a live chat service and one of the best revenue acceleration platforms available. In fact, they are considered as the top leading live chat software amongst its competitors. Also, Drift ranks as the 3rd most popular lead generation software in 2020.

The main feature of their service revolves around building a strong relationship with customers. Its LeadBot qualifies leads, book meetings, demos, and helps accelerate prospect conversation rate. Also, it maximizes the potentials of marketing and sales by incorporating the platform’s smart features. 

Drift Features: 

  • Conversational Marketing and Sales.
  • More qualified pipeline and revenue. 
  • Visitor Intelligence
  • Target Account Engagement
  • Real-time Personalization
  • Custom your Chatbots
  • AI Chatbots
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Expert Service

How Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Works? 

The service is a solution for struggling B2B sales and marketing teams. In 2015, Drift’s team noticed that the engagement between buyers and sellers was “dead.”

Drift discovered that real-time engagement is the key to salvage the broken process and result in increased leads. However, it improved the buyer and seller’s engagement, but it also led to accelerated sales, upgraded buying experience, and had a significant impact on revenue. 

Keep, a smart CRM platform targeting small businesses, generated 50% growth in pipeline within 50 days of using Drift’s qualification bot. Meanwhile, amid our current COVID-19 crisis, ConnectWise, an IT software company, had a 500% increase in conversation with Drift. That sounds great, right? 

However, these real-life case studies are only the tip of the iceberg; the platform is currently serving more than 50,000 businesses, each with their own successful ventures to tell. Presently, Drift’s been deemed the ‘leading’ amongst the sea of acceleration revenue platforms found on the internet.

Drift Review: Benefits

A Compact Platform 

Drift offers various features in its platform, each created to strengthen your brand’s game in the business field. It promotes ease of use that promises excellent results backed up with numerous customer feedback. The platform is like a one-stop-shop to give your business the push it deserves.

Drift offers integrations with the go-to work applications such as Slack, Google Analytics, Zapier, Knowledgebase, Hubspot, MadKudo, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Outreach.

Smart Technology

Done are the days for the archaic fill-up forms. Brands with fast and concise response rates will be cemented to a client’s mind. What better way to market your service than to offer a real-life response engagement. Drift is integrated with a smart system where you create personalized chat responses. This will create an opportunity to connect with the client, bridge potential leads, and convert them into a pipeline. 

24/7 Automation

Real-time— possible anytime, and any part of the world. Ditch the automated classic response, “kindly wait within 24 hours for our experts to contact you.” Drift makes it possible to give an appropriate response to a client’s inquiry as soon as they hit the send button. 

Chatbot Army

Build your marketing army with conversational AI bots. It’s an excellent strategy to drive in more revenue via sales and marketing without the need to increase headcount for the sake of accommodating a wider audience. First, the bots respond to the client’s inquiry. Then, it prompts them with a programmed suggestion for the next step. Drift offers custom chatbots tailored explicitly for every visitor and page. Its integrated AI also develops the bot to replicate your team’s best sales development representative (SDR) responses. Ever experience wishing you can clone your brand’s top SDR? Well, it looks like wishes do come true. 

Efficient Visitor Overview

One of Drift’s smart features is its visitor intelligence. It is developed to summarize your visitor’s data with a concise and straightforward illustration. This allows you to identify, engage, and qualify every website visitor at a glance.

Personalize Client Engagement

The best customer experience comes from a great personalized response. This forms a sense of belongingness for the client as they feel that you relate to their needs, and your brand could supply them.

Furthermore, the interest that forms in your client’s minds as they converse will eventually lead to revenue. Drift made it possible to create such an experience for each customer— no matter the time. Then, your business benefits from a shorter deal cycle as a result. It’s a win-win. 

Also, Drift’s system allows VIP accounts to experience a 24/7 live chat with dedicated sales representatives. Once your VIP client messages you, an automated welcome message will appear, and the rep will then receive a notification that their customer has contacted you.

This will make your superstar clients feel cared for, accelerate conversion, and continue an excellent business relationship.   

Watch your ROI Grow

What if you’re able to know what best engages your site’s visitor and when to close the deal? That sounds great! Drift gives you the superpower to keep track and iterate such experience with their system’s analytics and insight. 

Packed with smart features, personalized experiences, and insights: Drift certainly has the right features to boost your ROI. In relation, Commvault, an enterprise data protection company, experienced a 105% increase in revenue with Drift’s services.

Expert Service

Gear up your team with expertise and excellent practices they need to power up and fully benefit from your Drift experience. This will help you achieve stellar results at a fast rate. 

Drift Review: Plan Offers

Free Plan

  • Included with 1 Drift seat
  • Limited feature.
  • Real-time live chat
  • Block IP
  • Email fallback 
  • Welcome message
  • Email signature
  • Calendar integration
  • Slack integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Basic reporting of insights
  • Help docs

Premium Plan

  • All free plan features
  • Chat only permission
  • Teams
  • Single sign-on
  • Saved replies
  • Live view
  • Data enrichment
  • Custom branding
  • Drift intel and Drift Prospector
  • Chat to Call is available 10 hours per seat
  • Chat to Zoom
  • Sliders and proactive messages
  • Landing page
  • Personalized playbooks
  • Premium routing services
  • Calendar in chat
  • Automated booking
  • Allows integration with the following apps: 
  • Zapier
  • Help/Knowledgebase
  • MadKudu
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Zendesk
  • Outreach 
  • Marketo
  • Pardot
  • Eloqua
  • 6sense
  • Clearbit
  • Demandbase
  • Kickfire
  • Premium reporting and insights
  • Basic chat support
  • Drift insider
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Enterprise Plan

  • All free and premium features
  • Multiple workspaces
  • Audiences
  • Add-on automation
  • Enterprise lead routing
  • Eloqua CDO integration
  • Reporting APIs
  • Optimization services
  • 24/7 priority live chat support

Exact Pricing

Unfortunately, Drift’s pricing varies depending on the brand’s requirements, so they don’t display an exact amount on their website. The application or the inquiry process includes chatting with the DriftBot. If you’re asking for an exact amount, the bot will redirect you with a representative. A Drift’s representative standard question includes what feature you’re most interested in, and your business information (number of employees, etc.) The pricing plan is based on a custom quote for your business. It will be finalized after consulting with the representative. 

The Verdict about Drift

Will Drift’s services help my brand? The short answer is YES. As an overview, from all the listed features and benefits, Drift offers an excellent deal for your business. Its advanced features are highly rated in the customer’s feedback. However, the cons for Drift is often regarding the costly price of plans. Some feedback also includes confusion regarding the site’s pricing structure. In the end, if you are ready to invest your money in a lead generating software, then Drift is one of the options for you.