Raphael Paulin-Daigle is the CEO of SplitBase, they help fashion, luxury, and lifestyle e-commerce companies sell more online by increasing website conversions and profits through our Testing Trifecta optimization program.

They’ve increased conversions by hundreds of percent for their clients, creating million-dollar impacts. Notable clients include L’Oréal, Kiehl’s, BestSelf, Primal Pit Paste, and Frank + Oak.

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During the interview, we talk about the Testing Trifecta. Interesting concept. If you sell online, this is going to be a great episode for you.

For everyone else, you get the luxury of learning from a young founder. He’s won a ton of awards and has been doing this since he was 15! Congrats Rapheal and enjoy the episode.

Website: https://splitbase.com

Twitter: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelpaulindaigle/

Book: http://meetraphael.com

Now, moving on, let me tell you everything you need to know about Conversion Optimization!

What Is Conversion Optimization?

The conversion rate of your website is the percentage of visitors who do what you want them to do (i.e., convert). Purchasing anything on a website is the most common conversion. Downloading an app, filling out a form, or joining a mailing list are all possible conversion actions for a separate site. Multiple conversion actions can be found on a single website.

The Main Factor is Data

It’s all about data when it comes to conversion optimization.

You must test a hypothesis that is based on data. This information originates from a data analytics program like Google Analytics. This is why the first step in conversion improvement should be to collect data utilizing behavioral analytics tools. You can generate data-driven hypotheses by using heatmaps, scroll maps, click maps, surveys, and other metrics.


Conversion optimization is to improve the user experience, thus it must be straightforward. If you want to increase conversions, keep things simple.

You can match client needs by having a simple website design with a clear layout. Visitors to the website can quickly and easily find what they’re looking for. Simplicity is a design approach that refers to maximizing clarity, which may be achieved on the landing page by deleting and grouping components.

A landing page with a headline, bullets, a form, and a call to action is more likely to convert than one with a lot of content, graphics, videos, several CTAs, a footer, menu, and other elements.

Remember the rule that less is more when it comes to simplicity.

Optimize Content

Content changes are the simplest to do and have a big influence on conversions.

Businesses disregard conversion optimization because they believe it is just related to design. However, you do not need to change the website’s design; instead, examine what you can readily change.

Without the help of a designer, you can modify the headline, copy, CTA text, photos, video, font, words, tone, and so on. When you start optimizing content, you’ll see how important it is in the actual sense.


Friction reduces conversion rates, which is an important conversion optimization element to consider.

Anything that prevents a visitor from converting is referred to as friction. The visitor wants to click the CTA but is unable to do so due to poor CTA button placement, a slow website, a long-form, poor font style, and other factors.

There are a lot of things that cause friction, and it’s your responsibility to get rid of them all.

One of the easiest methods to discover friction on a landing page is to conduct user testing (among other things).

It never ends

Optimizing conversion rates is a never-ending journey. Your conversion rate may theoretically be as high as 100%. What is your conversion rate right now? 1% of what? 4% of the population? How much could it be made better?

Conversion optimization is a process that occurs in cycles. After you’ve tested a feature, you can improve it. Then you try out a new feature and make more tweaks. Every small test and tweak can make a significant difference in your conversion rate.

It is Cost-Effective

Yes, conversion optimization is relatively inexpensive.

The majority of businesses believe that conversion rate improvement is both costly and difficult. Thanks to CRO solutions that have eased conversion optimization, this is no longer the case. A competent CRO tool costs less than $100 a month, and some, like Google Optimize, are even free.

The initial price for hiring an agency is $1,000 per month. The cost will vary depending on your conversion optimization project, but $1,000 per month isn’t too much when you don’t have to perform anything in-house.

Contrasting CTA Button

The use of contrasting CTA button colors is one of the basic conversion optimization facts to assist you to get started with testing.

The use of a contrasting CTA button color makes it stand out and attracts visitors’ attention right away. According to signal detection theory, humans have the ability to sense contrast in their surroundings. It also works.

HubSpot ran a conversion optimization test by changing the color of the CTA button. The red button performed better than the green button. The use of a red button raised conversion rates by 21%:

Contrasting CTA Button


Because the color red stands out and does not blend in with the rest of the page.

Accept/Reject CTA

The conversion rate is improved by requiring visitors to accept or reject your CTA or offer. It is, however, a little-known truth. The loss aversion phenomenon, on the other hand, supports it.

When deciding whether or not to accept an offer, people think about the benefits they will lose. This is when loss aversion kicks in, and they may accept an offer simply to avoid losing the benefits.

Final thoughts

Businesses must now approach marketing in a fresh and strategic manner. Conversion rate optimization is a fresh and strategic approach.

Here’s your final takeaway if you forget everything else in this post. Conversion rate optimization is something you should be doing.

CRO is a strategic requirement for each company with an online presence. This is something you owe to yourself. Also, it’s something you owe to your firm. It’s something you owe to your consumers and customers. Make 2022 the year you learn everything there is to know about CRO.