We all want to be successful, but are we able to do the things that demand us to succeed?

You can find a variation of or at the least an inspiration of the 17 principles of success in his book “Think and grow Rich and also “Law of Success”. Both linked in the show notes.

I’m going to read them off and as you hear them, think to yourself. Am I doing this? Could I do it better? How can I become this person that is more successful than what I already am.

Definite purpose

Mastermind alliance

Do you have a group of brace people that will help you get to your purpose

Apply absolute faith

Do you have faith in your group or yourself that you know you will get there?

Going the extra mile

Always, going into the extra mile to achieve your definite purpose. If there is anything that you feel that will help you get there and closer. Will you make excuses.

Pleasing personality

Do people want to be around you or are you friendly 

Personal initiative

Do you take actions quickly or do you wait for a better opportunity 

Positive mental attitude

Are you positive are you always thinking about the future and the great things waiting for you

Self discipline 

Are you able to get to the most challenging things first before everything else


Are you excited about the things that you do


Are you able to concentrate when you’re able to get everything done correctly and make sure it was done right.

Clear thinking 

Are you able to spend an hour and think through your problem through precise clarity and be able to prioritize each thing that’s done. Cut down the fat 

Learning from adversity

Have you been able to fail and avoid a situation as to how and why it went wrong. If I do it again, I’ll over come it and know you have a better chance.

Cooperation from others 

Do you send referrals and business and talk about what you post and etc


Wild ideas to pivot or are you stubborn and not willing to reinvent

Sound mental and physical health

Financially smart

Being able to manage and effectively manage your money

Understanding the laws of cosmic forces

Do you know how the world works. Understanding the basic laws of the world, but what this means is there is a cause and effect. The universe will always deliver an extreme abundance. 

What are your principles of success?