According to Hubspot, 70% of marketers prioritize content marketing. Is your company doing the same? Content marketing is essential for any business because you can convert leads, get more visibility, and establish authority. So, we made a list of the Best Content Writing Services.

You should find a content writing service that will fulfill your marketing needs. Fortunately, you have different choices for content writing services.

In this article, we list the best content writing service available for any business.

But before we get to that, here’s why you should choose a writing service.

Why Choose a Content Writing Service?

The Best Content writing services can help you achieve your content marketing goals. A vetted team of expert writers is ready to take on any content project in a short time. Plus, the writers from these companies will make sure that any content is SEO-friendly.

You’ll know that the best content writing service will use a plagiarism checker and ensure high-quality articles when you subscribe to their services. That way, you know that you have original content that can increase your blog traffic and help you become an authority in your industry.

Some content writing services hire writers that have expertise on different topics or are specialists in niches. This is perfect when you manage different blog types, and you don’t have to look around for different freelancers for various topics.

Content writing services may be more expensive than freelancers, but rest assured, thanks to a managed service approach (offered by some of the best content writing services in this list), you won’t have to do much. Simply subscribe and let the writers work on your project.

If you’re struggling to find one, here are the best content writing services you can check out:

Content Fuel

Content Fuel is part of this best content writing service list because all you have to do is subscribe and request any content writing need.

Many content writing services would have a marketplace of freelancers and let you choose writers for your project. Content Fuel gets rid of the fuss and assigns the writing task as soon as you create a project.

Expect to receive your content request within 48 to 72 hours. If you think the content needs more polishing, you can request to have it revised until you’re 100% happy with the work. You may receive your work on the same day.

Content offered by Content Fuel are:

  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Newsletters

They’re an unlimited content writing service, so they have different subscription plans for your small business, company, or agency. 

The Starter plan is $389/mo, and you can get 6 to 8 blogs or 4000 words. If you do have more cash to spare and need more content for your blog, avail of the Professional plan for $698/mo and get up to 10,000 words or 15 to 20 blogs. Meanwhile, the agency plan is $1299/mo for 20,000 words or 30 to 40 blogs a month.

For any plan, you have a dedicated writer and account manager to ensure that your projects are fulfilled within the promised time frame. 

You can save up on a yearly Starter plan for $330.65/mo if you opt to have Content Fuel for a long-term commitment. 


Scripted is another content writing service that can help you meet your content marketing goals. You have the option to hire a content writer for any project or use their content writing services.

For their hire a content writer option, you could choose a writer that will fulfill your content writing requirements, or Scripted can select a content writer that matches your needs.

Aside from blog articles and newsletters, you get access to some of these products too:

  • Social media posts
  • Production descriptions
  • Press releases

For $149, you can have access to the basic writer pool and their content production platform. But, if you want something more comprehensive for your company, you can go for their Cruise Control plan where you let Scripted handle everything and have other features like: 

  • Brand style guide and profile
  • Promotion strategy
  • Content calendar and a one-year publishing calendar

You can get the full package by paying $1299/mo paid yearly.

42 Floors and Jumpsuit Group thinks that Scripted is the best content writing service because of its ease of use.


WritersAccess gives you options on how to receive the content you want for your project.

The first one is the Membership Plan that starts at $39/mo for a Basic subscription. Here, you get access to their marketplace, and you can even post a “casting call.” It’s like an advertisement where freelancers can answer the ad, and you can choose the writer that’s a good fit for your company.

The second one is where you can find writers based on their star ratings. So, if you want high-quality articles, they recommend you hire a freelancer that has six stars. From there, you’ll need to pay them $2/word, as suggested on their pricing calculator.

The third option is a managed service. It’s where WritersAccess will assist you in setting everything up. All you have to do is sit back and let the company and writers work it all out for you. For the managed service plan, you can avail of their Essentials plan for $349/mo. They mentioned you could tweak the plan according to your needs too.

Brands like Microsoft, 3M, and Samsonite used WritersAccess for their content marketing needs.


CopyPress is another content writing service option that many recommend. Its main difference from other content writing services is that they offer content marketing services like promoting and advertising your content. They also provide designs like infographics and illustrations and animation.

You can ask for the following content:

  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Product descriptions
  • eBooks
  • White papers

According to CopyPress, you need to have a $5000 minimum order for all types of content and other services. It can be steep when you’re starting, but if you want an all-around service, you can consider CopyPress an option for your small business or startup.

411 Writers

411 Writers is another on-demand writing service. Its difference from other on-demand content writing services is you can personalize your plan like choosing a writer and dictating your budget.

So you get an opportunity as to how writers from this content service write, you can preview a sample per type of content. From there, you can assess if the writing style of 411 Writers is a good fit for you.

If you want to test out their services, potential customers can receive a free sample of writing from 411 Writers. 

Their pricing plans depend on what you want to avail from them. So, if you’re going to request for website content, like blog posts or website pages, you can get their “For Websites” plan starting at $13.99. To get started with 411 Writers, you’ll need to click on “Order.” From there, you can customize the options for your project.


Verblio integrates a marketplace setting and a membership subscription suited for your business needs. 

You can customize your plan with Verblio. It depends on how many words you need. If you want more than just content writing-related services, you can also avail of a video feature for your plan. For a standard 1,000 word article with four articles a month plan plus their Verblio Complete subscription, you can employ their services for $1079.60/mo.

Just like others in this list, you can receive your first draft within 48 to 72 hours. If you need to have the articles revised, you can do that with your plan as well.

Since it integrates a marketplace approach, you can bookmark favorite writers and have them accomplish your content writing goals for the duration of your plan.

Content Fly

Content Fly is another on-demand writing service that potential customers can employ for their content marketing needs. It’s also a managed service type of content writing service, so you don’t have to worry about finding a freelance content writer or paying by word or page.

For $250, you can receive your articles and other related web copies within five days and get unlimited revisions for those articles. You’ll need a custom quote if you want to get more than 4000 words a month. 

Small businesses have worked with Content Fly before and think it’s the best content writing service because they meet their goals.


Textbroker is like some of the content writing services on this list. They have a self-service option where you can decide on the quality of the article and the number of words. The other option is the managed service one, where you let them take the wheel based on your content needs.

For their self-service option, they charge a cent per word. If you want high-quality content, you’ll have to pay 7.2 cents ($0.0072). So, for example, if you want a 1000-word blog, you’ll pay $72.40 for that blog post because they also have a 0.40 cents processing fee.

However, you can get a load of features like:

  • Translation services
  • Editor services
  • Dedicated project manager

For their managed service, you can get it starting at $2500. You may, however, receive a custom quote from Textbroker, depending on your budget.