Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the majority of individuals have a distorted view of their future. People’s eyes enlarge and brighten when they consider where they will be in 15 years. They picture themselves as the ideal friend with a lot of amusing jokes, the ideal partner who is always lovely and understanding, and an amazing work colleague who consistently delivers immaculate results. So, what’s your advice to your Future Self?

Where does reality fit into all of this? Where are the blunders, failures, struggles, or disappointments? So your subconscious begins to group this ideal self with all of the other flawless role models offered by the media. That’s how your chest fills with an uncomfortable feeling of pressure. How can you possibly reach these role models in a lifetime?

Listen to yourself instead of all the noise you’ve surrounded yourself with. You understand what others expect from you, but what do you truly desire? We believe that the future self is already there within you. We want to use some life hacks to help us discover ourselves more easily.

Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

Consider why you’ve decided to give up each habit. The majority of them are due to a lack of motivation. Today you don’t feel like conducting any physical activities or practicing your hobbies. There is, however, a technique to get around this energy shortage.

The answer is more complex than you might imagine. You must look beyond your subconscious and consider brain waves for a while. The human brain is a complicated mechanism, and scientists have discovered that four brainwave frequencies influence it:

  • Beta waves increase attention and anxiety, but they also encourage creativity. When you’re in a hyperactive condition, beta waves are prevalent.
  • Alpha waves promote a peaceful and disconnected state, similar to that which we experience when daydreaming.
  • Theta activates long-term memory while stimulating our unconscious mind. You can also engage your intuition by focusing on these waves.
  • Delta waves are the most powerful and carry you beyond intuition and instinct. When you sleep, they take charge.

Each frequency controls one of your mood types, and when one of them is active, your mood shifts accordingly. So, in essence, your mental state is not a random occurrence, but rather the only way your brain communicates with you on a subconscious level.

Therefore, motivation is a non-issue. This sensation only arises when you are in the midst of a happy phase. Human nature, on the other hand, will never be satisfied no matter how many goals are fulfilled in a lifetime. This trait has aided our evolution as a superior species, and it is at the heart of all significant historical discoveries.

Always remember to reward yourself

We are the best judges we have. Unfortunately, most of the time, these judges sound like spooky Halloween creatures. Concentrate on your strengths and let go of the frustration you’ve experienced as a result of your blunders.

Pause the journey to your goal and reward yourself every time you accomplish something wonderful. Tell your pals the happy news, go on that trip you’ve always wanted to take, and get something special to commemorate the occasion.

Most people nowadays are working at a faster speed, and they are more prone to focus on the negative aspects of their work outcomes rather than the positive ones. If you focus on the negative aspects of everything, you will always see them. So, what happens if we adopt a more positive attitude? We will be more aware of the positive aspects of our surroundings.

Make New and Meaningful Habits

We do not abandon a healthy habit because we make a deliberate decision to do so. Our bad habits are the source of all of our failures. When we get home from a hard day at work, the sense of not being in the desire to perform housework is not present. It is the result of an unhealthy habit. When we don’t feel like reading a wonderful book and instead want to re-watch our favorite movie, it’s an example of our poor habits at work.

Take everything one day at a time

Worrying will not solve your problems. Anxiety can eat you alive at times; You can get a horrible sensation in your stomach and find it difficult to focus on work, sleep, or anything else. It’s critical to appreciate each moment and remain present. Enjoy what you have right now, and don’t stress about tomorrow Because worrying won’t help you solve anything.

Take it day by day and make tiny, attainable goals to assist you to arrive at your desired destination. The more you trust that what happens is meant to happen, the simpler it will be to let go of the minor details.

The higher you fly, the harder you fall

Remember that your difficulties are what makes you capable of success. Your alleged failures and missteps have prepared you to exceed others’ expectations. Your life’s troubles have shaped you into the person you are now — you’re stronger, more resilient, complicated, and capable. There’s a reason you’ve gone through the things you’ve gone through, and your future self will thank you for remembering it.

Live for the now. Make plans for tomorrow.

Yes, you should savor the now and live for the present. But planning for the future is equally crucial. “You’re welcome,” I want to be able to say to my future self. Taking care of yourself now will allow your future self to reap the rewards. Eating well, exercising regularly, washing your makeup off before bed (no matter how lazy you feel), going to school, caring for your skin, educating yourself, staying positive, surrounding yourself with positive people, and traveling the world are all things you can do today to ensure that your future self will thank you.

Final Thoughts

Consider the positive aspects of the difficult circumstances. That’s what grit and mental toughness imply. It is not always the case that things do not go as planned. Every setback serves as a reminder that you’ve given it your all, and it only serves to strengthen you and prepare you for the next task. Just stay focused on your objectives, and you’ll be there in no time!