Normally, entrepreneurs can get bogged down and burned out from time to time. It can be due to the building pressure and the amount of work one has to monitor or oversee to achieve goals. So, we compiled the best meditation apps that there are!

Some entrepreneurs need to realize that it’s important to take a step back from the messiness that’s life and take a quick moment to stop and breathe. Maybe it’s time to consider meditation to get back on track.

To start, one can download any of the best meditation apps on the App Store or Google Play and they’re all set. For a more personalized experience, they can choose to look for a teacher to guide them. Either way, meditation may aid the burnt-out entrepreneur.

If you’re a burnt-out entrepreneur, don’t fret. We’ve got you covered here.

In this article, we discuss an overview of meditation, its history, and the best meditation apps you can download on your smartphone.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of achieving mindfulness. Oftentimes, it’s used for religious purposes, but it helps in strengthening one’s spirituality as well.

Meditation isn’t simply just closing one’s eyes and clearing the mind. You’ll find different types of meditation that would help you in different aspects of your life.

VeryWellMind lists five different meditation techniques you can use daily.

Basic meditation refers to shutting one’s eyes and clearing out thoughts. They elaborate that in basic meditation, one should observe and not engage with any thoughts.

Focused meditation helps redirect a person’s thoughts through auditory or visualized means. It gives an individual awareness of being in the now and succumbing to a state of consciousness

Mindfulness meditation allows one to focus on the now and everything around their environment.

Activity-oriented meditation is when one “gets in the zone” and heightens their enjoyment of activities they already engage in and keep a person focused on that activity.

Finally, spiritual meditation combines meditation with a touch of religion. It isn’t wholly dedicated to religion, but the idea is getting closer to a higher being and listening to their wisdom.

Meditation doesn’t simply strengthen one’s mentality, it also presents physical benefits as well. When one meditates, they may have reduced pain, stress, anxiety, lowered blood pressure, increased attention span, and improved sleep.

History of Meditation

In the comprehensive infographic about its history, meditation dates back to 5,000 BCE. Its teachings were recorded at around 1,500 BCE. Almost a thousand years later, meditation spread and developed in China and India under the Taoist and Buddhist teachings.

By 650 CE, as Japanese Buddhism was emerging, the Japanese opened the first meditation hall. It was only in the 18th century, at the height of exploration and trade where meditation’s teachings expanded to the West.

More and more Westerners gained interest in meditation because of the Tibetan Book of the Dead published in the 1920s. Meditation evolved in the West in the 1960s through Hatha Yoga and Transcendental Meditation.

With these new developments, Dr. Herbert Benson conducted a study in 1967 to evaluate the benefits of meditation. Through his findings, he published his paper, “The Relaxation Response”, and went on to establish Mind/Body Medical Institute.

Deepak Chopra rose as one of the most prominent figures in meditation in the late 90s, and more individuals used meditation as part of their daily lives.

In 2014, individuals who meditate gathered in one of the largest meditation events. It was attended by over 100,000 people to promote peace globally.

How The Best Meditation Apps Can Help

Fortunately, anyone with a smartphone can download a meditation app and meditate on the go. 

If you’re experiencing a mental breakdown or you just need some time away from colleagues or work, you can spend just a couple of minutes somewhere quiet. From there, you can tap on the meditation app and start your meditation session.

One of the best things about having a meditation app is the immediate availability and some of its free features. You don’t have to go to a studio or find a meditation teacher or trainer. Tap on whichever meditation technique suits your needs and take some time away from the hassles of life.

In some cases, some would meditate in certain scenarios such as anxiety attacks or restlessness before going to sleep. Some with those conditions find relief and relaxation after using meditation apps.

Some would report they have reduced anxiety attacks after using meditation apps and improved sleeping habits. Also, meditation apps make an individual kinder and more grateful to others.

As such, we list the five best meditation apps available on the App Store and Google Play.


Once you download the Calm App, it prompts you to take a deep breath and asks you the reasons such as:

  • Improve Focus
  • Reduce Stress
  • Better Sleep

On the app, you have six modes (seven if you’re using Calm for Kids as well), which you can use for your meditation journey.

  • Sleep
  • Meditate
  • Music
  • Masterclass
  • Body
  • Scenes

On meditate mode, you can see different meditation techniques for different cases such as sleep, anxiety, beginners, and stress. An instructor will guide you throughout the meditation technique you choose on the day or for some time.

The app is free for download. But when you sign up, you’ll have a 7-day free trial and you can access premium features that can further guide you.

If you want to stick with Calm forever, you can purchase a lifetime subscription worth $399.99.


On Headspace, you’ll get a free introductory 10-session course on meditation. From there, you can decide if Headspace is the best fit for you. If so, you can move forward with a subscription to unlock other features. However, you may still use the app with a few basic features.

Some of the free Headspace courses for meditation are:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed
  • Switching Off
  • Falling Back to Sleep

You can access their advice, interviews, and animation categories as well. During sleep as well, you can also listen to the sounds of laundry washing and storms or even music that can help you fall asleep.

As for their subscriptions, you have a monthly and annual subscription to choose from. The annual subscription costs $69.99/year ($5.83/month), while the monthly is $12.99/month.

The Mindfulness App

Just like Headspace, you get a free 5-day introductory course with Mindfulness.

Mindfulness also offers free basic meditation techniques and one course for those who may opt not to subscribe yet. You can also get free timed sessions that can last for 30 minutes.

Unlike Headspace, you have different “ambassadors” that guide you to become more mindful and focus on wellness.

Once you’ve subscribed to Mindfulness, you can check out their foundational, stress relief, sleep, focus, and travel meditations. You may even try a 10-day meditation program too.

It’s one of the best meditation apps because of the variety of techniques and programs you can do in just one app.


This app is the only one on the list that requires you to pay before you download it. It costs $2.99 on Google Play, but $4.99 on the App Store. 

Here’s the catch, you won’t have to pay for any other subscriptions unless you want to become a member. You’ll pay $30.00 to unlock more features as a member.

Unlike other meditation apps on this list, you’ll see a spin wheel in their available modes, such as:

  • Default
  • Tough Times
  • Sleep Issues
  • Working Hard
  • Social Animal
  • Mindful Ninja
  • Kids

The spin wheel has different scenarios that may apply to any situation during the day. From there, you click one situation, and you’re given different options on which meditation technique would be the best fit for you.

Despite the upfront payment, it’s one of the best meditation apps because you can choose to meditate on certain situations with their unique design.

Insight Timer

Unlike the other listed apps, Insight Timer has more than 25,000 titles to choose from on their Free mode. Meanwhile, if you want something more comprehensive, you’ll need to avail yourself of the Premium subscription that offers 200 more courses.

Knowing it has more than 20,000 titles for free makes it one of the best meditation apps on the list.

To browse those titles, you can go to the Meditation section and check out different topics. Some of the topics include stress and anxiety, recovery and healing, concentration, visualization, and so much more!

Of course, you want to level up your meditation game, you have two subscription options: monthly ($9.99/month) or annually ($59.99/yearly).

Final Thoughts

Through meditation, you can become more mindful of your activities and become more aware of your surroundings. Entrepreneurs may find meditation as a perfect fit to balance the pressures of running their business or start-up and time to themselves.

It’s good that entrepreneurs have different options with meditation apps because through their differences, they offer a wide array of techniques. It’s up to the entrepreneur which one suits their needs better.

After all, meditation does offer health benefits that could help the entrepreneur achieve peace of mind and adopt a healthier mindset.