Connecting with your customers and prospects must be fast and straightforward. This is because competition is so fierce that we must make it a point to answer their questions quickly. If we don’t, the chances are high that they’ll seek out others that are more responsive than you are. Plus, live chat services are so IN nowadays, don’t miss out!

And since many consumers want immediate responses to their questions, we need to choose carefully the way we communicate with them. Here are the best live chat services we highly recommend


One of the best Live Chat Services is Intercom. With the right combination of live chat and chatbots, get Intercom if you want to focus on lead generation, customer support, and engagement. Their best feature is the smart routing and lead qualification. With the use of chatbots, you can easily qualify leads then route them to your salespeople. This allows your sales team to book demos 24/7 and even when you’re offline. 

It has an automated feature that provides your customers with self-service support. By clicking on the chat button, they’re shown a list of articles in the Help Center that they can check out for answers. This way, they can get information in seconds while your sales team can focus on customers that need more assistance. 

Intercom also gives you the capability to customize the content, introduce new products, and categorize customers. In addition, you can trigger outbound emails to your customers, depending on which web page they are on and what activity they’re doing there. 

HubSpot Live Chat 

This live chat service works well with the HubSpot CRM, as you’ll know precisely who you’re chatting with. It will show you their history, if any, of their interaction with your business. This is quite advantageous as you can make your customer feel valued by knowing them even before they say a word to you. 

This chat tool makes it easy to route the customer to your sales team or customer support based on their concerns. It has a free, shared inbox called Conversations, which you and your whole team can use for collaboration on messages. The service also allows you to store chats, create deals, and transcripts on its CRM contact record. 

HubSpot Live Chat also has automated chatbots that you can use for round-the-clock messaging. You can store your welcome message that will automatically show up anywhere on your website at all hours of the day. 


With its customizable forms, Olark has made a name for itself in the industry. You can input custom chat messages depending on which page the customer has viewed. It also allows you to see past conversations so you can follow up on their requests. 

This service gathers data from the customer to give you the context you need to provide them with a better chatting experience. You’ll instantly know their name, account number, email address, and even their previous and present issues before the actual chat session starts. This saves your customers time explaining themselves and lets you do more to assist them. 

Olark also gives you insightful data, such as performance monitoring, visitor behavior, and information. You can create canned responses to help you get new leads as well as help you manage your team. It has powerful add-ons that you can buy, such as screen-sharing capabilities, visitor insights, and live chat translations, among many others. 

Lucky Orange 

This list of the best live chat services wouldn’t be complete without Lucky Orange in it. This live chat service is reasonably priced with a variety of useful features. It can help you map your audience and grow. Lucky Orange also enables you to improve on giving a good user experience, provide better customer service, and watch/record your website visitors to see how they interact/ behave in real-time. This lets you know what your visitors have done before leaving your website. You can see whether they made a purchase or abandoned their carts. This, along with its analytic reports, you can then get a good grasp of how you can turn leads into conversions. 

It also gives you several options in generating dynamic heat maps such as URLs, page browsers, and geographical locations. This chat tool lets you create customized polls to help you get insights on how to improve your products or services. 


This live chat service is basically a Facebook Messenger Chatbot. ManyChat allows you to create custom responses to help your customers with the most common inquiries. It lets you have more time to focus on the customers with more pressing concerns. 

ManyChat has template integration options that can help you generate leads. Its chatbot can help you weed out messages that are either spam or from people that are only there to disrupt business. It has a wide array of widget creation tools that are specially designed with getting new customers in mind. 

Its automation customization feature helps you ensure that your chatbot is working correctly as you want it to be. Although some of these features aren’t free, the free service will not disappoint you. You can create personalized messages and alter the default message to your liking. 


A cloud-hosted messaging software, FreshChat can handle sales teams big or small. With this chat tool, you can qualify leads, engage your customers, and get valuable customer information that can help you improve your business. 

FreshChat can help you monitor and track your website’s visitors. It will show you what their recent activities were and what made them visit your site. It automatically triggers outbound emails, which means you can communicate with prospects 24/7. 

This chat service lets you categorize messages into particular groups. This will enable you to route it to the appropriate team or understand each specific concern. You’re also given a priority inbox that you can designate to those visitors who are most likely to convert. 


This chat service offers its LeadBot feature that qualifies leads, books meetings, and demos, and helps convert prospects faster. Drift will help you target specific customers, increase engagement, and create other responses via customizable messages. This is a perfect tool for making VIP targeting and scheduling meetings. 

Drift allows you to create personalized messages for your VIP accounts. When they visit your live chat, they’ll automatically be greeted by a welcome message from their account manager or representative. The rep then receives a notification that their customer is ready to chat or has contacted you. They can now schedule a meeting or let LeadBot make the booking for you. 

This chat tool integrates well with Salesforce, Marketo, or HubSpot, which tracks your contacts and account lists. Drift also intuitively routes the message to the most suitable sales rep or account manager using the Drift Playbooks feature. This helps you automate sections of the chat process. 

Pure Chat 

The best thing about Pure Chat is its comprehensive free plan. This means that you’ll get unlimited chats and the corresponding chat history. It allows for total customization, chat alerts, integrations with your CRM, visitor information, chat notifications, and many more. 

You can customize messages or create canned responses for times when you’re offline. Pure Chat is also scalable that when your business grows, it will move forward with you. They have premium plans that include analytics, tracking, and other useful features. It will give you real-time analytics, visitor tracking, and comprehensive account statistics and reporting. 

Pure Chat’s Growth or Pro plans will give you more operators to allow you to chat on different websites. This is especially helpful if you have eCommerce stores on multiple sites. This live chat service can be integrated with software such as Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and Axosoft. 


A HIPAA compliant chat service, SnapEngage, is ideal for medical businesses that handle confidential patient data. It is an Omni-channel chat solution that’s reliable and secure. You can integrate it with WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Hootsuite, and many other channels. 

The chat also integrates with a wide range of CRMs. It also lets you create simple and straightforward custom workflow mapping. This means a more efficient workflow from the start until the end of the sales lifecycle. 

SnapEngage has implementation specialists to help you get started. They will walk you through the setup process and ensure that you can begin chatting right away. They will help you optimize the sales initiatives through chat and train you with the integration and admin responsibilities. 

A multi-channel messaging platform,, allows you to co-browse and do live chat services. Its Bots feature lets you welcome new customers and answer the most commonly-asked questions. It provides easy profile management that’s especially helpful when escalating individual customer concerns. 

Acquire has personalization and screen share options on both desktop and mobile platforms. The Co-Browsing feature allows your team to reduce problems during the sales process. It is excellent to help your organization provide the best and most productive chat sessions. 

Live chat services offer smart suggestions wherein AI will recognize specific terms and phrases to send autosuggest responses. Another unique feature of this chat tool is its multilingual capabilities. This is ideal for those who do business across the globe as it can detect and translate your customer’s language. It also gives you chat notes to help facilitate the speedy process of your customers’ concerns.