Buzzsprout can help brands and business owners get the word out there. To date, it has helped 100,000 people to kick start their own podcast. And while many claims that this is the best platform to start your podcast, we created this Buzzsprout review to manage your expectations

Buzzsprout Overview 

Buzzsprout isn’t your typical podcast platform. It has everything you need from hosting, promoting, and even tracking your episodes. They started in 2009, and by the looks of it, there is no stopping this platform. In fact, it gets better every year. 

Get Listed in Top-Tiered Podcast Directories 

Probably our favorite thing about Buzzsprout is that it gets your episodes listed in different podcast directories. That means you have the potential to reach millions of listeners all over the globe. Think about being visible in Apple Podcasts, Podchaser, Spotify, Castbox, Google Podcast, Castro, and Overcast to name a few. 

Magic Mastering to Improve Quality of Audio  

Another plus point that we found as we were doing this Buzzsprout review is the Magic Mastering feature. This improves the quality of your audio files. And at the same time, it helps it optimize the sound to match your demographics. This will help you launch a more professional-sounding episode.  

Transcriptions to Increase SEO and Reach a Wider Market  

Since you would want to reach as many people as possible, you need to make your podcast accessible even to those who are hearing impaired. The best possible solution is to have your podcast transcribed. Again, Buzzsprout can do that for you. And aside from getting a bigger portion of the market, transcribing your episodes could boost your SEO. 

Analytics to Track Your Progress 

One of Buzzsprout’s features is to provide advanced statistics. As someone running a podcast, you should know how your episodes are doing, and even the behavior of your listeners. This could help you build a better lineup of topics and strategies. 

Manage Multiple Podcasts and Team Members 

If you are managing several podcasts or you have other team members, organizing everything is easier with Buzzsprout. 

Affiliate Marketplace 

Another advantage of using Buzzsprout is that you can monetize your podcast. To date, they have partnered with several brands that will help you kick start your money-making machine. 

Buzzsprout Interface 

As we were doing our Buzzsprout review, we had it tested by one of our team members who wanted to create her own podcast. She has zero knowledge of how to start one from scratch, so it was the perfect opportunity. We just shared the link and asked her opinion about the usability of the platform. 

Without much of a surprise, we found out that Buzzsprout is easy to use. Signing up is a breeze. In fact, they have a guide that can help you set up your podcast. And even if you have an existing podcast from a different host, transferring it to Buzzsprout will not give you a headache. 

We compared Buzzsprout with other podcast hosts and we have to say, it is still the leading platform in terms of interface. It’s clean and straightforward. 

Uploading and Publishing Your Episode in Buzzsprout 

When you are done recording your episode, uploading it to Buzzsprout is also a no-brainer. You will see an Upload a New Episode button right on the front page. Simply drag your audio file here. 

As you reach the next page, you need to provide a little information about your episode. This includes the title, description, summary, name of the host and guests, and artwork to name a few. Once you completed these, you are good to publish your episode.  

Buzzsprout Pricing 

There are four plans available at Buzzsprout. If you want to test the waters first and see if the platform is for you, then we recommend trying out the Free plan where you get to enjoy 2 hours every month and the episodes will last for 90 days.

And once you want to make regular episodes and you wish to take podcasting seriously, you may choose from their 3-hour, 6-hour, and 12-hour packages. All these packages come with advanced stats, unlimited storage, unlimited team members, custom embed players, and you can import your podcast for free. And of course, it will be available in podcast directories. 

3-Hour Package

Get this for $12 per month. Upload more content for $4 per hour and add Magic Mastering for $6 per month.  

6-Hour Package 

Get this for $18 per month. Upload more content for $3 per hour and add Magic Mastering for $9 per month. 

12-Hour Package  

Get this for $24 per month. Upload more content for $2 per hour and add Magic Mastering for $12 per month. 

As of the moment, Buzzsprout offers a monthly subscription only, and you can easily cancel it anytime you want. An annual subscription is not yet available. We suggest taking advantage of their free 90-day subscription for now.   

Buzzsprout Customer Service 

If you have questions about their products, they have a dedicated help section where they extensively provided answers to the most common queries. But if this does not satisfy you, their support team is available via email. Expect to get a response quickly.

What Others Don’t Like About Buzzsprout

There’s one thing that others don’t like about Buzzsprout. If you must know, it automatically converts your audio file. While most people don’t see an issue with it, audio experts or audio engineers might be turned off knowing that they have already prepared the best type of file for the show. But for us, as long as it sounds decent, and the listeners do not have a hard time enjoying your episodes, then we are all good. 

Should You Use Buzzsprout?

If you are serious about creating your podcast, then we highly recommend that you use Buzzsprout. The fees, in our opinion, are reasonable enough considering all the features and benefits you’d enjoy from it. 

However, we hope that they could create annual plans. In most cases, annual subscription fees are cheaper and could save us a ton of cash. Plus, it pushes you to create more episodes, which can eventually help your brand and business. Lastly, we hope you enjoy this Buzzsprout review!