In any business, there’s nothing more important than connecting with your community. No wonder smart ventures invest in reliable customer relationship management (CRM) services to optimize business growth. 

Without a doubt, using the best CRM services can make all the difference in nurturing your connection with your current clients or prospects. And if you still aren’t using CRM to keep your warm audience close, then you’re missing out on a lot. 

In this article, we’re counting down seven of the most trusted CRM services in town. But before we do, let’s look at basic features and what makes this tool a must-use. 

Here are some of the basic features you’d want to look for in a service. 

Customer Management Software

Managingyour customers is the first thing your chosen platform should be good at. That said, the software should allow you to have a unified view of your customers through a database.

Aside from keeping contact info about each client, it should also capture relevant data about customers. These data may include instances of contact (such as calls and emails), level of engagement with marketing efforts, and purchase history. 

Lead Management

A good platform assists you as you try to generate leads. By giving you a clear picture of where a specific client is in their customer journey, you can navigate marketing tactics better. 

For instance, you can track if the client just got to know your brand and would need a lot more info to opt-in. You can also monitor if they seem to be interested in your product or service just need a little nudge to push through.

Reports and Analytics

Customer and lead management may not be enough. It’s vital for the platform to generate this info into reports so that you can use it to guide your marketing campaigns.


As with any other element in business, the more you can automate with your CRM, the better. It will save you less time and effort doing mundane things and let you focus better on other factors of your business. 

Email Integration

This is crucial if you heavily rely on email marketing to reach out to your community. By integrating the CRM with your email marketing, you can get the best out of both platforms. As a result, you can enjoy unified marketing and funnel optimization.

7 Best CRM Service Options

Here are seven of the best options to consider when choosing a CRM service


If you’re looking for CRM software free of charge, Hubspot is worth checking out. The free CRM tools include features such as contact management, contact website activity, Gmail, and Outlook integration. 

In addition to those, the platform can also handle prospects, forms, and ticketing. So, if you regularly handle those in your business, then this software can surely help you.

Businesses that need a boost in marketing can also take advantage of their free marketing, sales, and service tools. From forms and ads, they offer the basics free of charge. 

Their free components complement their paid packages. Their most affordable marketing package, Starter, costs $40 per month if billed monthly. It includes 1,000 contacts, landing pages, and live chat. It also comes with contact website activity and list segmentation, so you’ll have valuable info about your clients.


Salesforce claims to allow ventures to connect with their customers in a whole new way. That said, they designed their platform to cater to and inform all departments of a business. In short, your marketing, sales, commerce, as well as service teams, will be on the same page with this software.

In addition to that, they also offer Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. This aims to deliver the personalized experiences your clients expect. The feature provides connected, powerful products for enhancing your sales, marketing, commerce, service, IT, and other capabilities.

Their Sales Cloud pricing starts at $25 per month. It offers an all-in-one sales and support app and includes features such as account, contact, lead, and opportunity management. It can also integrate with Gmail or Outlook and offers access through the Salesforce Mobile App.

Their next tier package, Professional, costs $75 per month. In addition to the basic features of its more affordable version, this package includes lead registration and rules-based lead scoring. It also offers collaborative forecasting, further boosting a venture’s marketing tactics.


If you’re looking for a top CRM software that will allow you to build a strong connection with your audience, check out Insightly. They let clients go beyond transactions and create unforgettable experiences by aligning teams with a functional platform.

This software promises lead routing, done by tracking the most relevant lead info. This includes an activity timeline of not limited to marketing campaigns but also phone calls, meetings, and tasks. 

It also includes workflow automation, which allows you to send email alerts, create or update records, and generate tasks. You can also execute custom business logic you can use to sync external systems.

Their most affordable CRM plan comes at $29 per user per month when billed annually. It lets you collaborate across the company, work from any device, and deliver projects. If you need to find and manage leads and sell more productively, on the other hand, the professional package, which costs $49 per month, might be of better use to you.


If you’re looking for CRM services for small businesses, check out Keap. Their CRM allows users to keep track of every important detail with regard to client relations. It also offers a solution to keep data organized, improve time efficiency, and strengthen a connection with clients.

Their most affordable solution, Keap Grow, costs $79 per month. Designed for startups and new businesses, this offers a quick way to respond to client needs and have all records of your client activity in one place. This package includes 500 contacts and access for one user. Aside from the CRM, the package also comes with email marketing, business phone line and text messaging, and appointments.

One tier higher is Keap Pro, which costs $149 per month. Designed for established, service-based businesses with custom needs, this package includes everything in Keap Grow plus a few extras. These additional features include automation, recurring payments, landing page builder, as well as smart forms and reports.


If you’re looking for the best CRM services trusted by many ventures, Zoho could be the one for you. In fact, this platform is used by more than 150,000 businesses in 180 countries, thus proving its efficiency in customer relations. It promises to help convert more leads, get better engagement, and boost clients’ revenue.

If the budget is tight, you’ll be glad to know that this software offers a fully-featured free edition of its flagship CRM software. The free edition includes basic sales force automation, workflow rules, standard reports, and charts.

If you need more out of your CRM, you may want to check out their most popular package, Enterprise, which costs $35 per user per month. It includes all the features in the free edition plus workflows, web forms, sales inbox, multi-user portals, and advanced customization. This package also includes Canvas, a feature that offers a visual CRM view for increased adoption.


Next on our CRM services list is Pipedrive. With the tagline, “designed to keep you selling,” you can be sure that the software will keep you focused on growing your brand. Pipedrive lets you manage leads and deals by getting more warm leads into your sales pipelines through a custom chatbot and web forms. 

In addition to that, it also allows for tracking calls, emails, and contact history so that you won’t miss out on any sales opportunity. And because it removes the repetitive duties, it gives you more time to focus on more crucial tasks.

Their most affordable package, Essential, comes at $15 per user per month. It lets users organize activities and pipelines to follow up with ease. However, if you’re looking for a package that gives you everything you need to collaborate, communicate and grow revenue, their Professional package, priced at $59 per user per month, will give you value for your money.


Last but not least on our list of the best CRM services option is FreshDesk. The platform takes pride in providing an Omnichannel, AI-driven, and self-service solution for customer service. This software allows users to streamline customer interactions in one place. As a result, you won’t need to merge data from different platforms to get a clear picture of your sales funnels. 

In addition, it also allows you to automate your repetitive work and save time. And because you can use the platform to collaborate with other teams, you can resolve issues faster.

They have a free version that comes with unlimited agents and features such as email and social ticketing. Their most popular paid package, Estate, costs $69 per month. It includes all the features in the lower-priced packages plus additional features like custom roles and portal rebrand, among many others.

As you check out your options, consider the pros and cons of each. Budget is also an important consideration and makes sure that you can make the most out of the premium you’re paying for.