Anyone can easily claim that they are a graphic designer. But the real question is, can they deliver? Without actual client testimonials and proper ratings, there is no quality assurance. And that is why we recommend using the best websites for graphic design talent.   

Sure, there are a lot of platforms online. But we trimmed our list to only seven. We’ve only included websites that have already proven their system and quality of work over the years. Choose from one of these and you’re guaranteed professional and quality graphic designs.


Nothing is better than getting unlimited projects for a fixed price! And that’s what you can enjoy from Penji. Seeing the shortcomings of other graphic design companies, Penji was able to address these issues. In fact, they have a system in place where you can easily request designs and download projects right away. It eliminates multiple email threads that can cause delays or confusion.  

We tried the platform for ourselves and it did not disappoint. Upon requesting a simple graphic design project, the team responded right away and the first draft was submitted within 24 hours. While the design was already good, we didn’t want to stop our test and sent points for revision. And boy, we were amazed! The service was fast and the output was just on point. They offer a 15-day money-back guarantee, but who needs that? We are certainly going to use their services from now on.   

  • Signing up at Penji is a breeze and that’s a great way to onboard anyone who wants to use their platform. Just place your request and they will instantly match it based on their designer’s expertise. 
  • With them, only the top 2% of graphic designers will work for you. That’s how stringent their application process is. As tough as it may sound, it’s actually beneficial to their clients. 
  • Some of their most notable clients are Reebok, Lyft, and AWeber. 

Penji uses a subscription model that we can personally recommend for small businesses and startups. Having this type of payment scheme allows you to manage your budget easily and you won’t be caught off guard by expensive fees by independent freelancers. You can choose from their packages depending on the workload and your budget. 

  • Pro – $399
  • Team – $499
  • Agency –  $899 


Fiverr is probably one of the most popular websites to scout for a graphic designer. And while we’ve seen a number of unpleasant feedback and reviews, there are still millions of people who use this platform for a number of reasons. One, there are hundreds of freelancers to choose from. Two, they are very much transparent on the freelancer’s profile and ratings. Three, you can get designs for extremely low prices. 

If you do not have bulk graphic design needs every month, using Fiverr is a good solution. But you have to be precise with your instructions and you need to understand the service inclusions. If these are not clear, you might end up with a bad design, or paying a hefty professional fee. They call their clients ‘buyer’ and their freelancers ‘seller’.   

  • Upon logging into your Fiverr account as a buyer, you can use their search and filter function to find the best graphic design talent. As mentioned, you can see the freelancer’s profile and ratings. This could help you gauge the designer’s level of expertise. 
  • Before placing an order, we recommend that you send a message to your seller to make sure that they can work on your request. If all things are cleared, you can now place your order and wait for your design. 
  • Fiverr has wide demographics in terms of clients. But more often than not, they cater to small businesses and independent consultants with minimal design requirements. 

You can get designs for as low as $5 depending on the project’s specifications   


Many people regard 99Designs as the best website to find reliable graphic design talent. When you think about it, the business model works like a competition or a contest. You prepare your brief, wait for offers from different freelancers, and choose the best one that suits your preference. 

The design contest usually runs for one full week and the designers need to submit their draft during the first four days, practicing a quick turnaround. From there, you can qualify and narrow down the designers where you get to work with them closely for the next three days. Of course, the more complex the request is, such as Website and app design, the longer you have to wait.

The good thing about 99 Designs is that they will hold your payment until you receive the final output. This is great protection from freelancers who might not deliver according to the agreed terms. 

  • There are actually two ways to get a graphic design talent from this platform. First, 99 Designs will provide you with a list of their top-tiered graphic designers. And the second one is the method we mentioned above – holding a contest. We recommend the second option if you want to get multiple ideas. 
  • Their pool of clients includes startups and companies on a strict budget. They currently have a 4.8/5-star rating from more than 37,000 customer reviews. 

Their pricing model depends on your design request. For example, web design starts at $599. A landing page will cost you at least $349. As for a WordPress theme design, you can get yours for $599. There are also basic design projects like social media pages for only  $79. 


TopTal promises to only provide you with the best graphic design talent. If you look at some of their designers’ profiles, they are quite impressive. Others have worked for big brands like Apple, Lego, and even Facebook. With that experience and caliber, expect nothing less than superior. 

  • Hiring a graphic designer in TopTal can be done in 2 days. You can discuss your requirements with their industry experts. From there, you will be presented with selected talents according to your brief. And as easy as that, you can work with your new team member on a trial basis and pay only when you are satisfied. However, do not be surprised if their rate is more expensive than other service providers. 
  • TopTal has worked with big names such as Duolingo, Airbnb, and Shopify. 

Their pricing is influenced by a number of factors but they have provided a price range for their graphic design talents. 

  • Hourly rate: $70 – $150 
  • Part time: $1,200 – $2,400/ per week 
  • Full time: $2,400 – $4,800 per week  


More than 3 million people across the globe use Guru and that certainly proves their excellent reputation as a graphic design website. By using their platform, you get to see verified freelancers and have visibility of their feedback scores. This makes it easier for you to filter the best designers for your requests. Their payment gateway is also safe and secure, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Plus, they take pride in their customer support which is available 24/7. Just in case you have issues to raise, there will be a dedicated team to answer all your queries. 

Joining their community is free. Upon sign-up, you can already post your request and get quotes from multiple graphic design talents. 

  • Posting a job is pretty straightforward in Guru. When writing the job description, you need to be as detailed as possible. You can also filter your applicants by setting your location preferences. After receiving offers, you can choose the best one right away. 
  • Like most crowd-sourcing platforms, their core clients are mostly people who need one-time design or small-scale businesses with a limited budget.  

At Guru, you do not have to pay anything. However, if you want your job post to be more visible, it will cost you $29.95.


Dribble started in 2009 but they have already showcased thousands of designs that allowed freelancers to get more clients. Creating an account is easy. We used our email and it took us less than 2 minutes to complete the process. Once you are inside the platform, you will choose your reason for signing in. 

  • I’m a designer looking to share my work 
  • I’m looking to hire a designer 
  • I’m looking for design inspiration 
  • It’s easy to post a job and to look for potential designers. Just choose a job category and identify if it is for a short-term project or for a full-time role. You will then be routed to another page where you need to answer a few questions about the position. We had no problems navigating through their platform which makes it perfect for everyone. 
  • Dribble has an impressive list of clients including Dropbox, Slack, and Google. 

They have different pricing depending on the service inclusions. The most cost-efficient and basic package starts at $199 per month. 

People Per Hour

With more than 1 million businesses using People Per Hour, it’s one of the best websites to find reliable graphic design talent. It’s nearly impossible not to trust the platform. People Per Hour is a good avenue to connect employers and freelancers around the globe. 

Upon reading their Trust and Safety protocols, it is evident that they value and protect the employers by providing guides on how to choose the right graphic design talent, to using their own communication tool, Workstream, to depositing funds in Escrow, down to using their own payment gateway.

  • People Per Hour has a project writing tool that makes it easy to post job offers. Their system will automatically match your job description to the right candidates. And in just a few minutes, you will receive multiple proposals from different applicants.
  • You can also use their search function and shop for the right designers based on their profiles.  
  • The platform is ideal for clients with one-time projects. 

At People Per Hour, you can post a job for free. The pay depends on your agreement with the graphic designer. 


Apparently, the websites we listed above use different business models. There are subscription models, pay ad schemes, and there are also platforms that generate profit from commissions or directly from the designers. 

Each model has its advantages. For example, if you have a strict budget and you only require one design, then hiring on a per-project basis seems logical.  

However, after careful consideration, we find it more practical to work with companies such as Penji. Let’s face it, graphic designs are considered a commodity for your business. You need it every day for your social media, email templates, presentation decks, posters, and even merchandise. 

Just think about it for a minute. Getting unlimited designs for a fixed price gives you more options and yet you can still control your budget. And since you are not locked in a contract, you can easily cancel your subscription if you don’t need the services anymore