Having your employees paid correctly and on time is one of the most crucial factors in maintaining a productive business. Fortunately, there are many online payroll software in the market that can make this process a lot easier. So, here are the Best Payroll Services you should consider.

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs used to manually track time, do calculations, subtract deductions, file taxes, and hand out paychecks one by one. With current platforms, you can run the payroll with just a few mouse clicks. 

But before signing up for just any online payroll service, it’s crucial to list down the features that are vital to your business. As every venture has a unique set of needs, it’s a smart move to review your payroll process. As well as pick a service that could best perform the functions required for your business. 

Features of the Best Payroll Services


Perhaps one of the most apparent advantages of getting a payroll software service is precision. Manually doing the payroll makes it prone to human error; even the most meticulous person isn’t immune from committing a mistake. An online platform could accurately compute employees’ salaries based on time tracking data, subtract taxes and other deductions, and file taxes and pay benefit providers.


Payroll software services offer unrivaled time efficiency as you wouldn’t have to compute and organize data on paper manually. Aside from being able to pay employees on time, taxes and benefits are also paid and filed within the deadline, helping avoid fines and cancelation of benefits like health insurance.  

Organization and Automation

The best payroll services provide organization and automation. In short, they simplify a complicated process. Platforms also allow for a straightforward compilation of employees’ information necessary in generating payrolls and let you set your payroll schedules. Most service providers also have mobile apps that let employees track their PTO, previous pay stubs, and other essential data. 


If you’re already using other software in running your business, particularly the processes that relate to employee productivity, choose a platform that you can integrate with your current system. Many payroll services can sync with various accounting applications, human resources software, as well as attendance and time tracking systems.

11 Best Payroll Services Online

Here are some of the most outstanding payroll services online. Check out each platform’s main features and examine which one would best fit your business needs.


Gusto is one of the most popular payroll services in the market today. Describing itself as “easy to use and seriously smart,” this platform offers automatic payroll tax filing, built-in benefits and time tracking, unlimited payrolls, and excellent customer service.

Aside from internal features including health insurance, 401(k), workers’ comp, and PTO, Gusto can also integrate with other services like Xero, TSheets, QuickBooks, Trainual, and Clover.

Their packages start at $6 per month per person plus a $39 per month base price, with their most premium option costing $12 per month per person $149/mo base price. 


Kronos takes pride in being used by more than half of the Fortune 1000. Its payroll solutions promise to simplify a business’ payroll process and eliminate errors. They feature a human capital management software that offers an end-to-end employee lifecycle management solution. 

Aside from payroll services, the company also offers other human capital management solutions. Including benefits administration, talent acquisition, onboarding, human resources, and talent management. Kronos doesn’t publish their rates online and encourages prospects to schedule a consultation to find a solution that fits a venture’s needs.


JustWorks relies on the simplicity of their software, coupled with expert support for human resources, payroll, benefits, and compliance.

Their most basic plan for small businesses with less than 25 people is $49 per month per employee. Their premium plan for the same range of workplace population is $99 per month per employee with added features, including COBRA Administration, health advocacy services, and One Medical. It also allows access to medical insurance, dental and vision insurance, and HSA / FSA accounts.


Zenefits’ payroll system can automatically integrate with the rest of a business’s HR system, including onboarding, salary changes, benefits changes, time tracking, and time-off requests. It can also sync with accounting and 401(k) platforms such as Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, Guideline, and Co-Pilot.

Their most basic package includes Core HR, time and scheduling, integrations, and mobile app. It costs $8 per month per employee. Their most expensive package costs $21 per month per employee and includes compensation management, performance management, and well-being tracking. 

Square Payroll

Square offers multiple solutions for eCommerce entrepreneurs, including accepting online payments, digital receipts, and analytics and sales reporting. Alongside these solutions, they also provide payroll services that allow for automated tax filing, employee benefits payment. The platform also has a mobile app that lets an entrepreneur run the payroll on the go.

Square only offers one type of package that costs $29 subscription fee per month plus $5 per paid employee per month. Their promise – they won’t charge you until you pay your team.  


Founded in 1971, Paychex is one of the pioneers in payroll outsourcing and continues to thrive in the digital world with over 14,000 employees nationwide. The platform provides human resource solutions to businesses of all sizes – from small companies with a team of fewer than ten individuals to big companies with more than 1,000 employees. 

The service provider’s website doesn’t publish its rates. They urge business owners to request a free quote for services tailor-fit for the nature and size of the business.


OnPay offers payroll as well as benefits and HR services for businesses of various fields, including startups and entrepreneurs, agriculture, healthcare, food and beverage, and non-profits. This service provider will allow you to pay employees and contractors instantly, automate tax filing, and pay employee benefits. It can also integrate with time-tracking and accounting applications.

The platform offers a simple computation for their fees: $36 base fee per month and an additional $4 per month per person.


PrimePay provides clients with all-inclusive payroll, time clock, benefits services, HR solutions, insurance and compliance, and merchant services. The company describes itself as an advocate of small businesses, helping them thrive in serving their local communities.

The platform’s payroll bundle starts at $44 per pay with an additional $2.70 per check. Their website features an online calculator that can give you an automatic quotation based on the number of your employees, zip code, and pay frequency. 


Aside from the basic payroll services, this platform offers other features. Including pre-processing register, employee action forms, new hire and quick edit templates, and custom checklists. Paylocity promises to provide a proactive approach to compliance laws and regulations. 

Also, service rates are not instantly available from Paylocity’s website. Interested entrepreneurs can chat with their customer support representatives or request a demo of their unified HCM platform.


Its user-friendly interface and practical functionality are two of the main reasons why Wagepoint makes it to this best payroll services list. Tagging their service as “payroll is done without any drama,” they promise a painless system anyone, even grandma, can use. 

So, as straightforward as the platform may sound, it does the tasks an entrepreneur would expect from a human resource tech solution. These functions include payroll calculations, taxes, direct deposit, contractor payments, W2/1099/W3 Reports, online pay stubs, and 401(k) plans for small businesses, among others. Wagepoint offers a simple pricing formula that applies to any business size. They charge a flat rate of $20 base fee plus $2 per employee per month.

Abacus Payroll

Lastly, when you are busy, you need to concentrate on your business. So why spend time on payroll? Abacus Payroll is a simple solution that gives you a dedicated payroll specialist that’s always available for you and your business. You can access your portal anywhere and at any time. ALL while being super affordable. The portal that you will use enables you to get forms, checklists, and other HR policies quickly. This service is best for any entrepreneur that doesn’t want to handle HR or payroll and would rather focus on what matters most; your business.