Gone are the days when you had to start a graphic design from scratch. As more people and businesses engage in social media, there’s always a need to post visually appealing and professional-looking images. That’s the reason why Canva became a big hit. Now, if you are living under a rock and are yet to use this platform, this Canva review could help you understand what it is.

Canva Overview  

Canva is on its way to being your core source for DIY graphic design. Practically everything you need is in this app. If you wish to create social media images, posters, presentations, and other visual content, without the need to hire expensive graphic designers, Canva is the way to go.  

The app was started in 2012 in Sydney Australia by Cameron Adams, Cliff Obrecht, and Melanie Perkins. In its first year, they already have around 750,000 users. And to date, the number of its free and premium users continues to grow.

Canva’s Features 

There’s so much to do with Canva. First, you can create your designs using templates. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They have other features that non-designers will truly appreciate. Let us share with you some of our favorites. 

Design Size Guide 

For an amateur, we are not knowledgeable about the right size or resolution for various marketing or visual designs. For example, would you know the right width and height to create a standard brochure? How about if you are to create a billboard? With Canva, they have a size guide where you just have to search, click, and start doing the design. 

Color Wheel 

We also enjoy using the platform’s color wheel which can help if you are just starting with your branding. Just choose one color and the app will suggest the best ones that go with it, whether monochromatic, analogous, tetradic, or triadic. 

Color Palette Generator

The color palette generator is also a great touch. Just upload your photos and Canva will use all the colors or hues from your image. That way, all your designs will be consistent. What a way to save time and effort! 

Font Combinations

And lastly, you can certainly take advantage of the Font Combinations feature. Just choose your primary or starter font and once again, it will automatically suggest the best font that goes perfectly with it.  

Canva Interface 

While prepping for this Canva review, we asked one of our team members who’s not familiar with the platform to use it. In fact, he doesn’t have experience in graphic design at all. And so we thought, he’s the perfect person to try the app. 

Surprisingly, he got the hang of it right away. The intuitive design of the platform either on the web or app makes it easy for anyone to navigate through it. Plus, you just need to choose a template, pick stock images, place your texts, adjust as necessary, and you are good to go. Again, it’s a no-brainer. And we love it.  

Canva Plans and Pricing

This Canva review will not be complete without its pricing. Canva offers different plans and pricing depending on your needs. You may choose from the following. 


The free plan is amazing with its 250,000+ free templates. There are hundreds of graphics and images to choose from, and you have 5GB worth of cloud storage. Invite team members, and comment and collaborate in real-time. 


Imagine getting everything in the free plan plus a whole lot more. The Pro plan offers brand kits and can resize your projects instantly. Apart from that, you can choose from 75+ million premium stock photos, videos, and other visual materials. Upload your own fonts and schedule your social media content on multiple platforms. This is best if you are a startup, wanting to beef up your online marketing campaign. You get 100GB of cloud storage with this plan. Enjoy this for USD 9.95. 


Next, we have the Enterprise. With this plan, you can control your team’s access to the app. There are even built-in workflows before designs can be approved. Enjoy unlimited storage and 24/7 support. Pay USD 30 every month for the Enterprise plan. 

Canva for Education

Can also partners with Google for Education and has created a plan specifically for the academe. Here you can publish assignments and activities for your students. Plus, you can access it through your Google Drive and Dropbox folders. 

Canva for Nonprofits 

And lastly, we have the Canva for nonprofits. There are eligibility guidelines and you can use the tool for free. Some of the nonprofits that enjoy Canva’s products are Fistula Foundation, Amnesty International, Rise Against Hunger, and Opera America, to name a few. 

In our opinion, the pricing models are on point. It isn’t too expensive considering the features and benefits you can enjoy. If you are running a small business and you or your team members could still work on your visuals, investing in this tool is a clever idea. Again, it’s way cheaper than hiring a professional graphic designer. 

What’s Wrong With Canva? 

This is quite hard to answer because we absolutely enjoy using it, and we’re sure millions of people would agree. Probably one of the downsides of using this platform is that you tend to be overly dependent on the templates and graphics available. In that case, you would see other businesses and brands using the same. As a result, your marketing might not stand out. 

So, if you still want to use Canva for your business, make sure that you know the advanced techniques when creating graphics. It would help if you check out their Design School. From here, you can find tutorials and even events all related to design.

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! The Canva Review that youneed. We honestly believe that the Canva team took the holistic approach when they created their platform. They wanted to touch base on everything we need in terms of design. And they did so perfectly. With their ever-growing team of engineers, designers, and marketers, we expect that Canva will give us more features. They indeed changed the course of the game. And perhaps you already know that we will highly recommend Canva for your design needs.