When you start a business, you shouldn’t expect that sales will come pouring in right away. It takes a lot of lead generation, email distribution, and the best marketing techniques either online or offline. So, here is the Best Email Marketing Software you should check out!

As an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t be afraid to take risks and to try out new things.

This is especially true for a new product and service, but you don’t have to do everything on your own. You can certainly get help. Specifically for your online strategy, you can get the best email marketing software.

Read on to learn what we believe is the best email marketing software for you and your business.

Email Marketing, Is It Still Effective? 

For others who are new to online marketing, you probably think that email messaging is a thing of the past. You might have this understanding that to win your audience, you have to boost your social media strategy instead. That is actually true. But that doesn’t mean that you have to pour all your efforts into creating social media content only. 

Yes, social media is a big thing and most people are using it every day. But so are emails. Did you know that around 99% of online consumers check their emails daily? You still have a big margin to fill and you just don’t know it. 

With email marketing, you can raise awareness, build a strong following, convert them to actual clients, and increase retention. This isn’t just about pitching your business. It’s also about brand loyalty.  

Benefits of Email Marketing 

What are the advantages of email marketing for your business? 

  • It’s more effective than social media in terms of customer acquisition. 
  • It’s more personalized and you can customize the message depending on the recipient’s profile
  • It’s cost-efficient compared to using traditional marketing channels like radio, print, or television. 

Why Use Email Marketing Software?

Obviously, most of us keep client records. These are probably stored in your email, or you have an excel file somewhere. And because of that, some people believe that using software is just an added expense for your operations. You are convinced that your excel file or manual address book is everything you need. 

You are wrong. 

When we say email marketing software, it’s more than just storing email addresses. It’s about optimizing your entire strategy so you can convert your contacts to actual paying customers. These tools have features such as an email builder, scheduler, and campaign automation. For others, you can get real-time data and analytics and see if your strategy works.  

How Does Email Marketing Software Works? 

To date, there is a lot of software that can help you with your email marketing strategy. But most of them follow a general model to help you grow your business. Thus, you can find similar features across all the best email marketing software. 

Email Builder or Editor  

Your email marketing software can provide you with a preview of the actual email to be sent. It’s easy to create one given that these tools have templates and use a drag-and-drop function. Your emails will look professional all the time. You can add photos and even call-to-action buttons in just seconds. Your emails can be split-tested so that you can use the more effective ones in your future marketing campaigns. 

Mailing List Management

Again, storing email addresses isn’t enough. You need to identify your contacts and categorize them accordingly based on your metrics. 

  • Are they new clients? 
  • Are they your loyal readers? 
  • Which products or services will they be interested to know more about? 

With the best email marketing software, you can easily categorize your contacts and it will be easier to send targeted messages. 

In addition, you can integrate your CRM solutions. This way, the leads can instantly be included in your marketing campaign. You also have a clearer idea of the type of message to send because you know their demographics and even the purchase history. 

Testing Tool 

It’s always important to test your email marketing campaigns. When you do this, you can improve your email whether it’s about the headline, the layout, the images, and the content. 


Analytics and data are crucial in your email marketing strategy. You need to have an overview of the campaign that targets your goals and objectives. If you see a significant decline or discrepancy, then your team can propose a better solution based on the metrics you have at hand. 


It is time-consuming to manually track the behavior of your recipients. In fact, doing it on your own is almost impossible. How sure are you that they have read your email? Do you think your message went straight to the TRASH folder? What is the best follow-up message for each of your recipients? With an auto-responder feature, you can skip the time working on individual emails. Let the software do the heavy lifting and you can focus on other areas of your business. 

Tools/ Social Media Integration 

The best email marketing software will allow you to integrate your social media pages into the system. This can widen your reach and you can easily ask your readers to like and follow your pages.  

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses  

What is the highly recommended email marketing software to use these days? We have seven of them listed below and feel free to choose which one will work best for your business. 


Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing tools in the market. Using this software allows you to promote your business in multiple channels including social media, email, and landing pages. It’s easier to organize because you can access your marketing campaign on a single platform. 


One of the best features of AWeber is that it allows you to create beautiful email templates in just seconds. For 20 years, the software has helped millions of people around the globe, and that’s already a testimony of how efficient this tool is. It’s easy to use and perfect even for those who are not tech-savvy. Build your brand, understand your audience, send the right messages, and connect your favorite online tools. You can do it all with AWeber. 

Constant Contact

Here’s another amazing tool that can help you become more efficient. Constant Contact has a drag-and-drop editor that anyone could quickly learn. Now, you can send emails that look highly professional and visually appealing. The company also promises sales that can be driven automatically. 

Constant Contact is the ideal choice for e-commerce websites. And since you can access real-time reports, you can instantly change your strategy as soon as possible – wasting no time! 

Active Campaign

With Active Campaign, you can create targeted messages for different audiences, and the tool will help you send them to the right recipient. This increases the chance of your emails getting read. And that alone can improve your company sales. Active Campaign also understands the importance of personalized messaging and it will be evident in the emails you send.  


HubSpot is another user-friendly email marketing tool that can be enjoyed even by a non-professional. You can edit your email easily, personalize it, and optimize your messages to strengthen your marketing campaign. They offer reasonable packages ideal for start-up companies. 


If you want to effectively win your market, use different channels to send your messages. If you want them to receive the message through email or SMS, you can set it up using this software. A lot of industry leaders are using Omnisend because of its features and benefits. Everything you need for your email marketing is here. 


ConvertKit is a great software if you want to build your audience. You can easily customize your forms and embed them on your website. There’s also a tag option for your contacts so that you can easily segment them and send messages that will suit their preferences. 

Effective Email Marketing Strategies 

Even if you are using the best email marketing software, your content has the power to persuade your readers. It isn’t just about placing attractive photos and offering discounts. Your approach must be holistic, and we’ll share with you some of the email marketing strategies that worked over the years. 

Make it Clear and Brief 

As business owners, we want to share a lot of things to our clients and leads. But if you are going to run an email marketing campaign, it’s better to be brief yet clear. A long email can be overwhelming to readers. Chances are, your message will be left untouched. If you want to give more information, we suggest that you build landing pages and insert links on your email. 

Use GIFs 

We all know that adding quality images has been the practice for the longest time in email marketing. But right now, using GIFs and other micro-animations seems to work best. It looks more engaging and entertaining at the same time. And that’s the perfect combination if you want your recipients to read the entire email. 

Unique Subject and Headline 

Apart from spending a lot of time writing your email content, you also need to focus on your headline. With all the emails that different companies send every day, you have to make yours unique. Stay away from generic headlines. Instead, play with words and don’t forget to be more personal. Here are a few examples. 

  • Your Email Marketing isn’t Working, The Best Tool is Here! 
  • Don’t Miss Out on Our Exclusive Promo, 24 Hours Only!
  • Having a Bad Day? Check Out These Videos 

Make it Mobile-Friendly    

Did you know that more than 50% of email recipients check their messages using smartphones? You have to make sure that your layout will sit well in smaller devices. Otherwise, the effort that you put into your email marketing campaign will be futile. 


The best email marketing software should be treated as an investment rather than an additional cost for your business. Soon enough you will get your ROI as long as you have the right strategy, and maximize the software’s features. Do not underestimate the power of email marketing as it is here to stay even with the existence of social media and other marketing strategies.