Sales teams need to meet quotas, and with sales productivity platforms popping up left and right, it’s important they choose one that meets their demands. Plus, they need a sales platform that doesn’t disrupt their sales pipeline. One of the tools that you could consider for your sales team is Cirrus Insight. But is Cirrus Insight worth considering among the many sales productivity tools out there? Here’s our Cirrus Insight review to give you an idea of the platform.

Cirrus Insight Review: Overview

Cirrus Insight dubs itself as a “sales enablement platform.” They ensure that anyone in sales can become more productive through email tracking, scheduling, and follow-up reminders.

You can do that all in your inbox.

Companies like Samsung, Discover, and Progressive track their emails with the platform.

Who Can Use Cirrus Insight?

  • Account executives
  • Sales managers
  • Sales teams
  • CRM admins
  • Customer service representatives

Cirrus Insight Features

The sales productivity tool is loaded with amazing features for sales teams of all sizes. Let’s get an overview of each feature in this Cirrus Insight review.

Salesforce Sidebar and Sync

Those using Salesforce can easily access all their leads in Cirrus Insight. Plus, you can sync all information from Salesforce to Cirrus Insight and vice versa. There’s no need to enter data manually. As for the Salesforce Sidebar, you’ll see the familiar sidebar on Cirrus Insight. Use Salesforce seamlessly outside of the widely used platform.

Email Integration

This one has a social lookup feature, where you can find information about your prospects on social networking sites. Plus, you can manage all of your data and sales pipelines.

Calendar Sharing

Without leaving your inbox, Calendar Sharing makes it easy for you to create a unique meeting link, share that link, and view your meeting calendar. Added to that, you can also include a bio on the calendar scheduling feature so they know you at the get-go before the video call.

Sales Cadences

Automate outreach efforts with Cirrus Insight’s Sales Cadence feature. 

You can schedule personalized emails and phone calls on the software. Here, you can add merge tags and other variables as personalization options. Plus, get notified so you won’t miss any follow-up opportunities.

Buyer Signals & Email Templates

Cirrus Insight’s scoring signals take the guesswork out of who will move forward or not. It gives you an idea of who is likely to engage with you further. Plus, you’ll know if your prospect opened your email and clicked on any links you included.

In addition, don’t waste time composing the same email. You have access to the Salesforce library and find email templates to personalize it to your prospects. 

Attachment Tracking 

Get some peace of mind by knowing if your prospect has opened the attachment you sent. With Cirrus Insight, you’ll learn if they opened the attachment.

Sent the wrong attachment by accident? Cirrus Insight lets you swap the attachment for the correct one even after hitting send.

Not to mention, it has password protection and expiry options to protect and secure information.

Cirrus Insight Pros and Cons

As an affordable sales productivity tool, Cirrus Insight packs a punch against its competitors. However, it may have its caveats. Let’s know why salespeople love using Cirrus Insight and what areas can Cirrus Insight improve on?


  • Easy integration to Gmail and Outlook
  • Seamless access to Salesforce on Gmail and Outlook
  • Email and information logging


  • Problems encountered with the campaigns feature
  • Users may face some connectivity issues with Gmail

Cirrus Insight Pricing

Cirrus Insight has a 14-day free trial available for new users before the users will commit to any of their three plans. Let’s see how much each plan costs in this Cirrus Insight review.


The starter is the basic plan. It includes Salesforce Sidebar, Calendar Scheduling, and the Sync to Salesforce feature. It’s barebones compared to the other plans, but it’s a great plan to introduce you to Cirrus Insight.

Price: Starts at $7/user/mo, billed annually


Pro has all the features from Starter, but it has all of the Salesforce Sync capabilities. Plus, it includes email and link tracking.

Price: Starts at $16/user/mo, billed annually


Maximize Cirrus Insight by subscribing to Expert. It has all the necessary sales tools you need, such as scheduling meetings, prospecting tools, buyer signals, and the Salesforce sidebar.

Price: Starts at $27/user/mo, billed annually

Cirrus Insight Competitors

Cirrus Insight is up against other email and sales productivity heavyweights. Let’s see which ones stand in the way of Cirrus Insight.


Yesware is a close competitor to Cirrus Insight because it almost has the same features. In addition, their basic plan (Pro) has more to offer than Cirrus Insight. However, Yesware doesn’t have any Salesforce integration and syncing on the Pro plan.


  • Pro – starting at $15/user/mo
  • Premium – starting at $35/user/mo
  • Enterprise – starting at $65/user/mo


Like other sales productivity tools, Mailshake has email tracking and CRM integration. However, Mailshake has the advantage of having a Phone Dialer and Split Testing as features. Aside from that, public relations teams can also use Mailshake to connect with journalists instantly. 

In terms of pricing, Mailshake may be expensive for smaller teams. However, they have two all-inclusive plans, depending on your needs.


  • Email Outreach – $44/user/mo
  • Sales Engagement – $75/user/mo


Compared to other sales productivity tools, Reply is jam-packed with sales-related tools and features. Their email assistant is powered by AI. Plus, not only can you connect with prospects or leads through email, but you can send them a message through chat apps. So far, they only have WhatsApp integration. Not only that, but Reply can also verify emails and phone numbers to avoid bounced emails, spam, and wrong calls.

Individual pricing:

  • $70/mo/user (1000 contacts)
  • $90/mo/user (3000 contacts)
  • $120/mo/user (Unlimited contacts)

Business pricing:

  • $70/mo/user (starts at 3 users)
  • $60/mo/user (starts at 5 users)
  • $50/mo/user (starts at 10 users)

Meanwhile, for Agency pricing, you can chat with them.


Cirrus Insight is a step above some sales productivity tools. Tracking and analytics will help sales teams move through the pipeline without any problem. Plus, with the added Salesforce integration, you get more out of Cirrus Insight information logging. It’s worth considering, especially if you want to make your sales or support team more productive and efficient.