Small business—it’s a matter of trial and error. Amidst the sea of information that is the internet, save yourself from all those wasted hours by reading this AWeber review.

AWeber’s main feature is email marketing. However, do people still use that? In the world of trending business social media, most people often assume that email marketing is dead. Well, most people are WRONG.

AWeber Review: Introduction

Fully utilizing the perks of email marketing could help cross out one or more in your to-do list. It’s a good thing that almost everyone uses an email nowadays. As of 2019, 3.9 billion global email users exist, where most spend 2.5 hours per weekday checking personal emails.

Once a business fully utilizes email marketing, it’s possible to achieve an increased ROI of 4,300%. It’s not an overnight success. Every great business needs consistency and patience. The best part: consumers themselves prefer to receive marketing and promotional messages. 

What’s AWeber?  

Before starting the full AWeber review, let’s discuss the overall mission of the platform. Its platform is one of the best email marketing software available. The highlight of this platform lies in its beautiful email templates.

The site’s mission is to do 90% of the complicated tech work while leaving 10% for the client’s creativity. Also, AWeber has an AI-powered system that generates creative templates. It’s convenient for the not so tech-savvy business owners.

Furthermore, its efficient system is tempting for those who live a busy life. The world of a business person is always bustling. We have no time to learn all that tech and coding!

AWeber Review: Benefits

Just a Few Clicks

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, a variety of software is available for the user’s ease of use. AWeber offers an array of possibilities in terms of representing a brand. Furthermore, creating a visually stunning campaign is made possible within seconds. 

Smart Email Designer

Compared with platforms with traditional frameworks, AWeber has an advantage with its AI-powered email template designer. By simply entering your website, it’s advanced function could generate a template from your established branding.

It usually requires an input of relevant details before it conjures up different options. One could further customize using its edit function, allowing you to choose from the available images uploaded to your site. The perfect email template to give your business a push is just a matter of clicks away!

Landing Page

In case you don’t have an available website, this page is the next best thing! A landing page is a ‘place’ where your audience lands once they click a link from your social media, email, or banner ads. It usually starts with a call-to-action that entices your audience to click.

The page usually contains a product or service with an eye-catching offer. AWeber offers professionally designed templates with an easy to use editor. It’s even possible to create dynamic and interactive content without complicated coding. 


The main benefit of using newsletters is keeping your website relevant. This marketing tool allows a brand to maintain constant contact with the audience. It is a strategic way to have a consistent presence in your user’s inbox.

Furthermore, it opens the possibility of attracting traffic and forming visiting habits. AWeber automates the newsletter by broadcasting the latest posts generated from your blog.  

Convenient Automation

Another feature of a ‘smart’ platform is the automation provided. It’s an efficient system that saves more time for the user once set up. AWeber includes a scheduled set up which automatically sends an email.

Additionally, its advanced features send a relevant triggered email to the audience. It ‘tags’ subscribers depending on which email and link they interact with. Taking advantage of automation enables your small business to be everywhere—it’s your new superpower.

Easy Access to Data

It’s crucial to keep track of your business. Accessing data is made easier by AWeber by pre-built analytics. It’s possible to check data and reports without information overload.

Honestly, nobody wants to see complicated stuff. The generated data is illustrated in a simple and meaningful insight. Also, if you’re someone who doesn’t stay in one place, AWeber’s mobile app is perfect on the go. It’s convenient to access your analytics anywhere. 

Manage Your Growth

Build your audience by taking advantage of sign-up forms. Then, easily manage and categorize your subscribers to conveniently send out offers. Have an existing list of subscribers? Don’t worry; it’s not complicated. AWeber offers a migration service that allows your subscribers to transfer to their platform for FREE. 

Connect your Business

In this generation, platforms such as social media, e-commerce, website, and payment services are crucial for your business. AWeber allows a ‘simple connectivity’ to relevant systems. Utilize the power of email marketing by connecting to the most used platforms. 

Mobile Apps

If your business requires a lot of traveling, mobile apps are more convenient to use. A variety of on the go apps are available for owners to build, curate, and analyze their brand outdoors.

AWeber Review: Pricing Plans

After reading the features and benefits, you might be thinking, “sounds good. How much would that cost me?” Now, let’s go over AWeber’s pricing plans.

Free Plan


  • 500 subscribers.
  • Sends up to 3000/month.
  • 1 list profile. 

Notable features: 

  • Create and send a newsletter
  • Email builder and automation
  • 100s of available email templates
  • Access to thousands of professional images
  • Unlimited users for account/team management
  • Basic list building and segmentation
  • Simple subscriber and message analytics
  • Ecommerce solution integration
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • 24/7 live support from the team

Professional Plan

Pricing Plan: 

  • 0-500, $19 per month
  • 501-2,500, $29 per month
  • 2,501- 5,000, $49 per month
  • 5,001-10,000, $69 per month
  • 10, 001-25,000, $149 per month

Unlimited Usage:

  • Email sends per month
  • List profile 

Notable Features: 

  • Email split testing.
  • Branded click-tracking links.
  • Remove AWeber branding.
  • Save and send to custom segments.
  • Advanced message analytics.
  • Advanced audience/account analytics.
  • Webpage tracking. 
  • Sales tracking
  • Purchase tagging.

Let’s Compare

Overall, AWeber’s free plan offers competitive features. It’s best for the early stages of small business. However, if you’ve reached a stable point in your business ventures and need more than 1 profile to showcase your brand, it’s best to use the professional plan. 

AWeber Review: Final Thoughts

After listing all the benefits, AWeber proved to be one of the best email marketing software to use. Furthermore, it’s most beneficial for small business owners as they are the platform’s primary target market. If you’re still contemplating if this is the right software for you: it’s best to start with the FREE plan.