Changing your path from a nine-to-five to being a full-time entrepreneur requires guts and tenacity. This journey will not only test your skills in business, but it will also test you as a person. So, here are the Best Podcasts for First Time Entrepreneurs.

And sometimes it can be quite disheartening when you’re buried in all sorts of challenges and not have a single person to talk to; not until the rise of business podcasts that has gained popularity in recent years. 

So if you’re at the seed stage of your venture, here are the best podcasts for first-time entrepreneurs that’ll accompany you in whatever challenges you might have. 

But first, let me tell you some benefits of why first-time entrepreneurs like you should have a go-to podcast they can count on daily.

Benefits of Listening to Top Podcasts for First-Time Entrepreneurs

True enough, any entrepreneur can pick various inspirational mediums these days. However, there’s no comparison in listening to actual experts and top businesspeople in the industry. 

So before we introduce you to the best podcasts for first-time entrepreneurs; here are some benefits of listening to them in the first place:

  • Motivates you. As with consulting a friend for comfort, audio creates a more emotional impact than reading blogs or articles. Listening to business podcasts motivates you one way or another by knowing others’ rags-to-riches stories.
  • Educates you. It’s no surprise that listening to top industry players’ stories of success will teach you. You’ll learn a thing or two about business tactics, case studies, steps, and actions that you should nip in the bud, and more. 
  • Relieves stress. Business owners experience a great deal of stress, especially in the initial phase of their companies. Like sports, podcasts are a perfect way to relieve stress and pass the time. As long as you listen to the right materials, you’ll learn and feel empowered at the same time.
  • Develops personal and professional growth. Not only will listening to podcasts motivate you. It will also shape you into a better person — personally and professionally. You’ll discover some life lessons that’ll teach you. Like becoming more grateful, compassionate, resilient, thoughtful, understanding, and all other qualities needed for business professionals. 

Best Podcasts for First-Time Entrepreneurs


Running a business means owners tend to have this “blindness” to the uncertainties. The oblivion of not knowing what will happen to your business today, tomorrow, or after a year can bring entrepreneurs down, especially without a strong support system.

Johnathan Grzybowski, the host of Blind Entrepreneurship, has been in this long and winding road ever since he was 14 years old. And after failing and getting back up on his feet a couple of times, he took it upon himself to share his experience with struggling entrepreneurs as well. 

In 2016, he created the Blind Entrepreneurship podcast to help entrepreneurs who don’t have support from friends and family.

Now, Grzybowski is a founder of a graphic design company, Penji. And the company’s success is evident after being one of the forerunners in the INC 5000 2019 list. 

Growth Now Movement

The Growth Now Movement is a very apt podcast for newbies in the business sector. Justin Schenck, a public speaker, and entrepreneur spearheads this podcast weekly. He aims to interview influential people in the industry to also share their stories from being a nobody to an influential person in their space. 

The podcasts touch on the obstacles that every first-time entrepreneur faces and how to overcome them. 

For instance, in their latest weekly “Moment of Growth” episode, Schenck shares his implementation of the 15-minute rule. He shares how this newly-implemented system has helped him increase overall productivity. 

We all have our moments of procrastination, and Schenck also shares how this rule is efficient in helping you combat them. 

Entrepreneur On Fire

John Lee Dumas is the man behind Entrepreneurs On Fire. In this award-winning podcast, he tackles how you can achieve results in a limited timeframe. 

John got this “AHA” moment from being stuck in a hamster wheel for so long. He was venturing into different kinds of jobs, career paths, and more. He was in the military for eight years, then he went into real estate, and that’s when he realized how trapped he is. 

Every morning, he felt that everything he does didn’t motivate others and himself anymore. And that’s when he wanted out. 

His podcasts inspire listeners and wannabe podcasters as well. Moreover, he offers free podcast courses to make your podcasting dreams come true. 

StartUp / Gimlet Media

The genius entrepreneur who’s backing the StartUp podcast is Alex Blumberg, along with Lisa Chow. StartUp podcast is part of the American-based podcast network Gimlet Media. 

You’d instantly think that Blumberg has the same success story as all the others — but it’s far from that. Blumberg has a unique start with his business, but the smartest decision he made was when he decided to document all of it! 

The first episode titled, “How Not to Pitch a Billionaire,” talks about how Blumberg had his first disastrous pitch to a silicon valley master, Chris Sacca. 

In this episode, they both talk about how they both started off on the wrong foot like Blumberg’s pitch in the highway overpass in LA. Sacca then teaches Blumberg the proper way to pitch. But it’s a happy ending after all when Sacca gives Blumberg another chance by inviting him to give his pitch another go. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

There’s probably not one podcast seeker out there that doesn’t know of this popular podcast channel, The Tim Ferriss Show. It is considered the number one show beating all the other 500,000 podcast networks in the market and for a good reason. 

Tim, the man behind this podcast, likes to tackle different areas in every episode. That said, listeners can expect a versatile show and not just purely about business. Aside from business, Tim also talks about sports, art, investments, and more. 

His podcast is one of the best podcasts for first-time entrepreneurs and also one of the most downloaded on Apple Podcasts. At the time of writing, fans have downloaded his podcasts over 400 million times! 

Masters of Scale 

Putting importance on a mere hunch or theory, Reid Hoffman in Masters of Scale encourages everyone never to ignore their instincts. 

Hoffman believes that there are underlying theories in scaling a business. And he puts interesting and entertaining storytelling in his podcasts that surrounds the big concepts along with simple hacks that are effective in propelling your business to success. 

He puts the most iconic legends in scaling like Mark Zuckerberg or Brian Chesky’s stories as the perfect archetypes. 

Overall, his podcasts encourage expert or first-time entrepreneurs to always be brave enough to do something different.

She Did It Her Way

She Did It Her Way is a podcast to empower more women to take that first leap in starting their businesses. Amanda Boleyn knows how stagnant being in a 9-to-5 routine is. 

She says, though you’re productive at work by dealing with colleagues, bosses, suppliers, or acquaintances, you’ll feel that there’s no more energy left to do other things you love — like fulfilling your lifelong dream of starting a business.

So the only way is the quit your job by doing the three phases she emphasizes in her podcasts: Lead Up, Leap, and Land


Let’s admit, being a female entrepreneur juggling between nurturing your family and running a business is daunting. Not only does society make it doubly hard for women entrepreneurs, but being a woman comes with a whole range of other responsibilities too.

For Kalika Yap, a woman has all the strength to take care of a family, run a business, and be a legend at the same time. In her podcast, which is part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization network, Wonder highlights female entrepreneurs along with other thought leaders in the industry. 

Some of her guests are the renowned NYX founder, Toni Ko, PopSugar’s Lisa Sugar, and The Biggest Loser’s star Devin Alexander.