Nowadays, it can be hard to get one job, let alone juggling between two to three jobs simultaneously. So, we made a list of the Best Side Hustle Jobs that you should try!

Side hustles are becoming more and more popular.

Here are the best side hustle jobs that make good, clean money, and are also easy to do:

Drive for Grab or Uber

If you like driving down the streets in your area, why not earn from it while you’re at it? Register your car with Grab or Uber and start earning. The best part about this side hustle job is that you can drive whenever you want. 

So for people with irregular work schedules, this could be a fun and lucrative side hustle. Plus, public transportation sometimes comes short, so this is a vital demand in some countries.

Food Delivery 

People have been so spoiled these days. Because of technology, we no longer want to even lift a finger when grabbing something to eat. That’s why food delivery could be one of the best side hustle jobs today. 

Additionally, you’re not wasting time as you receive orders through an app like Uber Eats. It’s quite simple: Wait for orders, buy the food, deliver, and get paid. 

English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL jobs are on-demand, especially in non-English speaking countries like Japan, China, and Korea. If English is your native tongue, this could be a fun side hustle that pays excellent money. 

As the English language weaves through every country as its lingua franca, there is always a high demand for English tutors. And the advantage? You can teach at home — in your pajamas! 

Amazon FBA

If you want to get into eCommerce but can’t manage it full-time, try Amazon FBA. Fulfillment by Amazon allows you to sell any product without having to tackle shipping and delivery.

Your products are stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers and are shipped after every order. Toys, video games, books, or gadgets are a few item suggestions. 


If you do have a lot of time in your hands, you can venture into eCommerce. Start an online store from scratch, pick the most profitable products, market, and ship. 

Although this one might need more management on the delivery of goods, it certainly pays more. Sites like Shopify or BigCommerce can be a good start. With the increasing number of mobile searches, this side hustle could cater to an extensive target market. 

Travel Accommodation Marketplace

If you have an extra room or property to spare, register it on Airbnb instead of letting it sit idle for months. While this may not work for everyone, make sure you do market research and check if it’s feasible in your area. 

For areas that have high foot and vehicle traffic, this is a money-making industry that lets you earn passive income.


For creatives who want the best side hustle jobs while doing what they love, photography could be first on their list. Investing in a camera might cost you an arm and a leg, but the investment is worth it.

Although selling your photography in art exhibits might not sound very lucrative, there are other ways to do it. For instance, you can upload your photos on sites like Shutterstock or Etsy and sell them online. 

This passion, or secondary job rather, could earn you big bucks, especially if you have an artsy flair. 

Online Surveys

Digital marketing is progressing now more than ever. And market research is one of the initial phases of digital advertising. That said, companies do market research all the time through surveys. 

They hire people to take short-paid online surveys. And guess what? You could be one of those people! Swagbucks, OnePoll and LifePoints are a few of the top online survey sites

Start Blogging

If you have a way with words, turn those thoughts into a beautifully written piece that could earn you money. Take note, though, that this is an overly saturated market, so make sure that your blogs stand out. 

The best part is you’re earning while doing what you love — writing. 

Affiliate Marketing

Another side hustle job that has to do with writing is affiliate marketing. This facet of online advertising works by reviewing or pitching products or services online and earning a commission whenever a user buys from the link you provided.

This side hustle could let you earn a commission even after months of publishing the article. 

Car Rental

Having an extra vehicle that sits around in your garage all day is a luxury. However, renting it out is another side hustle idea that makes good money. If you don’t want online car rental marketplaces to add up to fees, you can always market your car rental services within your circle. 

This could be an essential secondary money-making hustle, especially if you live in a city that tourists flock to. 

Freelancing Jobs

The freelance community is expanding year by year. Aside from the benefit of not having to commute daily, there is a myriad of high-paying freelancing jobs you can choose from.

Of course, don’t expect a smooth-sailing search. One has to have a particular set of skills that are on-demand to clients. This is one of the best side hustle jobs on this list because you get great opportunities, especially from first-world countries that pay good money. 

Here are a few freelancing side hustle jobs you can choose from:

  • Virtual Assistance
  • Customer Service
  • Lead Generation
  • Copywriting
  • Data Entry
  • ESL
  • Accounting
  • Social Media Management
  • Real Estate 
  • Consultancy 
  • Web Developing
  • Graphic Design

Start a Podcast

If you feel you are on the articulate side, why don’t you put that skill to good use and start a podcast? The only drawback is that you’ll have to exert effort to gain traction in this industry. Plus, you need to think of a good podcasting show that attracts audiences. And don’t forget the budget for a good mic and sound system.

When you’ve gained a good following for your podcast, you can always repurpose your content into audiobooks. That way, you can then sell your audiobooks online and earn additional income. 

This venture might not be easy as you’ll probably be collaborating with thought leaders and big players in the industry you choose. However, if it’s something that’s valuable to your target audience, expect that people will always listen to your show for guidance and entertainment. 

Walk Dogs

This is probably one of the easiest side hustle jobs for pet lovers. Dog walking doesn’t need any important skill or academic achievements. You simply have to love dogs and spend a couple of minutes per day with them and voila, you get instant money. 

On average, a 20-minute walk could earn you around $15 to $20. Not bad for something you do daily with your own furry companions!

Pick Up Trash

Okay, maybe this isn’t the ideal side hustle job you were thinking of, but it sure does pay good money. Take a cue from these garbage collectors who earned $120,000 in a year just picking up trash. 

The demand for garbage collectors is high, especially in a bustling city with an increasing population. 


If you love children and have a lot of time to kill after your primary jobs, then babysitting is for you. According to UrbanSitter, a babysitter could earn $16.75 for looking after one child.

And once again, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to babysit. If you can get along with children pretty well, then you might enjoy this secondary side hustle.

Influencer Marketing 

Although it sounds easy, influencer marketing has more to it than just grabbing your camera and posting on social media. You have to have an edge, give value, offer solutions, and provide entertainment. If you have a knack for entertaining people, give this a try and get paid for advertising products and services. 

Cleaning Services

If you have a forte for cleaning and you enjoy the habit, start a cleaning service. The upper hand is that you don’t need a huge capital to start one as the equipment is pretty basic. Floor and window cleaners, a vacuum, and some cleaning supplies, and you’re all set.

All you have to do is market within your circle first and rely on word of mouth. Then when you’re ready, start making your business website and invest in organic or paid advertising. 

Food Truck Business

Starting a food truck business might involve a steep capital for the truck. Yet for the chefs, this could be an affordable stepping stone to the restaurant of their dreams. 

After you’ve acquired a truck, think of a food truck concept and research what cuisine could become a hit in your area. The food industry is a highly lucrative sector that caters to high consumer demands. 

Become a Tour Guide

If you’re a born and bred product in a touristy area, offer your knowledge on several tourist destinations by becoming a local tour guide. Knowing the ins and outs of your city and nearby cities could mean gold.

Take note that you might have many competitors. However, if your tour packages and offers are competitive, you could appeal to tourists who are on a budget.