Being business professionals, you all have probably thought about enhancing your leadership qualities, and while a leader can be a lot of things, there are just some core principles that every aspiring leader should take note of. Whatever your reasons may be for wanting leadership qualities, whether it’s promoting your company further or increasing sales, these core principles would surely help you become an effective and well-respected role model altogether. 

Let’s here from Jess, the founder and CEO of inDinero. Jessica loves helping entrepreneurs run better businesses. She has grown the company from zero to multi-million dollar revenues with over 200 employees and has been featured in the Forbes and Inc 30 Under 30 Lists.

Jessica left high school at age 15 to attend Bard College at Simon’s Rock, studied computer science at U.C. Berkeley, went through Y Combinator, and is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Her passions and hobbies include mentoring up-and-coming entrepreneurs, encouraging young girls to go into STEM, and flying airplanes. We later found out in this interview that she’s also an avid DJ where she plays house and EDM music.

Having Self Awareness

Being consciously aware of one’s self is one of the foundations in leading well. Those who know themselves more are likely to lead teams effectively. This is because you can tell what works for you and what doesn’t.

You have your strengths and weaknesses, so you are aware of what leadership style you should go for. You’re quicker to decide on business matters and use obstacles to your advantage since you know how to handle hurdles. 

This makes it easier for you to manage and lead people. You can be decisive in saying yes and no to things, allowing you to save more time and be more efficient in the long run.  

Being Proactive in Planning

Planning is always tied with leadership, but this should be done proactively so that you won’t waste your time. 

Great leaders are always planning since anything could happen in this volatile world. Diligent planning in both your professional and personal life goes a long way when you want to be prepared for whatever changes you’ll face. 

However, you have to take note that aimlessly organizing is pointless. Instead, be productive in your approach, and pinpoint what works for you and what needs to change. In this way, you can come up with an actionable plan for the future and know what to prioritize in your business.   

Learning How to Listen and Be Mindful

It pays off when you know how to actively listen to your customers and team members. This means that you don’t only hear what they have to say but also engage yourself and know their sentiments on a personal level.  

Ask questions, understand what they’re saying, follow through with affirmations to let them know that you are present during the moment. And although there may be disagreements along the way, being aware and knowing when to respectfully negate is ideal.

Additionally, be mindful of what you do. The key here is to have patience when conversing. This makes you more nurturing and understanding. Remember, not everyone can catch up or agree with your plans, so lend a listening ear and be watchful all the time. 

Using Efficient Means to Free Your Mind and Time

One of the most important things a leader should have is time, and nothing could be more time-wasting than doing the little things. So, go get yourself a planner or an app that would drastically help you manage your routines, professionally or not. 

This is not only applicable in your day-to-day activities but also in your business. Systems are there to make your life easier. Whether this is about how you manage phone calls or sell products, the goal here is to find efficient modes to unburden your mind with the little things and to give you more time to focus on much more important matters in your business. 

Learning Continually

While this can be applied to all people from different walks of life, this is applicable in business and leadership too. Continual learning is essential when you want to keep your ideas fresh and be a vehicle of innovation. It’s through learning where you can find some inspiration, so when an opportunity comes along, learn as much as you can from it.

There are endless learning opportunities both online and not. From platforms like  MindGrapes to books you can freely borrow or even download, there’s always something that you haven’t known yet. 

The world is constantly changing, and new information is added every single day. This alone is enough to make us want to learn the latest business tactics and technology to better our overall processes, and a leader should pioneer this.

Developing Integrity

Nothing is more appealing to both your colleagues and customers than having unshakable integrity. Embracing and developing integrity molds your character further. This gives you credibility, allowing for natural trust amongst the people around you to flourish. 

A leader must have honesty in the work he does. This plays a significant role in wanting to not only be respected but also to have influence. People would naturally gravitate towards you when you are genuine with what you do. 

Start by examining your morals. To be a role model, you should have the ideal qualities of one. Once you’ve established this, stand up for what you believe in but remain respectful. It would also help if you surround yourself with the same kinds of people. Be mindful of who you’re going to be influenced with, and in no time, you’ll be the one influencing others too. 

Practicing Decisiveness and Courage

The last core principle goes hand in hand together, and that’s decisiveness and courage. When you’re courageous, you’re much more decisive in taking steps even if it’s something you’re not so sure about.

In business, decisiveness is a quality deemed important in a leader; match this with courage, and you’ll be able to lead without hesitations regardless of any apprehension. 

With this, you’ll sell your visions with more confidence, and even if you have mistakes along the way, it’s with decisiveness and courage that you move along and learn something new from the error. 

Being a leader is not the easiest role, but being one is not impossible. You just have to train yourself to be an effective role model to the people you’re with. With these core principles to back you up, you’ll get to practice leadership qualities that will not only make you respected but will also make you prepared for handling your business in general.